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  1. thank you! This was the kind of information I was looking for. When you say “Chicago CTD” is that the Northwestern program? i was worried about being a commuter, I will have to figure out how to make a residency work for him. thank you everyone for your replies!
  2. We just found out DS 12 (almost 13) qualified for CTY online and Summer programs so I'm starting to look into what we should take advantage of. Holy Heck I was not aware of how high the price tag is for these! Anyways, I'm wondering if they are worth the cost. My main objective is for to be around "kids like him," so I would really love for him to do a summer program. He has a lot of food allergies so I don't know if it's even possible but I'm going to look into it. I'm thinking either I or my husband would get an Air BnB close to the program and DS would be a commuter. (Will this cut way back on time to get to know other kids?) If you have done either the family programs or the intensive summer program, have your AL's made friends? I'd love to hear any feedback!
  3. Fun to see this thread pop up. 🙂 DS did one last year about the Industrial Revolution and really enjoyed it!
  4. My DS just took his today! He didn't finish a lot of sections so we'll see how that works out. I'm just proud of him for doing it. It was his first test ever too. I realized that maybe a lower stakes test might have been a better option but he felt like it went well so I guess I haven't traumatized him!
  5. I wanted to update this, as we have some promising developments and it may encourage anyone else who is trying to make PS work. I was able to email DD's teacher the week before school, and she even called me! She was fine with whatever informal accommodations we wanted to put in place while we work on the 504. The school actually followed up like they said they would! They talked to DD's new teacher and she agreed that DD's writing is not indicative of what she knows. They are starting in class intervention, which is at least something. We are going to meet soon do discuss the 504. I wanted to thank everyone for the help!
  6. Ok so he's on that math schedule and it seems to be similar here. (for acceleration)
  7. Yes, she was "dismissed" I'm not opposed to rechecking, her VMI was low normal
  8. So that was supposed to say “isn’t beautiful.” her handwriting is fine but not anything amazing. she did do VT!
  9. No, I haven’t gotten into any of that yet. Like mind mapping?
  10. It’s the organizing thoughts and getting them onto the paper part. Fine motor is fine. Her writing isn’t beautiful but it’s perfectly legible. She has a hard time staying on the line so I bought her some raised line paper to help. eta: that was supposed to say “isn’t” I really need to start proofreading when I reply on my phone
  11. I'm going to do this, thank you! I bought the multiplication book from TWTM press but never got around to it this summer. (There were things to copy and games and it just always got pushed to the back burner.) Plus she was tutoring and I was trying to not pile on. She only has 2 weeks until school, and she actually likes math so I think I will get those books and see how far we can get. Her state testing came back exactly like these scores BTW, both in language arts (spelling was bad) and math facts on math portion were low. So I feel like I can trust all these tests. She's consistently low in the same areas everywhere.
  12. She has to work very hard to be not drastically below in the weak areas. Also, it's one of those things where it seems like it's not horrible now, but we can see down the road where more writing is expected that the wheels may fall off.
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