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  1. I'd want a referral to an endocrinologist or internist, for a more complete panel of bloodwork to rule out thyroid a bit more conclusively than has been done. Your PCP could probably even do that, but is displaying a typical laissez-faire attitude that is not putting your optimal health first.
  2. He was clearly underfoot while icing Christmas cookies last winter more than I had noticed:
  3. Our young dog used to give me the oddest looks, as if to ask, "What are you trying to tell me when you move your body like *that*?" He does sometimes come check out the yoga mat before I kick him off and get started. But he's pretty used to it now. I would either put him in his crate or send him outside if he drove me crazy. He probably knows that, lol.
  4. Wintermom, have you had your thyroid levels checked?
  5. As your kids get older, it's natural that they may not get to see your parents as often. That doesn't mean you can't! Swing in a quick visit with whoever is available. My recent visits with my folks have been to do things like medical appointments and move. That is the visit.
  6. You've just said everything that makes it a classic here, lol. Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis are supposed to be wooden, boring people. The idea of the afterlife as a mundane bureaucracy is the humor. And Beetlejuice is supposed to be disgusting and repulsive in every possible way - think Hollywood producer!
  7. If I had to guess I would suspect Newfoundland of fitting into your final category. 😂
  8. I think you can manually program your phone's time, too? So perhaps that's the deal. And yes, here in Canada Newfoundland is -3.5 hours to GMT. Would have to do with lines of longitude, no?
  9. From the whole 15 minutes I spent with him, lol, and surfing other titles on YouTube I would say he is more of Yoga crossed with CrossFit? Not that I know much about that... just thinking I perhaps am not that ambitious, lol.
  10. Apparently there are 15 min. yoga videos and then there are 15 min. yoga videos. I've been enjoying some short sessions on YouTube after work. (I found the one by Adriene too talky, but love the pair of after work yoga videos put out by Rachel Scott.) I thought I would give The Ultimate Yogi a quick try today. I may not be able to lift my arms tomorrow. That is all.
  11. Small house here, kids have not quite left home so no spare bedrooms, no basement. I do the scientific 7-minute workout by Gretchen Reynolds (pic), 15-20 minute yoga videos on YouTube, and did a very very very gradual couch to 5k this year.
  12. I vote pitch it. Acidic juice + tin can (even though I know they are now lined) creeps me out.
  13. If organizers put together a contest and put the prize *in writing*, then to substitute after the fact because it was convenient is indeed fraud. My first choice would be a letter to the organization, leaving social media as a weapon of last resort, but volunteering doesn't exempt you from legalities or give you permission to be less than as professional as possible. Once it is in print, any miscommunication will need to be dealt with up front as a correction, or left until next year.
  14. That's frustrating! Mind-boggling that it would be big enough for a Costco but not for a clothing donation location of some sort. My only other suggestion is to see if the town with your shopping destination has a local facebook group; you could try asking on there for donation/recycling locations.
  15. Not sure how the population/shopping dynamic is exactly where you are. I drive into the nearest big city (about an hour away) once a month. That's when my big bags of clothes get put in the vehicle and dropped off first thing if possible, so I then have room for my other shopping to come home. And many, many years ago, that's how we recycled too. We do have local recycling now.
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