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  1. I'm down to sorting papers. And trying not to cry about having to drive to Harrisburg again tomorrow. I can't wait for his class to be OVER.
  2. Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation
  3. Took DS19 to class in Harrisburg. Took DD18 her bank card (she went to work without it). Listening to DS11 and DD8 bicker. Still to take DS23 to work (he doesn't have a license yet). Need to finish sorting papers. Need to price yarn.
  4. My only concern with them using JUST a wipe is that it can be drying and there needs to be a moisturizer follow up. This is why there are routines. My eleven year old is finally using one (he has five sisters and two older brothers to all encourage him in this and have helped with choosing products. Cleansers and toners both come with SA in it now for those with really bad cases and then the girls added a mild moisturizer to his routine...the label is off, so I'm not sure what it is).
  5. On St. Brigid, I never said it was. My response about Deaconesses was originally in response to Katie. It points out that there are orders and positions for women. It has zilch to do with the priesthood. It's a position and one that required ordination. It was specific to women and the duties were often the same as you find of many diaconates in various churches. I honestly don't care if it's "the same thing". That was never the point.
  6. I completely agree with the bold part. The italicized portion is something I am glad not have experienced in this parish (I may have been absent, but I've only ever heard abortion mentioned once and even the yiayias will shush you if you bring it up in casual discussion, which happened when a gal from another parish kept pushing the discussion with me).
  7. St. Brigid of Kildare and it was never considered invalid and she ordained priests only when no other bishop was available. She was supposed to be ordained an abbess and the ordination for bishop was given instead. She's my patroness, so I'm pretty well read on her. FTR: I never mentioned the Deaconesses as a path towards the priesthood. I mentioned them as a point that they are a women's order.
  8. Yep, I would block him. I have blocked all toxic family members on both sides of the family.
  9. Monday was disrupted by my daughter asking me to pick her up from work and take her to the doctor (who told her to hydrate and then lectured her on other things that we weren't in there for, didn't apply to her, and she discusses only with her regular physician).
  10. And to be completely honest, the RCC and EOC recognise a female bishop. Granted, just one, but ordination cannot be taken back. We also had deaconesses (the Coptic Orthodox still have them and the EOC is having their inhouse discussions on bringing them back). We have female Saints that are Equal to the Apostles. Add in nuns and abbesses and then the formidable yiayias and babushkas that balance the priests. Trust me, priests have been set straight by the community, especially women, in the past and (I can only speak for the Greeks...not the Russians, Antiochians, or OCA. Others will have to speak for them) they revere them in a way I never experienced in other churches. Now, if some other types of churches have a female priest or minister, I'm not going to grasp my pearls and faint. *shrugs* I'm also not going to disrespect them. If they are Rev. So and So, I will refer to her as such.
  11. mommaduck


    Exactly. I can't commiserate with her, because there simply isn't enough information and all attempts of "comparisons" were so overboard from what the situation apparently is in reality.
  12. mommaduck


    My husband's great aunt was a JW. She was a highly intelligent woman and refused to let her church dictate her love of her family. We saw her for various family and holiday celebrations (she even brought gifts). No one was expected to adapt around her church, not even her children who left the JW's. She was never disfellowshipped over it and neither did she keep it a secret. On the other hand, one of my best friends, disfellowshipped, has had quite the opposite experience (which I will not go into in this thread....let's just say that it falls under many of the things that have been already mentioned by others and more). I think I would draw the line at (a wedding in) a local, get teenagers to runaway across state lines, cult group that we have family members in. That would be my line. I have kids to protect.
  13. Oh boy. Yes, there are parishes that would preach such. I don't know any Greek parishes that would though. Back to jurisdictional differences. Again, I'm sorry 😞
  14. Actually, it had made me fight more for the rights of others and believe that we are very much responsible for changing things for the better globally, including caring for the Earth. And, lordy, I would have walked out on that homily also! That is NOT something you would have heard in our parish. I'm sorry. Sadly, there are some awful people that came into Orthodoxy in the past 20yrs and they brought their nationalistic fundamentalism with them 😞 I would stay out of your parish also, because I'm guessing that our family would not be welcomed and I would not feel that it is a safe place for my family.
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