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  1. "I've received a gift. I'm not going to be a selfish, entitled ingrate and I'll give the giver tangible evidence of my appreciation, acknowledging they spent time and money on me for my pleasure."
  2. If having good manners is petty, so be it.
  3. I made dd write thank-you notes for her graduation gifts before I let her deposit them. If she gets a check from her grandparents, she has to call and thank them before depositing. They don't care about notes, but they do appreciate thankfulness. And, I think thank-you notes should be specific to the person and the gift. I spent bucks on a wedding gift for a friend's daughter's bridal shower. During the shower, she was laughing and cutting up with her friends while opening gifts, never really acknowledging the giver, sort of acting like they weren't even there. Her thank-you notes were, "Thanks for the gift. It's appreciated." I don't think she had the first idea who gave her what, nor did she care. Rude.
  4. I cannot express how happy this thread makes me. My dd is a disaster. Her room is one of the reasons I need scentsy burners all over the house. Right now, we live in 720 sq. feet with 1 bathroom and it's a nightmare. I'm not fastidious or a neat freak, but holy moly, she's a nightmare. We have had constant stress over selling the house and she doesn't seem to get the concept of "clean" at all. She says, "Oh mom, everyone's house gets messy" which may be true, BUT NOT WHEN THEY'RE TRYING TO SELL IT! The irony is, when she worked over the summer at camp, her job was CLEANING BATHROOMS! Yet she can't figure out how to clean her mess in ours. Or, she'll text and say, "I'll be late--helping friend clean." :cursing:
  5. No feedback at all. :glare: Because we have pets, the agent suggested either candles or a scent warmer. It's not overpowering. I had a friend come over and get a whiff. She said it was a subtle and pleasant scent. I wish we could just move and empty the place so I wouldn't have to worry about it.
  6. My daughter has a Yamaha Clavinova. No extra instruments, has headphone jacks and weighted keys. It's portable in the sense that you can take it off the legs/stand and move it, but it's not portable like the ones you can put in a bag and sling over your shoulder. Her dad got it online and I think he didn't spend a lot over $500. I'd suggest going to a showroom and finding one you like, then do a search online to find one at a good price.
  7. We had a showing today. The first one after 2 months of nothing. I took the day off and cleaned, scrubbed, laundered, set up scentsy burners with a subtle berry/vanilla scent, etc. I left the house with the kitties crated, the dog on her leash to go with me, and the trash taken out, feeling like the house shined like a well-cut diamond. Then I got home and noticed...a spot on the counter. Some fluff on the floor. A waste basket out of place and in need of a liner. BIRD POOP ON THE KITCHEN WINDOW! :willy_nilly: I've not gotten feedback yet, but I'm all a-dither now. I just hope they saw how sturdy and cute the house is, and not my spots, fluff, misplaced and unlined waste-basket and the *&^@*^ bird poop. I just need this place to sell. I hate this. HATE IT.
  8. At the high school level, I had my kids take more ownership over their education. I let them go to conventions with me and pick materials. Core subjects were non-negotiable, but they had input on curriculum. They didn't always get the final say, but I did have them look at different curricula and tell me what they liked or didn't like about it. They could choose electives, but they had to see them through to the end. They also had to make their own schedules and set their own deadlines. Naturally, I supervised and gave input when I thought the goals were unrealistic, and there were times things seemed nearly impossible, but we persevered and this one thing really prepared them for college, in the areas of time and project management. My dd, who fussed and whined and fought being "forced" to grow up now thanks me for making her do this. Something else I'd suggest, and I think this may have been mentioned by someone else, is don't get caught up in a program that you love, but doesn't fit your child. I thought Tapestry of Grace was wonderful--DD hated the idea of all that literature and reading. Forcing her to take that on would have been a nightmare. So, don't get caught up in the glamour and hype of a shiny program if it's not something your child will be able to use and learn with. It's not worth the angst. Lastly, remember why you're doing this, whatever your reasons are. That'll help get through the difficult days.
  9. Quintuplet Toddlers Never Dine Silently VJIXZ
  10. I can't help with government assistance, but can you not make an appointment and talk to a caseworker to find out if you qualify for benefits? Either way, I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope things get smoothed out quickly.
  11. I had my first performance review with this boss and it went great! She said she's glad I'm on the team, she's very pleased with my work, and we're going to work on having my position audited with the purpose of having it raised up a level, which would mean a raise. After all the stress of my house being on the market, going to school part time, and some stressful stuff with a co-worker, this was lovely to hear!
  12. I'm glad I asked. I think I'll pass on this one. I take the regular old GNC multi vitamins for women and I know I feel better when I take them consistently. Thanks for helping me dodge this one!
  13. We should have a WTM meet-up at the St. Louis Ikea! I've never been to St. Louis when there WASN'T construction. LOL
  14. Tomato pie! I make it different than the recipes call, though. Instead of an actual pie crust, I line the pie dish with frozen, shredded hash browns. Layer thick slices of heirloom tomatoes over the top, alternating with layers of thinly sliced sweet onions. After a few layers and the pie plate is full (not over flowing), bake in the oven until the hashbrowns are cooked, then top with mozzarella and bake until it's all melty. Sprinkle the top with fresh basil, if you want. Other than that, burgers, hot dogs, watermelon and sweet corn.
  15. I think it's pretty expensive, too. I have a friend who's promoting it and she seems to love it. But, I can't help thinking back to Herbal Life, Melaleuca (which I did use, but not the weight loss stuff), and other miracle supplements. I guess my question (rhetorically speaking) is, "Is this supposed to be a "for life" thing?" I just don't have the extra $$ a new weight loss fad.
  16. I usually use La Quinta or Drury. I've had consistent experiences with both.
  17. Thoughts? Legit or another fly-by-night MLM supplement scheme?
  18. She was my favorite the year she was on the Voice. I cried when I read about her death, but I think it was more for her mom. I can't imagine the pain her family is in.
  19. I have a cheap Samsung HE top loader and it's ok, but not nearly as wonderful as my Whirlpool Duet, which lasted 14 years before keeling over. One thing I've noticed between the front loader and the top loader is that the top loader doesn't wash pet fur out; it just makes fur balls. My front loader never did that. When I move, I plan to buy another Duet set.
  20. I had American Home Shield and had good experiences. We had them out for a hot water heater, which was fixed with no problems, and when I broke the toilet tank, they even replaced the entire toilet, even though I told them I broke it myself (note: dropping the tank lid into the tank results in the tank shattering and water going everywhere.)
  21. I worked at a KFC when I was in high school. Never got tired of it. This was back in the day when they had BBQ chicken. LOVED that. There was nothing about KFC that made me not want to eat there later.
  22. I became a single mom via a really hideous divorce. DD was in 4th grade and now she's finished her freshman year in college. EX was supportive of her being homeschooled and contributed generously toward curriculum, co-op, and extra-curricular activities. I had no intention of giving up homeschooling--I felt her dad's indiscretions should have no bearing on her education.
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