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  1. Poetic Justice (1993) has a slap scene Around 1:39 mark
  2. Holy spam Batman!! Nearly 4 pages of spam in the Gen Ed board. Crazy!!

    1. awisha.


      Main spammer is already up to 118 spam posts.



      I guess that is why I saw so much in my email spam! Unreal

  3. awisha.


    You should watch Earthlings next but with the warning that it is *extremely* graphic. I'll be a vegan for one year 1st Oct, but I went vegan because meat started tasting bad to me. I've learnt SO much about how animals are treated, speciesm, agriculture practices, health etc that there is NO way I can go back. There are a heap of good vegan cookbooks and you can veganise pretty much any recipe out there. My husband is omni and, unfortunately, my kids are too but I have them using plant milks instead of animal milks. They eat 1-2 omni meals a week, and then whatever vegan food I make the rest of the week.
  4. Your Scottish fella has quite the collection of ghasts. :lol:
  5. If my choice of word offends you that much, you can always get a black texta and cross the word out on your screen. #helpfulwednesdays
  6. I like to use a big, fat, black permanent texta to draw clothing on the offending pictures. I have also been known to glue the pages together, or rip them out, and, if the book is particularly disgusting, burn it before my darling childrens eyes are befouled by the horrendous naked pictures. Satisfied?? :lol:
  7. New homeschool room furniture OR new homeschool curriculum?? Decisions, decisions...

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      A little of both? lol


    2. StellaM


      Hey, you're homeschooling again ?!


  8. Oh no! I am so sorry for her husband and daughters :(
  9. Good thoughts for you all :grouphug:
  10. Thumbs up from me. Donation button is a good idea too and if you do do the amazon affiliate link, could you do a Book Depository affiliate link too.
  11. Try saying 'Good eye, might' without sounding Australian

    1. Mommy22alyns


      Darn you, now I'm going to be saying that all day long!

    2. awisha.
    3. Dana
  12. *raises hand* Jan-Dec schooler here. Don't ask me how we are going because I don't even know how we are going yet :lol Also don't ask me how much money I have wasted buying programs from the US only to find they don't work for us (even when I was SO sure they'd be perfect for us). Grade 1 DS is Rightstart Maths, learning to read/phonics with LEM and Getty Dubay Italics handwriting. Grade 3 DD is Rightstart Maths, Reading/phonics/spelling etc with LEM, GDI handwriting, English/Grammar with Rod & Staff (Awesome deal on fb group $26 for grades 2-8 textbooks!! We are using the religious exercises but we don't make a fuss about them IYKWIM), Writing With Ease and a couple of random workbooks. History and Science together and Atelier Art with another family. Girl Guides, Scouts, swimming and gymnastics are outside activities. I *cannot* wait for July/tax time to buy/plan for next year.
  13. DS has been in scouts since July last year. He is becoming a Joey in 2 weeks and apparently it didn't happen last year because he fell through the cracks somewhere. Which is okay by us because DS is the type of kid who takes a while to get into the groove of things IYKWIM. They are working on the environmental badge this term.
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