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  1. Teachers should be held to a certain amount of accountability. There was the issue with the teacher that was a Supremacist/racist that not only had her own show, but that garbage filtered into her lessons.
  2. Adult sons #1 and #2 are at work. Living room is picked up. One teen is making breakfast. 2nd grader is sitting next to me and working on phonics. 8th grader is on her grammar and composition. My 12th grader needs to get up. My 5th grader has a ton of attitude. Yesterday was our first day of the school year and it went well. Basically, I will just sit here and work with each kid in turn.
  3. Agreed. I don't believe anyone is crowing though. Simply noting that it's not a large scale issue. There are issues though. I'm privy to several of these cases (including a couple you mentioned as well as some others that are lesser known). The issues are different. EVERY church will have it's issues. The question is how they are being dealt with or not dealt with. Sometimes seeing the inside politics of any church can be discouraging (btdt).
  4. THIS! Though Orthodox instead of Catholic, I can attest to these things. I have nuns I'm connected to or have access to on Facebook. One nun has her own podcast program and visits her family with some regularity (even dressing in secular clothing while home). When I didn't have the ability to attend an Orthodox parish, I would visit a local Catholic parish. The parish had a nun assigned to it for the community. She definitely was not locked away. She was bilingual and was able to help the immigrant families with social needs or conflicts and was more than kind enough to stop for me once when I had a question. There are cloistered nuns and non-cloistered. Monastics have historically had a role in the communities around them. They were the educators, the hospitals, the medical practitioners or worked alongside them, the scribes and writers, historian, brewing, etc. At one time, in certain areas, they owned land and kept communities going by the entire community working the land in the ways that each person was accomplished at and this made certain that everyone survived. Currently, there are monastic communities that survive by making religious items that parish communities require. We are also encouraged to visit these communities! ALL of us. These are places of reflection, care, and finding someone to lean on. I admit that I have not personally had the opportunity (and I have so desired to do this, but just haven't had the opportunity due to my responsibilities), but most people in my parish have. Monastics will also visit other communities. I remember the day that we had several visit a parish I was in. There are those that choose the most cloistered and they typically do so with strong personal intent for whatever their reasons are. That should be respected also. We also have something called Hermits. These are monastics that choose to live off on their own and have little contact with anyone. I don't know if this exists in Catholicism.
  5. Yep, some people believe that homosexuality = pedophile.
  6. No, we don't have the systemic, institutional problems like that. Yes, we have smaller issues such as disputes, people pushing their own agenda, etc. There is accountability from above, next to, and even from the yiayias/babushkas.
  7. Yep, the Magdalene Laundries were a HUGE issue. However, still NOT isolated to the Catholic Church as there were other such places of other Christian branches that were also horrid. My paternal grandfather and his siblings were in the Methodist Children's Home in Georgia for a time during the Great Depression. It was so awful that he had to steal food for his younger siblings to be able to eat and the stress of whatever else went on in that place caused him to 1) be super strict/authoritarian and 2) end up in a psych ward for a mental breakdown later in life.
  8. Lord, name changing is common throughout many cultures and throughout history at different points in people's lives! I took on another name when I was Chrismated into Orthodoxy. I didn't have to, but I wanted to and I didn't share a name with any Saint (my name is two words, one Arabic and one Gaelic). Names are sacred and it's okay to have multiple names. I know many in Orthodoxy (and I believe it may be true of monastics in Catholicism and I know it is true of many Jewish people) that have a secular name and religious name.
  9. I haven't read all the way through, but I have read some where specific notes need to be made. 1) Marriage does not affect abuse statistics. A person will either abuse or won't. Marriage doesn't stop all the abusive pastors and elders and rabbis and other faith leaders. 2) Homosexuality does not lead to abuse. A gay person can be abusive or not, just like any straight person. 3) There are plenty of celibate LGBT people of faith. Their orientation doesn't make them abusers or even lean them towards being abusive. 4) The problem lies with corruption within the ranks and fear of bad publicity lending more to the issue of secrecy. 5) Abuse by faith leaders is not isolated to Catholicism nor to even Christianity.
  10. There is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Most natural deodorants are just that, deodorant. It's not supposed to stop you from sweating. Not sweating is not healthy. You can actually see the skin bubble with sweat it's not releasing when I've put on antiperspirant. Deodorant just helps with smell.
  11. What I wanted: My two oldest daughters calling me to wish me a Happy Mother's Day (one didn't even call me for my birthday the other week). What I got: Baklava from my nouna (godmother). A corsage from the basket at church and picked out by my youngest daughter. Two books and a komboskini for my youngest daughter from the Church bookstore (one book is for her and one book is for me). Leftovers from GyroFest.
  12. Squee! I got to see Bernie Sanders speak in person today!


    1. Stibalfamily


      I love him, he would have made an amazing president. 

  13. I go to the drop down menu and click on Social Groups and it just says that they don't exist. So where are these?
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