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Announcing Baby...a little late, but...


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dd arrived 12-12-12. I was induced due to pre-eclampsia. Though pitocin was the very last thing I wanted (I wanted a homebirth, widwife, no medical interventions, no cutting.), it turned out to be the beginning of miraculous intervention.



Labor progressed slowly. At one point the Dr checked me and thought he felt placenta over my cervix so he brought in a specialist and the ultrasound lady. The placenta was nice and high and baby looked good.


We decided to break my water to move labor along. My ctx were fairly mild so I didn't have an pain meds...they were joking with me about my high pain tolerance. I was resting in bed when the Dr and nurse came in (dh says they were hustling, getting gloves on as they walked). All I heard was "There is blood. Get Dr. _____" (He is the specialist who came to check me earlier.) He was there within the minute and took one look at me and told my dh I was having a c/s and ordered the nurses to get me to the OR. That was at 4:06.


My cord was prolapsing so the nurses were holding dd's head up off of my pelvis. (ouch!!!)


The blood was my placenta abrupting.


They wheeled me into the OR on the same bed I had been on all day. The Dr. was rubbing my belly with the solution stuff they put on before surgeries, and ordering- SHOUTING - SCALPEL - NOW!!!! GET HER OUT! NOW!!!!


I saw the scalpel in his hand over my belly and cried "Get me out. Get me out!" (I know he was cutting asap whether I was out or not! I was freaking out and at perfect peace all in one moment.)



And then the next thing I remember, I woke up back in my room in the worst pain imaginable, asking for my baby. She had been born at 4:11 and life-flighted to a NICU an hour away. She was not breathing at birth, and it took 4 minutes of CPR to get her going. By the time I woke up from the anesthesia, she had already had her first blood transfusion and was placed on a cooling protocol, which is a blanket that kept her body temperature several degrees lower than normal in order to slow her body down giving her brain time to heal from the loss of oxygen. She was intubated, fed via IV...completely supported by machines.


I was stuck in recovery an hour away. My c/s was done in 30 seconds so my incision goes from hip-to-hip and is jagged. Pain pain pain...but I was determined to get out of bed so they would let me go be with dd in the NICU. She was born on a Wed and I was able to leave on Friday. Meanwhile, she had 2 more blood transfusions and lots of testing to check for brain bleeds and seizure activity. All the testing came back perfect. (miracle!!!) But the big test, the MRI, had to wait until she was off of cooling protocol for so long. I sat at her side, pumped milk, and prayed.


They took her off of the cooling blanket and then off of each machine, one-by-one. I watched the team extubate her from outside of her room and exhaled when they looked out and gave me the thumbs-up and a smile. She needed a little help from the little tube they put in the nose, but we were forward moving. She went from IV feeds to tube feeds...she was getting my milk finally.


The Dr's began preparing us for the MRI results, giving us the talk about variable outcomes, etc... I was prepared for the worst. She may never walk, talk, hear, see, etc... When the results came back, I could NOT believe it! She has very minimal brain damage and the spots that were damaged will likely be "rerouted" as the Dr. explained. it. There were no known "problems" that could be seen at that time. Dh and I couldn't believe it! We were prepared for the worst...so we kept asking...what kinds of things should we be looking for/doing/etc... The Dr. finally said, "I can't predict what grades she'll get in calculus or how far she'll compete in gymnastics, but....." and dh and I both breathed.


The next days were simply a matter of weaning her off of tube feeding and onto bottle feeding. She apsirated in a swallow test so we had to give her thickened breastmilk. It was 10 short days from her birth until the day we took her home, Christmas Eve. :crying:


I birthed a 0 apgar baby on the 12th and took home a perfectly healthy baby on the 24th. What a miracle!!!



She has gone from 100% bottle-feeding to 100% breastfeeding since. Another miracle! And - she has been checked several times for developmental delays and has had absolutely NO problems whatsoever! :hurray:



That's my update.


I survived. Now I'm back to the forum, preparing for next school year and catching up on the gossip.

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I know a family with this exact story, down to being told their child would be brain damaged, who now has a 2 year old doing great! I really think the new cooling protocol is something else!





Several therapists have told me similar stories about the cooling protocol. I like to tell my story b/c it gave me such hope to hear of other babies who are growing up with little to no delays.



That said, I've never been more at peace with facing special needs as when we were waiting for that MRI. It's an odd thing, and maybe b/c at 4mo we are very bonded and I look at her smile and my hope for her soars....but when I was thinking severe cp was a possibility there was a greater calm. I am watching those milestones like a hawk, which is not normally like me. (Maybe I'm waiting for the bad news still???)




Anyway, on to change my username....and mapping out her entire education from tot-school to college. (It's my momma-love-language. :001_wub: :w00t: )

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Congrats. When my dd was born at 28 weeks all the NICU nurses told me to thank my lucky stars I had a girl. They say the girls tend to do better than the boys. We haven't looked back. I full consider my dd my miracle baby and I'm glad you got yours too.



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