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  1. You know what? I don't believe it is that difficult of a concept to understand or to go research and educate oneself on. Don't ask me to draw the lines for you. Figure it out.
  2. So we just throw it all out the window or do we learn to be aware of context and cultural understandings? It seems like there is a whole group of people that believe it should just be ignored, excused, or thrown out the window.
  3. I specifically was referring to kayaks. Again, there are articles online about it. Google is your friend. I'm not telling you where to draw the line. Where you believe the line is and where I believe the line may or may not be the same thing. This isn't about where we believe it stops being an extension or if it stops being an extension. I do believe it should be about awareness and choices based on that awareness.
  4. Excellent point. In other countries, it is not an issue. You can travel places and they either make money off of tourists with box braids and other styles or don't see it as a black/white issue and it is no big deal.
  5. I believe they are an extension of the original problem. I understand why amautik-making is heavily guarded today.
  6. There is cultural exchange and then there is ripping off. Look up the difference and the history. Is each case identical? No. I used an example that had been used for me before when learning about amautik. We had someone that made amautik on another board I was on long ago. There was this exact type of discussion.
  7. Is it a bad thing to go into a repressed, minority culture, see something that they make in a unique way, go and mass produce it to sell for millions and not give anything back to the people it originated from? What do you think?
  8. And there are people that would argue that what you have is NOT a canoe or kayak. That said, just because someone modernized it long after the initial appropriation, doesn't negate the fact that it was appropriated. The modern version may be common use now, but it doesn't change the fact that something was appropriated in the first place.
  9. A few issues irt cultural appropriation: "Why can't I wear box braids?" Because as a white person, the style has gone in and out of style and it is only considered acceptable when it's popular with white people. For black people, they have been sent home from school and fired from jobs for a hair style that is specific towards protecting their natural hair. Time and place. If an Indian friend gift you a sari, then it is appropriate to wear it to an appropriate function (say you are invited to a wedding in that family and they are going to be in traditional dress). I have Eritrean headscarves. I save them for Pascha. It is an appropriate time and place for me to wear them. It would not be appropriate for me to wear an Eritrean dress and covering around the city as everyday wear, even if they do. Crafts. Omg...I could scream at all of the "let's wrap yarn around a circle, throw some cute dangley things on it, and call it a unicorn dreamcatcher!" No! It's NOT a dreamcatcher. The same goes for many other crafts. When the art is something specific to a group (particularly a suppressed, minority group) and someone from a privileged group starts making the same thing, advertises, and makes huge money off of it that could have gone to the minority group it originated with. Examples: kayaks (this was actually done), amautik (the making of these is being heavily guarded due to what happened with kayaks). When white people take center stage. I was completely disgusted by a recent African festival held here. I thought it was great we were having one. We also have other cultural festivals and we have large, immigrant communities from all over the world here. Two white women, part of a dance group, were leading the dances, teaching others, and putting themselves center stage. There were plenty of black and African females joining in, but these two white women were constantly center staged and telling about the dances, almost as if they owned the stories themselves or others couldn't speak for themselves (they could, trust me). The few stands I saw were manned by white people: face paint, local radio station, posters about different parts of Africa. The only places manned by actual Africans were the food stands in the back and those playing the drums on stage. Do you know where most of the city's Africans were that day? On my side of the city, going to the stores, walking on the sidewalks, getting stuff done...anywhere other than the festival. I felt more of a loss in that festival and left.
  10. That's understandable. Good point.
  11. Not trying to "pin you down". I'm just very surprised, since I know we have both been on this board for a very long time. I've learned a lot from this board. I'm simply surprised that you only realised it was offensive that recently. But, heck, you have always taken offense to everything I say. *shrugs*
  12. I think people are doubting the "I didn't know" part of it and it renders the "I'm sorry" portion to be more of a "I'm sorry that I got caught or that it could now come back to haunt me" rather than actually being a sincere apology.
  13. You've been on this board for a long time and I know this subject and cultural appropriation have both come up many times before. How can you say that you didn't know "until the last few years"?
  14. I'm down to sorting papers. And trying not to cry about having to drive to Harrisburg again tomorrow. I can't wait for his class to be OVER.
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