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  1. Yeah, when Iast checked there were a few posts, and when I got back to it there were three pages, and I was replying without taking the time to catch up. Sorry if my comment was confusing. Not sure what you thought I meant by that... I was obviously not being clear, so hope that makes a bit more sense! Actually, I'm not entirely sure from this post what your take is either. Like, are you saying that people on this board do look down on unskilled labour but deny it? ETA: Because I *thought* you were trying to say is that there is nothing wrong with being called unskilled and people should just get over it. But read this definition: "An unskilled worker is an employee who does not use reasoning or intellectual abilities in their line of work. These workers are typically found in positions that involve manual labor such as packager, assembler, or apprentice, or farm worker." Then tell me an apprentice or farm worker who doesn't use reasoning or intellectual ability? The people who make up these definitions have clearly never done these jobs, and it *is* a pretty presumptuous and insulting definition.
  2. Looks like this thread got away from me, but I'll comment anyway: from what I observe it appears that raising minimum wage is another form of inflation. Employer costs go up, they raise their prices, everything goes up and the new minimum wage is negated by the new cost-to-income ratio.
  3. Here is the exact quote: Sometimes pay has to do with skill (successful lawyers, brain surgeons), sometimes pay has to do with risk, difficulty, willingness (septic tank cleaners). Cleaning other people's toilets is not usually a desirable job, which raises its value.
  4. I read this article a couple of years ago. My newer pyrex measuring cup (with lower case letters) has all the numbers worn off and is pretty useless. My older pyrex measuring cup (with upper case letters) is still perfectly legible.
  5. Love hazelnuts and pecans. Not so much cashews... I would pick those out.
  6. Your body is going to wear out, whether it is from being sedentary or whether from overuse. Avoid either extreme, for sure, but IMO there is no optimal plan to avoid aging. Typed as she headed out for a walk and then a Yoga session on YouTube to keep herself in some sort of shape as long as possible
  7. Used to be doughnuts. Then Miss Vickie's Salt & Vinegar chips until my tongue had sores. I've literally hurt myself eating fresh homemade pico de gallo. Garlic toast. Balsamic anything. Homemade bread, buns, cookies.
  8. I have the same problem. The law in Canada used to be keep the previous seven years' tax records, and now I believe it's keep the previous six years. This year I noticed I have the previous eight years and did not do anything about it. 😳 I do usually pull apart the tax return as it is getting destroyed and keep anything I think is important which is vastly less than what is there. It is always hard.
  9. I would probably do exactly this: broccoli rice casserole with ham chopped in and cheese on top, I might even add some cheese to the white sauce, too.
  10. I can think of two people I know moderately well who fall into this category. The first began using CBD oil instead of daily wine and found improved sleep. I've noticed they seem much easier to get along with. The second got to a different phase of life with a bit more free time in the evenings and began a bit of HIIT exercise in the evenings in the winter and an adrenaline-producing sport they love in the summer. The daily drinking was phased out to reduce calories and became more of a weekend thing. HTH. This is a difficult life stage.
  11. IIRC, the whole reason you are moving is so that you can get more sleep. It doesn't seem like moving intimidates you. While I generally think of moving in terms of where we will be in five years, IMO you should buy the house that works for you now.
  12. Well first of all, that's not exactly what I said. And second of all, no one else brought home their new baby, got no sleep for weeks on end, had no idea what to do with all the crying and thought, "What did I get myself into?" Well shoot.
  13. Lots of websites are available to help you think through general characteristics of different breeds, Then find a mix for hybrid vigor (the health risks associated with purebreds can be diffused). Look into obedience training, for you and the family as much as the dog. ETA: Puppies are easier than babies, so if you have the time to spend I wouldn't necessarily rule one out.
  14. That was illuminating. Thank you. I only had 9, but it was interesting to see what they had listed as my interests. I can probably streamline some of the advertising that way, too. What was actually a whole 'nother topic, and just a little alarming, was the Identity Confirmation section that would then decide whether or not to allow me to post political ads. Um, what?
  15. My brain is now playing Tetris with that room, so we'll see if this free online diagram worked. This is option A: boy and girl beds against the window wall, storage unit in between, 2yo between bed and closet. Option B could be storage unit between bed and closet, 2yo in between their beds. Option C could be storage units stacked on top of each other, if they will, in either location though I would prefer between bed and closet. This would maybe increase bed options?
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