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  1. I brought a book, of course. Couldn't lift anything for quite some time afterwards. Kids helped me hang clothes on the clothesline. They pretty much had to do everything with that. It was a happy day when I could weed the garden. After a few weeks post-op, I found OTC menstrual products irritating and got a friend to hook me up with some cloth products. Other than that, best decision ever.
  2. From your existing list? Assuming the lengths and styles works, a blouse over black leggings with Bob's flats. Dressy jewelry.
  3. I can relate. I can think of times I wish I had written less or nothing, and times I wish I had posted instead of keeping quiet. Funny how it can stay in our minds for so long. Your apology is inspiring. Well done.
  4. Daily walk last night and tonight. Pleased to get 15 minutes of yoga in before work this morning.
  5. 15 minute bodyweight circuit before work - that was a first and a tight fit for time, but success! Daily 2km walk this evening.
  6. I've been at my new FT job, with a commute, for 4 weeks now, and survived a week-long heat wave. I'm hoping for some fresh motivation with slightly cooler temps and trusting I have adapted more or less to my new schedule. Started a new Yoga with Kassandra series, 15 minute evening yoga. The first affirmation was, "I am grateful for my health", with which I absolutely concur! Happy Independence Day to all of you south of the border.
  7. CLR and a non-scratch scrubbie? ETA: If I know it is safe I really prefer SOS pads for build-up.
  8. I can it and serve it with curry or samosas. Okay, not real samosas - I add spices to my ground beef turnovers so they are kind of like an oven-baked samosa. 😃
  9. Cherry Tomato Chutney, if that is something anyone might enjoy: http://www.indobase.com/recipes/details/cherry-tomato-chutney.php
  10. My iphone 6 was doing that before I got something newer.
  11. I went to work close to home at a not-particularly demanding job 2-3 days a week. I also began volunteering with a local group. As the kids have started leaving home, work has increased to 4 days a week, with the odd 5th day as holiday coverage, and my volunteering role has expanded. I've tentatively tried to figure out gardening and fitness. Grandkids are still a few years away so I've taken a more demanding FT job in a nearby community starting Monday. I'm not sure how that's going to affect the local volunteer group, but we shall see. All of this *is* fulfilling on some level, but none of it holds a candle to the sense of purpose and meaning I had educating my own kids. So grateful for the journey. 💕
  12. And those little first kitchens make it feel like a LOT of dishes.
  13. I cook up nine lasagna noodles in boiling water while I'm scramble frying the ground beef. Just an extra pot and colander, which granted is intimidating for young people who have not washed like thousands of dishes, lol. Grease a 9x13, lay down three noodles. Next half the sauce, a bunch of cheese, spinach if using, 3 more noodles, the other half the sauce, more cheese, last three noodles, and finally more cheese! Bake at 350 for 30-60 minutes while you clean up the dishes, browse the internet, walk the dog, clean the bathroom, fold laundry, whatever..... EAT.
  14. Same. I could get away with adding a layer of spinach leaves, and adding in a variety of other cheese (whatever I had on hand: parmesan flakes, cheddar/mozza shredded mix, etc.)
  15. I haven't read the whole thread but just wanted to throw out there that A ) Dyslexia is genetic and B ) time management is part of that issue. So what's happening is understandable. As a tutor however it is not up to you to coach an adult through issues they should have found coping mechanisms for by now. But it is part of why some kids don't get the help they need. If you do decide to continue tutoring dyslexic families, clear explicit expectations - i.e. please log into the Zoom link 15 minutes ahead of time so you can contact me if there are technical difficulties - will certainly be necessary. Having said that, inconsiderate behavior is also not your problem. If it is to be, it really is up to them.
  16. You apply for Job A and don't hear back. You apply for Job B the following week, they reply interviews will be in two weeks, but don't contact you at that time. You check on Job B and negotiate an interview for the following week. Job A calls (it's now been a month) and negotiate an interview for the following day. It goes well. They phone the next day with a job offer, you accept. Do you attend Job B interview anyway, just to see what's out there, or do you explain and cancel? My real life pool of interested parties are split. Three of them think Job A is a better fit anyway, so cancel. One person understands your mom/wife dilemma that Job A is FT, Job B is PT and thinks you should check it out.
  17. Have age demographics changed that much? I thought Canada was still heavier on the older end of the population scale.
  18. Why on earth would she have to do that? Who made you the final authority on anything? Her decision does not need to be discussed with you. For goodness sake.
  19. I have a similar mop. It is the bomb for wiping up melted snow or dishwashing splashes. Not so great for actual mopping as my pad keeps coming off the head. Maybe it's just old. I have used a similar mop and was pretty impressed.
  20. I personally wouldn't do a backsplash with quite that many spots for things to get lodged in, though it is very pretty. I would try for something similar with a smoother finish. A microwave shelf where the compact fridge is now might work well for someone sitting on a walker. Or the drawer style dishwasher mentioned up-thread. Could put garbage can below. Another vote for rectangular sink. ETA: Although that pretty tile as a horizontal accent strip might be super cute.
  21. https://vajenda.substack.com/p/the-covid-19-vaccine-and-menstrual
  22. I can't remember the exact interval but the closure extensions seem to be a formality. The last impression I had was Biden was hoping to open for July, our Prime Minister said September, and I'm sure with rates the way they are currently no one will press for sooner than that. In fact, I think the US currently has a travel advisory against Canada. For all the good any of that seems to be doing.
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