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  1. Usually Save the Date cards will have a website listing all the details, plus any registry.
  2. Snort. lol I think I love you. lol But still. I detest the padding. Drives me bonkers. So much, so big. Too much. I might not be a minimalist when it comes to books, say, but I am when it comes to bras!
  3. American Apparel has tunic tops.
  4. I totally understand where you are coming from.When I was a pregnant vegetarian, it was liver I craved. If you can stomach the idea of it, I found that pastured/grass-fed liver (chicken or beef) pate' is palatable and can really help with iron. You can get pate at good delis. You might find some support in Nina Pollack's books. To answer your question: I did not get physically sick when I started eating meat after being veg; it seemed to me my body was needing something other than what I was doing and responded well. I did have some emotional issues, but by being careful about what I purchased & raised (humane etc) I was able to work through it. Good luck as you figure out what your body needs.
  5. My fav fundraising item to buy is wrapping paper, but I don't see that anymore, anywhere. The quality was amazing. Even I could make a gift look nice with that paper. My edges were beautiful.
  6. I wish I had an allergy to S'mores. (Of course allergies. I don't mean to be snarky or insensitive. I only mean that I love S'mores and any combo of coconut, chocolate, & caramel, and I am surprised that health conscious people (of which I am one), and without allergies to GSC can resist one or two once a year. I think the box is only has about 12 cookies. Put that out near the coffee at work, and they it will disappear in short order. ) I didn't realize, however, that there are particular human rights issues related to specifically to GSC. I will have to check that out.
  7. The boxes were $5 here, so $4 is bargain. ;) My coworkers and I bought a few boxes from some kids who knocked on the door. I think we all ate two, maybe three each over a very few short days. (I count carbs, but I made an exception here lol ) I don't understand how people can't eat a thin mint or s'more once a year. That is willpower I do not have! I'd be angry as well. That's a huge waste of money.
  8. I hate bras. So much fabric, so much lace, so much padding/foam. I just want something simple that gives a little camo for the nips. Why is this so difficult? Why do companies drop the perfect bra without notice? VS is a nightmare to me. Every bra in that store is like the Normandy Invasion.
  9. I live in an area where some folks are perpetual students. The live in university family housing, take out loans/get stipends. I wonder if biting the bullet and doing something like this wouldn't get you out of this rut. I'd consider taking on education debt in hopes that a degree & internships will pay off. And you wouldn't have to live somewhere dangerous. The folks I know here love the community of it, and their kids always have someone to play with on the housing playgrounds.
  10. My kids understood that Dad was working at home, and therefore was working. He made himself available when he could, and let them know when. This was not hard. You can work out all the negatives when/if they do present. For us, it was nice.
  11. I loved when my dh worked from home. I can't think of a single negative, and the kids have fond memories. It only lasted 18 months ( he was head-hunted w/a project he couldn't /didn't want to refuse), but it was great while it lasted. I do recall that conference calls required some degree of quiet, but that wasn't an issue at all. We would read, or I would gather the children to read aloud. I also remember taking walks. I don't have any negative memories about that at all. The kids loved that we were all home together so much. They knew Dad was working in his (basement lol) office. Whenever he can work at home, he does. I'm always happy when he does (currently I work 25- 30 hours a week, so it's not like I'm hanging around w/for him). I just like the fact he's here (rare, but it does happen), and he can get a break from the hustle & bustle of the crazy office. Also, I like coming home to him. It's a nice reversal for a change. haha
  12. I've never encountered that. We traveled frequently with two of our children w/ the music program in high school. The teens went to the lobby, pool. etc Last Dec our ballet school stayed at a hotel for Nut. The teens went about the hotel without parents without issue. When on vacations with my children, same thing. They walk/walked around resorts, hotels etc without us frequently.
  13. A tea party? Free range play? Eyeore. :) When I think of Christopher Robin, I don't think of burlap etc. I think of a little upper class British tot lucky enough to live in a hundred acre wood.
  14. :) Imo, the best thing about Catholicism *is* "All the Mary stuff". <3
  15. Effective fine motor skills often lag well behind potty usage, and certain intellectual development. That's perfectly normal and natural. Nothing to worry about. Be available to help.
  16. Ideas: New ballet stitch kit, loaded public transportation card, small coloring book (pencil type), GC to local deli, candy, gum, electric toothbrush, GC to local movie theater, GC to (actual) bookstore, box of cereal I never buy. Some of my kids have given up itunes for Spotify.
  17. Is the party here? This is a national chain that is sort of a sport's bar, although more of an arcade. It's not for everyone, but it's not a bad thing, and very popular with some. I've never held a party here for my own children, but I've attended a child party here. It was loud, for sure. :) "Eat & Drink" "Play Games" "Watch Sports" "Parties & Events" https://www.daveandbusters.com/kids-birthdays
  18. I don't even like football, but I would never plan a party that wasn't a SB party on SB Sunday. That's just inviting trouble. A poster recently asked if planning a party on Good Friday was an issue. It was. A party during March Madness start times that is not a basketball party is just as risky, imo, depending on your area/friends. :leaving:
  19. . People can be rather delusional when they are looking for $.
  20. I pay $9 for eggs from chickens I know who are truly ranging. Crazy, yes. But that's the way it is. When I was selling eggs, $4 barely covered it. (My chickens were living as yours are, but it wasn't cheap, especially in winter. Think about the whole process.) How much do you spend on feed per month? What about your time caring for them, cleaning out the pens? Good food costs more, and people who care about that are willing to pay a bit more as they know grocery store eggs are truly crap.
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