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  1. something in a medical lab? Pharmacy? I just watched a movie about a Dr. doing autopsies. He always listened to music as he did it. Ooooooooo what about estate planning. It's an area that requires lots of crossed t's and dotted i's.
  2. Wow.. I disappeared into furniture building and unpacking land and came back to lots of thoughts! I can't wait to explore the links and various recommendations. She's come a long way emotionally since we've added our pets. I wouldn't want the animal world to set that back. She certainly has had her fair share of "Well, there isn't anything we can do now" on the various sites, shows, discussions with others. She's just never been there in person to see it. I don't know how she would react. Speaking of, I have a RN friend that called me HYSTERICAL after losing her first human patient on her shift. She's the one that called the code. I honestly felt in my gut that I didn't think she would go back. But she did and even later in her career was part of a hospice program. We'll keep our eyes and ears open and follow her interests as they lead. It's so neat to watch the passions come out of our children.
  3. Good points, Hornblower. She has kind of pointed out the same thing. Just from watching our cats go on their appts, she says the techs get more interaction time with the animals. Honestly, she grooms our cats quite a bit (and they all are fine with it despite varying temperaments) and has trained one of our cats. So I guess, we could throw grooming and training in there too. As far as salary, so far, as long it is something she enjoys she doesn't seem to care what the pay is. If it is something she doesn't enjoy, NO amount of pay will entice her. This is an observation as far as side jobs she has picked up. My other children have very different personalities as far as motivation.
  4. She has recently gotten into reptiles and amphibians. She is the friend that gladly helps with animal chores. A friend is known for inviting her over on guinea pig cage cleaning day. LOL
  5. So my daughter is in LOVE with all things animals. And I don't just mean in an "awwww, how cute" way. She is the one that finds the docents and asks them questions that shows previous knowledge and aren't routinely asked. She is starting to volunteer at an aquarium this summer. Right now she is into snakes and has talked me into Repti-Con in May. Oh the things I do as a homeschool mom! LOL She has discussed two different paths and my husband asked if she could combine them as a "safety." So I come to you! I have no idea. She has talked about everything from being a Vet Tech (and has the printed the packet from the local community college on her corkboard) to going full out for Vet School. Math makes her nervous and she has really struggled in the past. We are working hard on it. Teching is something that she thought would have good part time ability for when she has a family. (She claims to want to homeschool her children which could SO change... but...) I don't want to set her up for heart break "all eggs in one basket thing" with vet school. She is also highly fascinated by animal behavior. We will be exploring these varying animal based careers as an 8th grade elective. So far, I've gathered a Vet Medical Terminology source and an Intro to Vet Technology source. We will also be using Coursera's EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a Veterinarian? online. I'm hoping to network enough to get her some job shadowing experience as well. Is there anything "wrong" with her going for the Vet Tech program, if she later decides she wants to be a Vet? Or even if she does the Vet Tech program and then wants to go to a bachelor's in something like Animal Science? (or Marine Biology-- another packet she printed.) She tends to be my anxious child that likes a plan... which I get. That apple didn't fall far from the tree. But I'm also trying to let her make her own choices and follow her passions. My mother tried to push me to law or medical school. I know that it is very early in life to pick "one thing" but I know that Vet school is much more selective than the Vet Tech program... so her high school choices could be an issue, help? Sigh.. five kids to launch and no idea what I'm doing!
  6. This. Twenty times over. Our tutor couldn't keep adjectives and adverbs straight. Class time basically became a place to showcase her writing. Fantastically huge waste of time and money. Never again.
  7. It's actually a personalized scholarship fund that homeschoolers can access. I'm not sure if I can, but I can always ask! :)
  8. I have a nature journal, net and magnifying glass. Good thoughts! I'll add them to my list.
  9. Oh good thought! I do have lots of nature study type things planned (with writing about our observations.) But I forgot binoculars!
  10. Thames and Kosmos? That is an interesting site too!
  11. Thanks! I hadn't heard of Science Wiz before. My son has the "hands on/experiment bug" which is totally fine with me. I just need some help with assembling kits of materials and/or instructions. More open and go type things. There are quite a few that will fit in with the units I have planned. I can't wait! I did put an ant farm on the list. My husband is going to have a fit. LOL I'll have to check out potato chip science and the others. Thanks!
  12. Yes, I can keep educational games, manipulatives, etc. I just can't sell them. I just did a huge purchase order with Lakeshore. I listed the root growing bags on Lakeshore... so I might take the Home Science Tools one off of my list. I put LOTS of hand on manipulatives from Lakeshore. I'll double check and see if I listed the tiles. I KNOW I put the circle fraction//percent/decimal set on there. We just moved yesterday so I need to find where my copies are. LOL I heard meh reviews about the Carnivorous Plants one too although DS would LOVE to see that. i found some periodicals that I'm going to submit and a video series of Popular Mechanics. I have a TON of books/readers on the lists too. And reference sets. The things I cannot do with the funds is pay for classes/co-op instruction fees or buy furniture. I can get the materials covered by outside instruction. I can buy videos of outside instruction. Just no actual instruction without Dept of Ed or Dept of Health coverage. And no paid for sports etc. I know, I know.... it's odd. But I'm thankful.
  13. This is going on our BUY list. Thanks for the review. I recently called around to inquire about classes and got some snippy instructors and they were all MUCH, MUCH more than this price.
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