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  1. I won't eat sweet potatoes any other way! My grampa made them like that and if they were good enough for him, they're good enough for anyone! :p I'd take a salad. It's a veggie. It's a side. It can be done a head of time. BOOM.
  2. I use PlanYourRoom.com, but LazBoy has a 3d room planner. It always crashes my computer, though, so ymmv.
  3. No problem. I'm in Springfield. :)

  4. Thanks again for the help. Where in IL do you live? We are south of the Danville area. Always looking to Moms that share the homeschooling vision! :) Leesa

  5. Heart of Dakota Are the stars at night big and bright? Spring Cleaning - Before & After Before it's winter; after, it's summer. Speeding up a 16yo student? I wouldn't. Insurance rates for that age group are already high. What do I do with her? Well, locking her in the basement would be illegal.... How do you choose a church? Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo....
  6. Disengaging - do you have some tips?? Yes. If he's a nice guy, but it's just not going to work, simply return the ring and tell him it's over. If he's a jerk, keep the ring but tell him, "I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee" and then throw dog poopie on his shoes.
  7. Help with LA for 6th grader!! Please don't leave your 6th grader unsupervised there. Los Angeles can be a dangerous place for a child.
  8. My 3 older daughters just delivered (10:30pm), without adult assistance... All at the same time? That's what I call good timing! Help! 1 night in Madrid! Not sure I can help with that, but I do know 1 night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble. Cub/Boy Scout Moms....wwyd? Throw them out. I draw the line at moms being Cub Scouts. Seriously. They need to get their own group! Free angry birds for PC Free happy cats for Mac. Can we talk camcorders for less than $150? I'll talk camcorders for $125, but that's as low as I'm going. Binding Machine??? You
  9. And, if you do give them 24 hours, don't sell it out from under them an hour after giving them the 24 hours!
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