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  1. We often eat with just the 5 of us due to my oldest’s food allergies, and then go celebrate with family after. We don’t love turkey so we get a standing rib roast. There are a couple of other sides we do but we don’t make it a giant affair, it’s too much for my husband and I to cook ourselves. We’ve also been vegan or vegetarian some years and done wildly different meals. this year we contemplated doing a bunch of appetizers but my kids still want the expensive meat. Lol I hope you have a great day, and find ways to still make it enjoyable. I ordered us all new pajamas t
  2. Yes! They have done some of those, but most of them aren't exactly geared toward 5th graders. 🙂
  3. knitting, hiking, lots of movies and puzzles. We've been mostly isolated since march, aside from doctor visits and 2 social get togethers outside, so not much will change. I'm leaning into hygge hard this year. More twinkle lights, candles, blankets and tea. I'm mainly trying to figure out how to keep my kids physically active. We live in a Great Lakes state so it will be cold. I have a peloton but my 10 year olds are too small for it.
  4. My kids would have loved the "thinking cat" too! Are you just printing these out? Yes it takes very little at this point to excite any of us 😂 I'm glad your wrist is getting better! It's got to be frustrating.
  5. Well, we just finished our first week, and dare I call it a success? I've only abandoned 1 curriculum! Redbird online is just....no. We lasted 2 days. We did Math Mammoth (one page at a time) and Dream Box instead and this seems like it's going to be ok? I don't think MM is at all a great fit for dysgraphia in general but DD seems to be fine so far. The only reason I tried it is because I have it and also Singapore shipping times are nuts. Cursive Logic! I REALLY like this. The whole "say this" part is great. DD will first trace with her finger saying the cues and then write with a
  6. I hated navigating yahoo groups! My TWJ is in a 3 ring binder though. 🙂 I agree, I much prefer forums to FB groups. I'd get off FB completely if I didn't need the groups!
  7. You would just name the body part without giving it a gender. (I'm not an expert on any of this, just a fairly progressive person trying to figure out how to not be hurtful to a group of people who have called this kind of stuff out. I'm definitely still learning and for all I know could be way off base. This is my interpretation as a cisgender woman.)
  8. You wouldn't label them as male or female, you would just name the body part.
  9. I really love the meetings. They ask me every time how I think it’s going and if I want anything to change. It’s refreshing after experiencing the opposite in public school! 😂
  10. I've been around since 2010. I know how the discussions go. 🙂
  11. Yeah I don't think this part of the discussion can go any further without turning political unfortunately. I am reminded, yet again, why I generally avoid the chat board. 🙃
  12. It's not recognizing differences in anatomy; the labeling of them is trans-exclusionary.
  13. Yep to allll of this. The secular groups are over run with questions from PANICKED Covid schoolers. And I get it, two of my kids were in PS when this all went down, so that’s absolutely not a judgement. But they are very nervous their kids will “fall behind,” and as home schoolers, we understand grade levels are arbitrary and even if they did nothing this year most kids would be “caught up” by 18. (I’m skeptical kids in school will learn much this year anyways but that is a topic for another day.) I don’t know, I am not seeing any of these extremes anyone is talking about, and it still s
  14. All of this! I have recently returned to these groups and found them extremely helpful in general. I was someone who used McHenry Cells & Botany with my oldest because people HERE called them secular, only to find out that it wasn’t truly secular. I was really upset because I’m not a STEM person and it’s not like it said anything about Jesus or a bible story to jump out at me. It was information omitted in order to remain YE. (Before anyone asks what was omitted, I don’t remember and I no longer own the book.) when I first started reading this thread I didn’t think
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