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  1. Bunny trail: Does your book group work differently now? I'd love to hear how that is running.
  2. I could have written a fairly similar post for my dd. I really, really get it.
  3. Not for college, but I bought my dd 2 so one could be washed and hung to dry while she wore the other. (blushing) Perhaps I have taken frugality and minimalism a bit too far? I was thinking I'd buy more once we see how comfortable this style is, then adjust if needed. Honest!
  4. Got in my 12th trail run today, completing week 4 of Couch to 5K in 5 weeks - much faster than last year. Got word last week that our local half-marathon trail run for the end of August was cancelled. Even though not unexpected, it was still really deflating. I ran my first 5 km there last year and was hoping to come in much better prepared this year. It's so nice when there's a goal in the background. Finished day 30 of the 30-day Yoga with Kassandra challenge last night. Not sure what to do this evening... probably just start over again.
  5. I agree, many of the things most families are missing are non-academic: sports, band, and friends. Traditions, rites of passage, community connections. When I saw the efforts some of the local teachers put in to ensure elementary kids could still make Mother's Day cards it literally brought tears to my eyes.
  6. We are fortunate, we still have the option to register as homeschoolers, rather than enroll as home-based distributed learning families. For many families though, the loss of one income means that even minimal financial support for things like science center passes, sports activities, or fine arts lesson is critical and worth the hassle. If those things don't return in the fall, at either the brick and mortar or home-based level, I think existing homeschoolers will choose to register rather than use public distributed learning. It is the new families who are considering struggling along at one income and continuing to keep their children home that I believe the government is hoping to target. The internet provides easy access to information, however, so I wonder if their political maneuvering will really bear the fruit they're hoping it will. If it does, I seriously hope they increase the flexibility and thoughtfulness of their own programs. Improving their delivery and the education of their students should be their actual focus rather than jousting at perceived enemies, but that doesn't usually seem to be their response.
  7. Yes, our provincial government (long tied to the teacher's union) has unexpectedly slashed funding, beginning almost instantly, to the independent distributed learning schools in our province. One presumes they are hoping parents who can keep their kids home will be forced to enroll on the public side, ensuring union jobs, rather than the independent side. The independent side, which already receives just 60% funding of the public side, has the flexibility to use community and parent resources and provide a much more individualized education for less, not being nearly as tied to the massive bureaucracy that has made the public side user-unfriendly.
  8. This year I've made sure to do one of the 10-minute yoga sessions at some point after my run, and it seems to make the difference in not stiffening up. Well, the new shoes sure can't hurt either. :-)
  9. Cow legs pose seems to do me more harm than good, for sure. ETA: Or is it cow face pose? Either way, I lock right up.
  10. Nice to see you too. Thanks for the reply. DH and I got out downhill skiing at the little local hill once - all that snow meant they had their best year in a long time. Only child left at home, middle ds, is very proprietary about walking the dogs daily, lol. But I was able to get out once a week with them during the winter while he was off skiing at the large resort down the road. 😀
  11. DS uses the free Strava app.
  12. Snow finally left us, got to try out my new trail runners April 16. (DH insisted I purchase in late December/early January to have something to look forward to re: the winterblues. I thought he was crazy, but am so thankful now when shopping is A Really Big Deal.) I'm working through the same couch to 5K plan as last year but with cancelled Grad plans for DD and no way to visit my aging parents or aging in-laws, I have completed the first 6 runs much faster than I otherwise would have. It feels great. Also started a 30-day Yoga with Kassandra challenge on YouTube, 10 minutes per day, so far up to day 19. She sets intentions, some of which are so ridiculous to me that I get a good belly laugh, another positive. Can't believe what a difference even such a short practice but done a bit more frequently, about 4x week, makes.
  13. Actually, I take that back. I can't say anyone has specifically called for a complete 2-year lock down of the economy. But when they say nothing can change until there is a vaccine, it certainly comes across that way.
  14. Our prime minister, our federal health officer, our provincial health officer have all made comments to that effect. I could likely dig those up, but honestly it's almost bedtime and I doubt it would lead either one of us to any sort of agreement.
  15. There has absolutely been mention of until there is a vaccine. Absolutely.
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