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  1. IIRC, the whole reason you are moving is so that you can get more sleep. It doesn't seem like moving intimidates you. While I generally think of moving in terms of where we will be in five years, IMO you should buy the house that works for you now.
  2. Well first of all, that's not exactly what I said. And second of all, no one else brought home their new baby, got no sleep for weeks on end, had no idea what to do with all the crying and thought, "What did I get myself into?" Well shoot.
  3. Lots of websites are available to help you think through general characteristics of different breeds, Then find a mix for hybrid vigor (the health risks associated with purebreds can be diffused). Look into obedience training, for you and the family as much as the dog. ETA: Puppies are easier than babies, so if you have the time to spend I wouldn't necessarily rule one out.
  4. That was illuminating. Thank you. I only had 9, but it was interesting to see what they had listed as my interests. I can probably streamline some of the advertising that way, too. What was actually a whole 'nother topic, and just a little alarming, was the Identity Confirmation section that would then decide whether or not to allow me to post political ads. Um, what?
  5. My brain is now playing Tetris with that room, so we'll see if this free online diagram worked. This is option A: boy and girl beds against the window wall, storage unit in between, 2yo between bed and closet. Option B could be storage unit between bed and closet, 2yo in between their beds. Option C could be storage units stacked on top of each other, if they will, in either location though I would prefer between bed and closet. This would maybe increase bed options?
  6. I would feel comfortable for maybe 2 more years, having a then-11yo girl rooming with an 8yo boy. (By current NA standards, yada, yada.) I guess it's hard to predict where your then-21yo will be, but if he's still at home, it would become a more pressing issue over time, not less, for me. <--- Thoughts I would be sharing with my dh in that situation, lol.
  7. We have four 5-gallon jugs. I refill three of them about once a week for $2.99/each. We go through more in the hot weather. Compared to juice, pop or milk, it's much cheaper. Compared to a $116 filter that lasts, what, a year? maybe not so much. If you connected your system after the water softener, wouldn't it be less likely to get plugged by hard water? If you're thinking of replacing or upgrading the system anyway, you might want to just re-plumb all the plugged lines at the same time. Then you're set for years.
  8. In a similar situation (2 big digging type dogs) my sister did their whole tiny, shady back yard, from deck to fence, in pea gravel. She said much easier for poop scooping, only needed to mow and water the tiny front yard.
  9. Some reading I did years ago suggested the reason meds aren't used long-term is because adults have acquired some coping skills and could function more successfully as they matured. And ADHD tends towards later maturity than NT. I will say that having an undiagnosed, unmedicated teen boy learning to drive, manage girls, roommates, living on his own.... well, I wish I had pursued a diagnosis when he was younger. I tried a couple of times, met some resistance from the medical community (oh, you homeschool? You obviously just worry about your kids too much) and gave up. He has now self-diagnosed and we both wish I had persisted, though he is pursuing his own coping skills and doing fairly well at it.
  10. OMG, if I still had it I would upload a picture of it for you: I just ran across some lists I had written years ago, trying to survive. On my worst days, I would desperately list areas where I had failed, if anything (an.y.thing.) had gone remotely well, and what I was grateful for. There were failures on there like Yelling at the Toilet (we had chronic times where it would not flush, or it would get stuck running, just stupid stuff that didn't get fixed or stay fixed, over and over - easier to manage now, impossible then). If I put myself under the same circumstance today, I'm sure it would be the same story. It is truly humbling.
  11. I've been in that dark space. It is hard. Keep going. Lowering your expectations of your outcomes sounds like sanity - the kids are ultimately responsible for how they turn out. You keep doing the very best parenting you can under the circumstances you have. Hold up your end. Pray like mad for them to to come around on their end. It is such a long time to work at something you are so invested in with little or no reward or overt appreciation. Do what you can to keep yourself sane and healthy.
  12. Are you taking them at different times of day? I could see taking mega vitamins interfering with med absorption, depending on the medication of course.
  13. Haven't read any replies. We have a similar law for new drivers: only one passenger unless driving immediate family. It makes sense in reducing crashes for that demographic, but living rurally it makes carpooling for post-secondary education a really big hassle. It is not economical or environmentally sound. That said, we always encourage our kids to follow the law for their own sake. They need to be able to drive, and can't afford fines or licence suspension.
  14. A homeschooling forum might have vastly skewed poll results compared with the rest of North America.
  15. If I work out hard enough that my undies are sweaty, I'm going to change. (FTR, I wear cotton briefs. Thongs are uncomfortable. I'll wear a longer shirt and live with the panty lines. Comfort rules.) If I were away from home, there was no option to change, and I still had errands to run? Hmm, I guess I would liberally spray myself with something that smelled pretty and change once I got home.
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