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  1. How much writing are we talking about? If the 3yo will allow it, write during scouts. If it needs to be more frequent, realistically what's left is after bedtime and weekends when you probably would like to connect with your dh, or mornings when you would probably like to capitalize on sleep opportunities. Gym membership - tack sauna onto PT appointments or yes, pitch it. You are probably getting a functional amount of dog training, housework and schoolwork in. Sounds like you are prioritizing some weekly outside time on Friday mornings. Realistically? I think what you are pulling off is as good as it gets for this season in your life... (tiptoeing away...)
  2. I read the first post and was thinking IBS, then clicked to the last post. Thanks Jean!
  3. If you know someone crafty, a men's western shirt turned into an apron is so comfortable! I had a couple from my DSIL and they were the best. I wore them right out. They hid stains very well.
  4. The last one I had went on so long, I went to the optometrist. He said their latest thing to try was drinking tonic water. It contains quinine, which they gave to malaria patients for help with muscle spasms. I bought a 12 pack and drank one a night with dinner. The twitch did go away. Can't say whether it was the tonic water, but it didn't hurt. Might have tasted better with a little gin.
  5. I try to leave the door open for a couple hours every day to let it dry out in there. DH built me a little metal hook so I can leave the door partially open, too.
  6. I was going to say Skype on an inexpensive laptop or tablet that they can set up on their dining room table or somewhere central. Affordable, fast internet is the key in our neck of the woods.
  7. Do you find there's a limit to how many times in a row you can do this?
  8. So what is the recommended course of action when you are in the yellow zone?
  9. The problem I've been noticing in myself lately is that I yell when I feel I'm in the right. I don't yell as often now, with older children and less overwhelm, so when I do I'm (alarmingly) not experiencing regret - it's the fault of those clearly in the wrong. (eye roll) I'll be following this thread because there's got to be a more appropriate response level to match even the most unreasonable level of provocation advanced by others. I was "the peacemaker" in my FOO, so it's weird to be perceived by DH as part of the problem. He's obviously WRONG, but you know, I'll try to keep an open mind at least on this thread. 😂
  10. While I generally agree with this, grandparents aren't just people. Family dynamics play so much into this: Grandma who wants to be cool and pressures mom: rude and overstepping. Grandma who draws attention to risks she sees in mother-daughter dynamic: trickier wicket.
  11. No, this does not happen at our family gatherings. Since 19 is legal here I would not expect to consulted. The only situation I can see jumping in might be if advice seemed necessary (e.g. Don't you have a test tomorrow? Do you have a ride?) And then it would still be their decision. MIL's insistent arguing with you seems like poor manners. If you are sure your dd would have partaken except in deference to you, though, then I can see why you might want some reassurance. How confusing to navigate the letting go process when the drinking laws do not match up to the rest of the responsibilities of the average 19 yo.
  12. Yup, I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't begin a doctor's appointment with a disclaimer: This isn't an ER visit, I'm obviously not dying, but I would still like help with an issue I'm having.
  13. It would be good for the OP to be aware of any local anti-tethering laws, for sure. Restraint for safety does not equal neglect, no matter what current popular opinion might be, and it needs mentioning.
  14. If there is adequate shelter from weather conditions and access to water, it can be a safe solution to many problems. It depends on what the dog is conditioned to, as well. Like anything, loving care is assumed.
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