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  1. Hang in there! I hope he’s on the mend and life is settling down for you.
  2. Runningmom80

    Mandarin Curriculum

    Well, I can tell I typed that response at 2 am! haha! Thank you for understanding that haiku like response. (And thanks for the tip on the FB group.)
  3. Runningmom80

    Mandarin Curriculum

    Thanks Cal! Tomorrow on my laptop I’ll sign us up for a trial with your link! i would much rather them do live classes, as I’ve seen how well my oldest has done with HSA these past couple of years.
  4. Well after talking to an actual advisor instead of winging it, I’m signed up for classes to earn a second BA in psych. I don’t need to retake psych 101 and a few other classes I took the first time so I might be able to graduate in 3 semesters. im also putting my 3rd graders in school. It’s going to be a wild ride!
  5. Great advice everyone, I appreciate it!
  6. Runningmom80

    Mandarin Curriculum

    8 year old third graders
  7. Runningmom80

    Mandarin Curriculum

    (Besides Duolingo) My twins are going to school! 🙂/😰 Their school is IB and they do Mandarin once a week. Since it's only weekly, I don't think my kids will have trouble catching up, and I'd like them to study the language more than weekly. I'm not coming up with much in the search results, any recommendations? Thanks!
  8. Any tips or tricks for the transition? My twins will be starting public school after the winter holiday break. I'd like to continue a couple of things, but I figure we will need to wait until they adjust to school. My after school plans are Mandarin (they will be going to an IB school that teaches this once a week.) MCT grammar Island (We haven't done any formal grammar, and I enjoyed this with my older.) Mystery Science (They love this) Like I said we will not be doing this right when they start, I'll probably add in Mandarin first, and see how it goes. This is all a little sudden and kind of feels crazy, but it also feels right, so I'm getting myself in order to try to make the transition as smooth as possible. TIA!
  9. Runningmom80

    Torchlight Level 2! Who is with me?

    Ok, I figure I should update as well. I bought Level 2 for my 3rd grade twins, and I'm mostly dropping it. I'm also really bummed because I was pumped for a secular and diverse curriculum. Here's why we didn't like it: 1. History - CC is not good. First, and maybe petty, but I paid $50 for this book and the pages aren't even printed properly. There is a white line across the bottom and the top of the page is cut off. It also looks like the author is about to get off schedule with releasing new books. This doesn't matter much to me, as my twins will most likely be in school next year, but if you are looking for something to get you through elementary/grammar stage, be advised that you might not have stuff in time. Third, I cannot stand the writing style. I don't like that it's dialogue and the way they talk grates on me. My kids can take it or leave it so I don't know what I'm going to do for history. We might just read through A little History fo the world and add in rabbit trails as they come up. 2. Science - RSO - Meh. This isn't horrible but we also aren't in love with it. I wish I would have bought chemistry instead, but I think I'm going to get some experiments and basic science encyclopedias and let them go. My DD loves science so it will work better if she gets to pick anyways. Energy Lab I could take or leave. It's not ground breaking, but not horrible. 3. Geography - we never actually did this because the directions are so convoluted that neither my husband or I could figure them out. I think I read on FB that she actually forgot to include the control maps, so maybe it makes more sense now, but we have Pin-it maps so I'm not going to waste any more time trying to figure it out.. 4. The Schedule - I don't know how to explain why it didn't work for us. I think because some things were on consecutive days, and some weren't 5. The stuff I had to add in - Math is fine to add in, but I also had to add in grammar and spelling and it just felt like too many moving parts along with the separate science curriculum. It seemed easier last year when I did everything piecemeal. What we liked: 1. The lit choices - I'll probably use most of them even if we are dropping the curriculum as a whole 2. Poetry - We love Nose as Big as Your Face and my kids are great at memorizing poems so this part is fun Everything else like the logic and the art stuff was just "meh." I think it needs some edits and feedback to be a more usable curriculum. There is definitely a market for this, I hope some of the parts that don't work for a lot of us get worked out because it fills a big need in the HS community.
  10. Runningmom80

    Hits and Misses 2018-2019

    DS 12 - hits: online G3 LotR class (I continue to be impressed by the quality of instruction in these classes Homeschool Spanish Academy (same as above, it’s well worth the money!) uzinggo: another easy choice and we both still like it independent study of the industrial revolution with great courses and supplemental reading misses: logic but that was my fault, I ordered a book that was too easy NaNoWriMo: this is disappointing but he might be more of a non fiction writer twins 8 hits: AAS, pin it maps, morning basket bow that I have figured out a way to do it secularly that’s engaging. misses: Torchlight. This pains me because I spent a ton of money and I really love the idea of a secular and diverse curriculum. I think she has some kinks to work out and then it will be awesome. The schedule is extremely hard to follow, the map work is useless because it is so convoluted, and there are too many parts to keep track of. it would be easier piecing it together myself. I also don’t find it engaging enough in general for my kids. I did buy the second grade curriculum for third graders but it’s marketed for an age range.
  11. Ha! I appreciate the honesty. To those that asked, right now it will be a second bachelors in psychology. It’s undergrad so it won’t be as demanding as grad studies. (By the time I get to grad school most of not all will be in B&M school, or for my oldest, dual enrolled.)
  12. Hi! I'm wondering if anyone can give me any tips on how to fit everything in. ? Intuitively I feel like a routine would be the most helpful thing to work towards, as then everyone knows what's coming next and what is expected of them. I have a 7th grader and twin 3rd graders. I'm still with the 3rd graders a lot, but we get everything done in about 4 hours (we take our time and take breaks) My 7th grader is pretty self sufficient and has some online classes to keep him on track. I was thinking that I would study early in the morning and in the evenings after they are in bed. Is this plausible? My twins will most likely be in school next year, so it will just be Spring 2019 I'll have all 3 at home, but you never know, I've gotten quite picky regarding education the longer I've homeschooled. Any tips are appreciated!
  13. Hi! I took a class in the Spring of 2017, and then took over a year off. ? I'm signed up for the GRE in Feb, which I'm not sure is enough time to study but I figure I can take it again. I also signed up for a Psych 101 class Spring 2019, because the first time I took it was 1999 and I'm guessing I've forgotten a thing or two. Also the community college won't let me take any higher level psych classes using my transcript because it was too long ago. #oldlady I was originally going to get an MPH with an emphasis in women's health, but I am thinking I'm going to do counseling or family therapy instead. I have the problem that everything interests me. ? Hope everyone's semester is going well! I'm excited to get back into it.
  14. Runningmom80

    How's the school year going for everyone?

    I love that stage too! Watching them crack the code and then realizing they can use It all the time is kind of magical. ?
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