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  1. Runningmom80

    Online Geometry

    Title says it all! I need an online geometry class to follow Jacob's Algebra. 😊
  2. These are all great suggestions, thank you so much! I feel bad being really excited for her, but I am. I know I shouldn't, and a really good homeschool friend reminded me that homeschooling is all about doing what is right for the individual kid, and if that means b&m school, I shouldn't feel bad about it. I'm taking notes and really appreciate the replies! 😍
  3. ** I'm not looking for advice on whether she should go to school, just advice on the transition** My husband and I are leaning towards sending my DD to school net year for 3rd grade. (The plan is that the boys will go the following year.) She is the loan extrovert among her siblings and is asking to go to school. Since the plan is for all the kids to go eventually we are ok sending her ahead of her brothers. If you have done this, do you have any words of wisdom? My main concern is helping her adjust and also to not feel left out since her brothers (and her twin!) will still be home. I know it sounds crazy but my mom instincts are telling me to at least let her try it.
  4. Runningmom80

    What shoes? Help me complete my mom summer momiform

    I have the top ones in silver so I think I'm getting the bottom ones in brown or bronze!
  5. Runningmom80

    What shoes? Help me complete my mom summer momiform

    Birkenstocks! But not the kind with two straps, I have short legs and they make me feel like a Hobbit. I have this style and they are very flattering and very comfortable, And I'm budgeting for these next month,
  6. Ive read that about houses in the southwest, they all get them eventually.
  7. Oh geez! That’s pretty ridiculous of the sellers.
  8. The realtor doubts that it’s anything significant. He says they have to be in there for years to do significant damages. (in most cases, he recognizes that there’s always a chance that this isn’t typical) Both he and my husband are a lot calmer saying wait for the pest inspection and we’ll have the sellers pay for what needs to be done. I’m the one imagining the house collapsing in 5 years from undetected damages. (Naturally)
  9. We would definitely have the seller pay. I’m in the Midwest and it’s not all that common so naturally it’s making me anxious!
  10. Runningmom80

    UPDATED: So, I found a lump...

    Big hugs!
  11. There were definitely "mud tubes" so now we have a pest inspection to inspect to see if there is active infestation and to evaluate the damage We are prepared to walk if the damage is extensive. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and what you did. It's a total bummer, as we LOVE the house, but I'm not going to be emotional about it if it's a bad buy.
  12. Runningmom80

    I can just coast through May, right?

    I like this idea!
  13. We just put an offer on a house and it was accepted, and I’m feeling like May should probably just be a lot of nature walks and prodigy math. Would that be so bad? (I just want to pack and purge) I remember someone posting about how school teachers don’t expect to get much done in May, so this isn’t so bad right? I do take my children’s education seriously, I’m just dreaming here. Although looking back over the last 6 years, I think we just coast through May regardless.
  14. She does have Montessori training! we have a lovely Montessori HS here, I so wish it was an option. :(
  15. Basically it's menus that the let kids choose what they are going to learn. (This was how I understood it, I could be mistaken!) I ended up buying the pass too because I didn't think I could watch all of them in time and also absorb the information.
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