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  1. I have an Ethan Allen buffet from the '70's, and I was thinking of painting it, too. I'm glad to read of people's experiences.
  2. We're 9 (almost 10) days into the new fiscal year and our state has no budget. We may not have a paycheck next payday. All the politicians have their pants down and are having a big old p*ssing match that's holding 65,000 state workers hostage. Some banks and credit unions are offering payroll loans at 0% or very low percent rates, so we'll be ok. But this whole thing just p*sses me off (as p*ssing matches are wont to do). You all have had all freeking year to figure this out. Knock it off, grown the h*ll up and come to an agreement. Meanwhile, we continue to go to work every day, do our jobs and hang on to our pennies. I swear, if I had somewhere else to go, I'd move there tomorrow. This state is so messed up, it's a joke. And, because of this, my house-buying/selling is on hold. And the worst? The pink-carpet condo just went down in price by $5K. I keep telling myself it's all going to be ok, breathe, it'll all work out, but honestly, I want to march my fat backside down to the governor's mansion and start kicking a$$es and taking names. "Welcome to Illinois! Have some dreams? Let us crush them for you!" :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: And you know what else has really hacked me this week? Someone called and left me a VM about homeschooling, asking some questions. I listened to the message, but put off calling back because 1) I thought her questions were stupid. She's been at this a lot longer than I have, has graduated two kids already so why is she bothering me with this? and 2) I'm busy. I'm working two jobs and trying to get house stuff done. Anyway, she approached me this past weekend and made a snide comment/question about if she called me, would I actually answer the phone. I told her probably not. I'm busy. She asked her question again and what it comes down to is, she wants me to do some research for her. She has internet. She can do it herself, but she wants me to look stuff up for her. I told her I'd email her, but her email bounced back. I checked with her dh what her email is and he confirmed I had the right email addy. So, I'm done. FCOL, I'm all for helping a newbie, offer some direction where to search for info, etc, but this woman is a veteran and why she thinks I have the time or desire to do her research is beyond me. I've not researched curriculum in years. Once DD hit high school, we pretty much cruised with curriculum, for the most part. I'm probably being a hag about it, but I'm exhausted, stressed out and feeling pretty defeated right now. I do not need to do someone else's busywork. I'm going to bed!
  3. Last week was very stressful. DD and I were working hard all week to get the house ready for the realtor to come. It's annual renewal time at work and I had a stack 2 feet high of applications to process and checks to deposit. It's the end of the fiscal year and I was working my butt off to get these done and get the money deposited. I handed the finance person the checks and the deposit reports and she WHINED at me. WHINED. You'd think when someone hands you checks and a deposit report that reflects we brought in $46K in two days, you'd be at happy. But no. She whined. We had a guy call and demand a copy of transcripts to be overnighted to him. Our receptionist told him the process for requesting records (overnighting them is not part of this process). I called him back and left him a VM explaining the same thing. He called and talked to my boss, who told him the same thing. He faxed his request form, and then proceeded to call several times a day for two days, demanding they be faxed or over nighted. He manipulated (well, he tried to), he wheedled, he "flattered" and all the time, he's wasting my time on his phone calls instead of letting me get my job done. After all that, there were no records for that student--info I faxed to him. He called again, and demanded I OVERNIGHT MAIL the letter I'd JUST faxed to him! Add to all this nonsense, the Other Secretary took a call from him, had no idea our records release process and proceeded to tell him she'd see that I make an exception of our policies for him! AUGHGHGHGHGHGH. I just about did the crouching tiger/hidden dragon flight over two cubicle walls to punch her in the face. I had to send out strongly worded emails to all the schools who are now out of compliance by not having their renewals in on time. I had one particular school actually argue with me about what application was due. I sent her copies of previous emails she'd received and explained numerous times that regardless of how she misunderstood crystal clear communications from us, she was still responsible for getting her stuff in by the due date. She whined and argued and pleaded. I mean, seriously people. You run a vocational school. You collect funds from federal programs, take tuition from students, can't you freeking READ THE RULES regarding what will keep you compliant, since non-compliance will cost you your livelihood?? AUUGHGHGHGH! And, to tie up the week, the realtor said that while I'm on the right track with getting the house ready, I won't get as much as I was hoping for for it because it's a tiny house with no garage. There's nothing I can do--nothing I need to fix or change--it's just small and will only appeal to a certain demographic. So, she said make it sparkle and shine, make the porch as charming as possible and get most everything out of the rooms to make them as large as possible. I'm disheartened, overwhelmed, tired and have no patience for stupid people. So, I'm almost sorry to admit that when I had to inform a tax prep school that if they don't get their applications in by Friday, they'd be turned over the the attorney general for non-compliance, I actually enjoyed scaring the guy! How mean am I? Today, pretty darned mean! He said he didn't have time to get his paperwork in because they're moving. Oh? Well, we don't have a change of location application in our office from you, either. So, now you're doubly non-compliant! And, once we notify the atty general, the US Dept of Ed will be notified of your non-compliance and so will your accreditors! Take THAT, flippant school owner! HA! I think I need a vacation. And my house to sell. NOW.
  4. I won't eat sweet potatoes any other way! My grampa made them like that and if they were good enough for him, they're good enough for anyone! :p I'd take a salad. It's a veggie. It's a side. It can be done a head of time. BOOM.
  5. Pampered Chef's orange infused oil. Oh. My. Heavens. It makes brownies taste SO good! If you're an orange/chocolate lover, you'll never make brownies any other way once you have them like this!
  6. No problem. I'm in Springfield. :)

  7. Thanks again for the help. Where in IL do you live? We are south of the Danville area. Always looking to Moms that share the homeschooling vision! :) Leesa

  8. Thanks! It was a good day. :)

  9. :party:Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

  10. You're welcome! I love that our church does congregational reading through out the week. Makes me feel connected. :D

  11. I love the idea of the whole church reading the same scriptures during the week! Still have to find a church... Thanks for the "It All Begins with Genesis" recommendation! :)

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