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  1. Yes yes yes. I can see it very clearly at this point. I was telling DH if I didn't already feel bad for the people trying to do good in the system, I do now. It's an impossible task. And YES especially to that last bit. I keep thinking of how many kids get lost. Well on that depressing note I thank you all again and continually! 😆I was mostly just venting in the OP but I appreciate all of the support.
  2. Yes! This is the plan. I fear that keeping her in school is going to become a situation where her weaknesses are the focus. I'm not feeling good about doing that to a soon to be adolescent girl.
  3. Thats one of the sticking points too. Her IQ didn’t come out gifted. The SLP showed me the scores that led her to believe DD was probably gifted but just not showing it on the IQ test. When I mentioned it to the school they said “we don’t compare to just a few areas of strengths to the weaknesses.”
  4. Yes! This was my issue with them. I'm like how long am I supposed to wait for this? Their plan is to do nothing. They do not see a problem. They do not care what my private evaluation says. So, we will homeschool. I wanted to keep her in if at all possible but it just doesn't seem worth it to me. I'd rather spend my energy helping my kid.
  5. Thanks for the reply. We do have a full report already. The school just disagrees with it. I guess I didn’t expect the school to support me, but I also didn’t expect to be insulted in the process. My kids have only been in public school since January so I’m very new to all of this. Lesson learned.
  6. I’m so sick of this term and it’s pretty much lost all meaning at this point, but I feel gaslit. It’s like I’m sitting there saying the sky is blue and they are telling me “only you think the sky is blue. You paid someone a lot of money to agree with you that the sky is blue, but we all see it as purple.”
  7. Yes. Exactly. They also gave me the kids all develop at different rates pep talk.
  8. Yes, we have “specific learning disorder of written expression (dysgraphia)” on the report. The OT literally said “I would not call the organizing thoughts and getting them on to the paper issue dysgraphia.” So I asked her what she would call it and she looked at the school psych, who took over and told me I was trying to pathologize something that wasn’t there. “It’s probably nothing and she just needs to to mature.” She said we can watch her next year and the school psych will give her the CBM tests to monitor her writing progress. “Time will tell” was her answer. I’ll just say I’ve been “watching and waiting” since DD was 6. I wish I would have had her tested then but I didn’t so I’m just trying to do the best I can now. I don’t understand the public school’s “wait to fail” course of action at all. I guess I woke up still mad about this.
  9. We got suggestions to strengthen her arms so holding the pencil is easy. she does handstands and flies across monkey bars on a regular basis so we’re not that convinced she needs arm strength.
  10. SLP found her VMI to be low average. Both OTs found it average or good. DD probably just got better at taking the test. I have the RFWP books book marked for when I figure out exactly what we are doing therapy wise.
  11. Yes I’m sure it’s dysgraphia. She can also narrate, it’s getting the thoughts on to the page. shes most likely mildly dyslexic too, we don’t have that officially diagnosed but my husband my self and the SLP think that’s what it is even though her scores were too screwy to diagnose it. i admire everyone who fights the fight for this. They were so against an IEP that it will only be a very steep uphill climb for us. It feels easier to just homeschool her and get her what she needs without having to take on the system.
  12. She did this and tested pretty well. It's not her penmanship it's the organizing the language in her head to write it.
  13. 😐 Direct quote from the school's OT. Needless to say our second meeting went much worse than the first. In tutoring updates, DD placed into book 2 for Wilson. She did great on most of the reading but she couldn't do the vowel sounds. (We knew this) We are only doing twice a week, it's what works for the teacher's schedule and also our budget. There is an option to continue into the school year as well. Thanks for your help everyone! This has all been a whirlwind.
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