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    I'm 44, have 4 children, have been married forever (in a good way), and am happy being me.
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    Books, cooking, friends, family, playing with the littles...did I mention books (and reading them)?
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    Wife, mom, teacher, and being the best me I can be.
  1. I am not even close to being done. Shopping up until Christmas Eve most likely. :)
  2. Charlotte's Web ... and I cried and cried. I can't remember how old I was, but I was very young and a sensitive little soul. :)
  3. Hi Joanne! My name is Lisa, and I, too, am a planner addict! My addiction goes deeper, though. I'm also addicted to planner pages. I prefer pages designed by other addicts over the more commercial pages. I could name the many that I'm drooling over at the moment, but I'm going to try to resist enabling fellow addicts. I will say that this is a fairly good addiction for me. I really do accomplish more and remember more with a well designed planner in my life.
  4. The menu has been decided, shopping is complete, linens/dishes/silverware are ready, and the house is clean. This year, it is solely because of dh and dc that we are prepared. I was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia earlier this month, and am still recovering. I will be cooking on Wednesday evening and Thursday. Wednesday evening is when I prepare desserts. Everything else will be done on Thursday. Our extended family lives over 600 miles from us, so we try to invite friends. I'm used to cooking for 20-30 people, but this year it looks like it will be only the 8 of us. I will still have en
  5. I adore spending time with my mom...she is an amazing lady. She's turning 80 next month, and I'm planning a birthday party for her, although we live over 600 miles away. She has a crazy sense of humor, and can still bend at the waist and put her hands flat on the floor. She looks and acts as if she's 30 years younger. Love my mom! My father passed, and she is now remarried. I'm not a fan of the new husband, but my mom is fantastic when she isn't with him.
  6. QVEPI Queen Victoria eats purple iguanas. XCOLR
  7. The house is absolutely beautiful! I do wonder...could you trade the gardener for a maid? :D That is a ton of cleaning. As others have said, though, you only live once. I hope you get it, and enjoy it immensely!
  8. Oh my. Yes, that would probably give me a great deal of pause. On the bright side, at least they were closing the pool according to protocol...not that it helps much when it's your children who were in the water at the time. Hugs. We have about 1 hour left to get to the 48 hour mark.
  9. Yes, we have about 24 hours to go. Just to clarify, lest you all think I'm completely crazy (as opposed to just a tad crazy), I'm not a total germaphobe. Colds, flu, etc. don't faze me much, other than wanting my loved ones to feel better. It's just the vomit thing. I can't seem to shake it. Thanks again. :)
  10. Thank you for explaining it so pragmatically, for respecting my issues, and for the hugs. They all helped. :)
  11. Intellectually, I know this. My anxiety doesn't like to listen to my intellect, unfortunately. It does help to hear others rational advice. Thank you.
  12. Right about vomit itself not making him sick. I didn't explain myself very clearly. I apologize. I was thinking more along the lines of norovirus, which we had a nasty round of around Easter. I know it sort of becomes an aerosol when the person vomits, but I didn't know if it could be transmitted in the pool prior to vomiting. Kids get water in their mouths and all that. I know it's my issue, but anxiety and OCD can be difficult to overcome. I keep trying. :) On the bright side, we didn't use the locker room when we came to swim. He comes in his suit with a sweatshirt on & just rinses
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