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  1. Holy spam Batman!! Nearly 4 pages of spam in the Gen Ed board. Crazy!!

    1. awisha.


      Main spammer is already up to 118 spam posts.



      I guess that is why I saw so much in my email spam! Unreal

  2. New homeschool room furniture OR new homeschool curriculum?? Decisions, decisions...

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      A little of both? lol


  3. Good thoughts for you all :grouphug:
  4. Thumbs up from me. Donation button is a good idea too and if you do do the amazon affiliate link, could you do a Book Depository affiliate link too.
  5. Try saying 'Good eye, might' without sounding Australian

    1. Mommy22alyns


      Darn you, now I'm going to be saying that all day long!

    2. awisha.
    3. Dana
  6. DS has been in scouts since July last year. He is becoming a Joey in 2 weeks and apparently it didn't happen last year because he fell through the cracks somewhere. Which is okay by us because DS is the type of kid who takes a while to get into the groove of things IYKWIM. They are working on the environmental badge this term.
  7. The temperature is currently 45'C and the forecast for the rest of the week is 40+ temps. Kill me now...

    1. awisha.


      (113'F right now)

    2. Dana


      Yikes! Stay cool!

  8. Well that is certainly a unique way to bump up your post count and gain peoples attention!

  9. We are using LEM Phonics which is basically an Aussie version of WRTR/spalding. It covers phonics, spelling, reading, writing and one other thing I can't remember right now. It is made by a Christian company but you can purchase some parts in a Secular version. (We have tried OPGTR and AAS but they did not work for us.)
  10. 2 weeks without FB!!! *woot*

    1. Χά�ων


      Congrats! I haven't been able to do without facebook but I rarely post anything since I friended a bunch of DS's friends.

  11. A whole 7 days without fb and it wasn't even a planned break lol.

    1. nmoira


      Good for you. :) I own two groups, or I'd be outta there myself.

  12. Good thoughts being sent to Kalanamak, her family and friends <3

  13. My boy is 6 today!! *waaah* Where does the time go?!?!

  14. We are schooling in our singlets and undies today!! We have had 30+°c days the last 3 days... *waaah*

    1. Rosie_0801


      33 here. *waaaaahhhh*


    2. Lucy in Australia

      Lucy in Australia

      Oh, I feel your pain! We had day after day over 40° here in Perth & we nearly lost our collective mind. Just keep repeating "this too shall pass..."

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