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  1. 2km walk done. I was going to cut it short to just 1km again, so windy the past couple days plus sore groin/hip. Changed route up to avoid the worst hills and got the distance done instead.
  2. Abbreviated daily walk, probably only 1km total. 10 minutes yoga (24/30)
  3. Quoting Allan Savory, a Zimbabwean ecologist not very popular with vegans: "All beef is plant based. Either we let nature continue doing what she does and has done for many billions of years, or we use our new technology to falsely manufacture meat from monocultures of plants in agriculture, which is already the most damaging industry in history ever."
  4. Did 2.5 kms today, about 1/3 jog, 2/3 walk. 10 minute yoga (23/30)
  5. Nothing today, will leave a couple pics dh took on our Good Friday hike. Happy Easter!
  6. Dh took me on a hike today, crossed the river in the canoe, then up a steep deer trail. My daily dog walks on the steep trails behind our house were at least somewhat helpful, lol. Beautiful day in an old burn, saw meadowlarks, geese, flicker, eagle, 6 deer. Coming down whatever he said it was - 60 or 70% grade - was challenging, but satisfying for this 50 year old. We used to do this as newlyweds, neat to start up again as empty nesters.
  7. Daily walk. I feel like I need to make up a challenge, so I have something new to add every day, lol. I'm partway to Timbuktu or something. But at 12km or so per week it will have to be something pretty close by. 😄
  8. Daily walk/jog - about 2/3 walk, 1/3 jog.
  9. Paused on under 55. So in my province being offered in the large urban areas for those between 55-65, weighting risk factor of blood clot from Covid much greater than risk of blood clot from AZ.
  10. Daily walk. Wind storm causing multiple power outages, announcement of further restrictions, definitely helped to walk off some of the ragey/angsty darkness.
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