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  1. I can't remember the exact interval but the closure extensions seem to be a formality. The last impression I had was Biden was hoping to open for July, our Prime Minister said September, and I'm sure with rates the way they are currently no one will press for sooner than that. In fact, I think the US currently has a travel advisory against Canada. For all the good any of that seems to be doing.
  2. Since this is JAWM I cannot respond to the many political points in this point. I do want to acknowledge the very real place GTA is at right now, though, and let you know you are seen and heard. This is the nightmare we have been hoping to avoid for 13 months, and I will be thinking of you in the space between vaccination and the virus variants over the next few weeks.
  3. Daily 2km walk, bodyweight circuit + 10 minute yoga (25/30). Was vaccinated yesterday, so was prepared to abandon the push-ups if my tender shoulder dictated, but it seemed to make no difference. Spent some time checking out DDPY today, the thread on here sounds cool but doesn't look like a fit.
  4. Have spent the past 24 hours considering applying for an office job in a nearby community. I could come home and work out, rather than being so tired from my current, rather physical job, that a walk is about the best I can do. But maybe I'm kidding myself. Anywho, got my daily walk done, hurrah, lol.
  5. Because it is relevant to this job posting, I would try to include writing and delivering education material, 2008 - present somewhere on there.
  6. Daily 2km walk, back to the more usual route. Plus bodyweight circuit.
  7. I've had to go back to the car. That's how I trained myself with reusable grocery bags so it wasn't too bad. But I've overheard people complaining they saw someone indoors without a mask, and I'm embarrassed to say I never even noticed.
  8. I try new recipes semi-regularly: - Chocolate Orange Cake for Easter - Carrot Cake Swirl Cheesecake for ds' birthday back in March - Zucchini Oatmeal giant scone/cookies with pumpkin seeds for lunches. That was a winner, for sure. I am not a puzzle person, so starting with a 1000-piece difficult one has not been progressing very quickly. Trying not to kill my houseplants, does that count? DH tries new things with seeds and gardening every year, can't even list all the things he's got on the go right now.
  9. 1km walk, flatter route. Since it was going to be a leisurely amble, I grabbed some disposable gloves and a trash bag to pick some newly deposited litter I'd noticed on the little access road next door. The dogs enjoyed all the sniffing opportunities and I still felt like I'd accomplished something. Still freaking windy.
  10. 2km walk done. I was going to cut it short to just 1km again, so windy the past couple days plus sore groin/hip. Changed route up to avoid the worst hills and got the distance done instead.
  11. Abbreviated daily walk, probably only 1km total. 10 minutes yoga (24/30)
  12. Quoting Allan Savory, a Zimbabwean ecologist not very popular with vegans: "All beef is plant based. Either we let nature continue doing what she does and has done for many billions of years, or we use our new technology to falsely manufacture meat from monocultures of plants in agriculture, which is already the most damaging industry in history ever."
  13. Did 2.5 kms today, about 1/3 jog, 2/3 walk. 10 minute yoga (23/30)
  14. Nothing today, will leave a couple pics dh took on our Good Friday hike. Happy Easter!
  15. Dh took me on a hike today, crossed the river in the canoe, then up a steep deer trail. My daily dog walks on the steep trails behind our house were at least somewhat helpful, lol. Beautiful day in an old burn, saw meadowlarks, geese, flicker, eagle, 6 deer. Coming down whatever he said it was - 60 or 70% grade - was challenging, but satisfying for this 50 year old. We used to do this as newlyweds, neat to start up again as empty nesters.
  16. Daily walk. I feel like I need to make up a challenge, so I have something new to add every day, lol. I'm partway to Timbuktu or something. But at 12km or so per week it will have to be something pretty close by. 😄
  17. Daily walk/jog - about 2/3 walk, 1/3 jog.
  18. Paused on under 55. So in my province being offered in the large urban areas for those between 55-65, weighting risk factor of blood clot from Covid much greater than risk of blood clot from AZ.
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