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  1. I recently saw some of the flyers. The special last month (I think?) for the younger kids was a set of Leo Lionni books at a bargain price. Although there were lots of Frozen selections. I love stickers. I love Lego Sticker books especially. Haha! Outed myself.
  2. He was in Night at the Museum. Is that considered an 'old' movie?
  3. lol Old thread, but Rose Kennedy is a special case. Powerful family, but she also lost four children in service to country. Her oldest, Joseph Jr was a pilot who was killed in WWII, daughter Kathleen worked for the Red Cross and was also killed during the war. --*This is wrong-, JFK, assassinated, RFK, former Attorney General, also assassinated. There was a great deal of interest in her life, and that extends to her death. *ETA: I remembered that wrong. Kathleen died in plane crash in France in 1948. She angered her mother by marrying a Protestant. She died Lady Hartington (widow, Bri
  4. I went to Settings and then Manage My Attachments. At that point you have the option to delete them. I had only 4, but some were old.
  5. You're right. It seems odd to make it an issue in this venue, but I understand artistic license. I was thinking of paparazzi pix; stalking photos. But I guess even those can become iconic. But seriously? Much ado...
  6. But they end up all over the internet. People stake out celebs. Comfuzzle.
  7. I started backwards from 2010, but those posts can't be edited or reported. ? I noticed a Doctor Who Avatar, and a Peanuts comics one. OntheBrink is Peanuts. I've lost the Doctor Who. When I get home from work, I'll check the links re public domain.
  8. I'd consider Retin A again. Your skin may have changed since you were a teen. Retin A is good for all sorts of skin concerns (with few downsides). You do need to protect from the sun, however.
  9. It's tough when there is family tension. It can make innocent interactions seem almost sinister. I don't have any answers for that. What you might consider is filling up that white board, and putting the 'why' next to the activity. Let grandma know you would be happy to have her help. Maybe this could win her over when she sees how much learning is actually happening. (I don't know what you use for materials. I am trying to think of activities that little children enjoy that also look like 'learning' to others.) For example: - Card Game of War. Penny Math, --Math (Put a jar of pe
  10. Delete

    1. *Lulu*


      Sometimes I wish that days came equipped with that option!

    2. theYoungerMrsWarde


      I've been watching too much Doctor Who; I thought you were impersonating a cyberman. :)

  11. Trying to send you a pm but your box is full. Can you let me know when you have room to receive a pm again? Thanks!

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