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  1. KathyBC

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    Batiste. WalMart or any pharmacy. Instructions on the bottle, easy peasy. Only downside is I have now increased my aerosol bottle consumption.
  2. KathyBC

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    Dry shampoo. Life changing.
  3. KathyBC

    Kitchen reno vs. family vacation

    Wow, I think return airfare to Europe here is $1000 per person, so for 6 people that's $6000 right there.
  4. KathyBC

    Kitchen reno vs. family vacation

    Assuming you have very good reasons that you can only do one (because my first choice would always be split the difference), I would vote vacation.
  5. KathyBC

    Book a Week 2019 - BW7: Love is in the Air

    I finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. A whole backlog of library book requests came in at once and while I had no memory of ordering this title, I had a pretty good idea it must have come from this board. A subsequent search shows many mentions, so thanks to all! It completely sucked me in, I love self-makeovers.
  6. KathyBC

    key fobs

    Ah, okay, I realized after I posted that this could be what y'all were talking about. Yes, definitely don't want that. Will have to watch for that at next second-hand vehicle purchase. 😁
  7. KathyBC

    key fobs

    I love, love, love mine. So much easier to lock and unlock all doors at once. I have the ignition key and the fob on a cheap carabiner clip to make winter idling secure and easy. ETA: Unless we are not talking about the same kind of fob? I don't have a newer vehicle, so I could be missing something here.
  8. KathyBC

    This article really spoke to me

    Talking about this article with my family, perhaps it should be restated that hyper-conscientious people don't tend to hold top positions.
  9. KathyBC

    is there something I can do with this space?

    Yes, rug! Play pen Pet beds Bookcase Musical instruments Reading Nook Phone message center/small desk Additional pantry cupboard I've seen a somewhat similar though smaller space with a spinning wheel displayed.
  10. KathyBC

    Horse people- How to fire a farrier without burning a bridge?

    Try this, with whichever farrier. Once they get sore, they walk differently and can get slung heels shockingly quickly. Hind end lameness can cause heavy on the forehand, too. Shoes should give some relief. Anyway, yes a phone call saying this is the approach you want to use, does he have time or should you find someone else? Or if you know you want to try someone else, just a text saying you already had shoes put on so don't need a trim, thanks.
  11. I had a tedious household chore to do that took about 90 minutes. I was excited to try listening to a podcast, which certainly made the time pass more enjoyably, but later wondered if I should have been listening to an audio book instead. Silliness.
  12. I enjoy convoluted mysteries and attempting to sort out the false trails from the likely solution, too. This was still a compelling read for sure. I'll be interested to see if the opening scenes annoy you as much as they did me. 😁
  13. Just finished a whodunit, Robert Galbraith's Lethal White. I enjoyed most of it. The first part felt laborious, as the two main characters continue to string other relationships along when they clearly want to be together. At the end I felt the plot was a little *too* complex, and the lengthy explanations by the villain just too unbelievable. I can't believe I could find anything to dislike by this author, but there you have it.
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