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  1. We have one that’s not specifically for dyslexia but deals with lots of learning differences. It’s about 30k a year though and even if it weren’t a drive, it’s so far out of our budget.
  2. I love this advice! What the SLP told us when we were walking out is that “we have to remember that her brain is working really hard to compensate.” Which explains why school exhausts her. She deserves to also feel good about herself and do stuff she loves. DD has already made comments about not learning as fast as her brothers and that really sent off warning bells for us. She’s very funny and witty, but also stubborn and tenacious so in the long run I’m worried about her least! I have read The Dyslexic Advantage and loved it. But now this “dyslexia but not dyslexia” is messing with my head. To us she is text book stealth dyslexic, and maybe she is but scores just shook out differently.
  3. We are definitely still going to go through the motions. I do trust the SLP’s opinion on this because she’s worked with parents at my kids’ school. I’ve also talked to other moms and it seems to be the consensus. School was an experiment that we did this semester, optimistically hoping it would work out. We aren’t that impressed on many levels so honestly, I’d rather spend my energy helping DD than fighting for services at a school that I’m not that into anyways. But like I said, we’ll still send it and hope for the best.
  4. She did a round of vision therapy at age 7! She had one retained reflex that he wasnt concerned about. I’ve been wanting to take her back for a check up, but I was waiting until after this testing situation was complete so I had a better idea of her language skills before we shell out more money on VT.
  5. The AAS thing maybe did leave me feeling incompetent. I do see that it’s not on par with Wilson or Barton, and have read that it’s not the thing that works for most dyslexics/dysgraphics. She didn’t do narrative language testing from what I can tell. She did CLEF, PPVT, EVT CTOPP and some other ones of specific skills (test of written spelling for example.) On the CLEF, the PPVT she was very superior, the EVT, she was superior. The CTOPP is where she started to show the issue. The phonological piece being the below average piece. I’ll have to read more about narrative language to see if that’s something we need to get. She did lots of other tests most were average, the test of written spelling was 24%! Her working memory on WISC was 95% which is really weird to me, but she is usually quick with things that don’t require writing.
  6. This is our question too. I asked for more clarification, just so I can understand, as much as possible, what is going on.
  7. She spells phonetically, but in crazy ways. She will write “onle” (only) “parcht” (parched) “Thayre” (there) even though she reads well. She does sound out as she spells, it’s just the way she writes the sounds is often wrong. For math, honestly we haven’t noticed that her handwriting slips her up, aside from the fact that she just doesn’t like to do it. The tester showed us an example and it was definitely a mess, so I don’t know what the deal was with that. She does misspell even when copying from the same paper or from the board.
  8. She didn’t specify visual memory, just memory in general. Her working memory on the WISC was her highest score, which I found sort of surprising.
  9. Not explicitly, she learned to read at Montessori school, and it was a very small class. She was there for preschool and K. We did AAS 1-3, and I read a lot to her but that’s it.
  10. her CTOPP (I will delete so please do not quote. 🙂 scaled score/percentile Elision 10/50% Blending words 8/25% Phoneme Isolation 9/37% Memory for digits 11/63% Nonword Repetition 14/91% Rapid Digit Naming 12/75% Rapid Letter Naming 8/25% Rapid Color Naming 12/75% Rapid object naming 10/50% Phonological Awareness 94/35% Phonological memory 116/86% Rapid symbol naming 101/53% rapid non-symbol naming 106/65%
  11. The SLP doesn't think her scores are low enough to qualify her. Plus, she is getting an A in math and a B in Language arts.
  12. Yes, it was a psych who did the IQ & behavior test and the SLP did the language testing & academic stuff. She said that her CTOPP scores aren't low enough by themself to diagnose ( but they were low). From what I understand, if her IQ was in gifted range, there would be a discrepancy and she could diagnose that way. The frustrating part is she said that her "difficulties" lowered her IQ score. So we are going in circles. She did have very high language scores in the Peabody, the SLP mentioned that this used to be used as IQ, and she feels is more indicative of DD's verbal intelligence, I'm not sure why that discrepancy can't be used.
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