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  1. Runningmom80

    Hug or Strangle?

    I can totally see this playing out with my oldest! I figure life will eventually catch up with him and teach him what he needs to learn. I'm glad he raised his score to offset the GPA for the scholarship. 🙂
  2. Runningmom80

    Science advice or recommendations?

    We've had the most success with Mystery Science for elementary and Uzinggo for Middle school. MEL chemistry has been a big hit too.
  3. Aw congrats to him! You have a super cute family!
  4. Runningmom80

    2018-2019 planning for your AL

    She is! She’s a bubbly extrovert, she needs lots of interaction on a daily basis that I just can’t give her.
  5. Runningmom80

    2018-2019 planning for your AL

    Decided against BYL. As much as I love the idea of it, and I obviously do because I post that I'm using it every year, 😂 it's not going to work for my asynchronous guy. So he's doing Online G3 Lord of the Rings study in the Fall, and something else they offer for Spring Oak Meadow Chemistry (unless i can get us into this clover valley situation) Finish Jacobs, start Geometry, probably Derek Owens Oak Meadow World History & Geography Masterclasses! Jane Goodall and Judy Blume 🙂 HSA for Spanish (we've been so very happy with this) In other news, one of my twins is probably going to public school! I'm really conflicted about it.
  6. Runningmom80

    Online Geometry

    Thank you! I hadn't heard of Discovery Geometry, I'll check it out. I looked into Derek Owens and just wasn't sure about it. Maybe I'll look again.
  7. Such amazing kids! Oldest DS (11): Scored "Skilled" on his last essay for Big History Project. It's geared toward high schoolers and he's done zero academic writing up until this year so he's pretty happy about it. (And so am I!) He also just got notice that he earned another scholarship for piano lessons. DD (7): completed vision therapy and finally likes to read! She finished Winn-Dixie on her own which is HUGE for her, she wasn't able to read more than a page on her own before therapy. She's also progressing in gymnastics and can do a handstand DS (7): made great strides in handwriting and has taken a great interest in history (thank you Horrible Histories!) I guess we don't have any huge accomplishments, but I'm very happy with where they all are and what they have done this year. And I didn't actually realize that until this thread, so thank you for posting! ETA: Thank you for that post, Quark. It hit home.
  8. Runningmom80

    Online Geometry

    Title says it all! I need an online geometry class to follow Jacob's Algebra. 😊
  9. These are all great suggestions, thank you so much! I feel bad being really excited for her, but I am. I know I shouldn't, and a really good homeschool friend reminded me that homeschooling is all about doing what is right for the individual kid, and if that means b&m school, I shouldn't feel bad about it. I'm taking notes and really appreciate the replies! 😍
  10. ** I'm not looking for advice on whether she should go to school, just advice on the transition** My husband and I are leaning towards sending my DD to school net year for 3rd grade. (The plan is that the boys will go the following year.) She is the loan extrovert among her siblings and is asking to go to school. Since the plan is for all the kids to go eventually we are ok sending her ahead of her brothers. If you have done this, do you have any words of wisdom? My main concern is helping her adjust and also to not feel left out since her brothers (and her twin!) will still be home. I know it sounds crazy but my mom instincts are telling me to at least let her try it.
  11. Runningmom80

    What shoes? Help me complete my mom summer momiform

    I have the top ones in silver so I think I'm getting the bottom ones in brown or bronze!
  12. Runningmom80

    What shoes? Help me complete my mom summer momiform

    Birkenstocks! But not the kind with two straps, I have short legs and they make me feel like a Hobbit. I have this style and they are very flattering and very comfortable, And I'm budgeting for these next month,
  13. Ive read that about houses in the southwest, they all get them eventually.
  14. Oh geez! That’s pretty ridiculous of the sellers.
  15. The realtor doubts that it’s anything significant. He says they have to be in there for years to do significant damages. (in most cases, he recognizes that there’s always a chance that this isn’t typical) Both he and my husband are a lot calmer saying wait for the pest inspection and we’ll have the sellers pay for what needs to be done. I’m the one imagining the house collapsing in 5 years from undetected damages. (Naturally)
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