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  1. Youre right. I need to be more trusting of his academic instincts!
  2. I like the idea of a more fun math to ride out the year!
  3. We did this prior to Algebra. (A solid rec, as we loved it!)
  4. Ok, the deal is DS 12 is finishing up Jacobs Algebra next week. (Yes I should have figured this out a while ago!) He's slated to start geometry next, but we take a summer break for swim season. I was thinking I can start him on geometry and then just pick up where we left off in the fall, OR I can do something else for the next 2 months and then start Geometry fresh in the Fall. I was considering picking out some things from AOPS for the next 2 months to keep him busy. I was hoping to do online geometry because DH does math and I have to micro manage and it's becoming a small thing. 🤣 My husband suggested a coding project but I feel like I can't let him take 5 months off math. (This could be me being neurotic!) FTR, Math is not his strongest subject. He's accelerated but he's not passionate at all about it. He gets it done.
  5. I need help for next year! My oldest will be almost 13 grade 8, and while we’ve had a good year, I’d like one more year of “interest led” before high school math: he’s slated for geometry, I’d love for this to be online lit: online G3 or mom led science: no idea history: no idea spanish: HSA he’s super into music and music production, and we’ve made friends with a local hip hop artist and teacher so I’m going to get something worked out on that front. I think we may also move him to our city’s music institute for some more rigorous piano lessons. Twins - turning 9 - grade 4 these are my currently public schooled kids, and their needs are currently being met, but we’re on borrowed time. Next year the gifted kids split off into a contained classroom, which I’m able to visit in April. From the sounds of it, the gifted program is simply more work. My creative and very sensitive GT son isn’t sold and neither am I. his sister is most likely stealth dyslexic and possibly disgraphic. We have testing scheduled for the end of this month and we will see how that goes. all that to say, I may be back planning for them as well. 🤦‍♀️
  6. No worries at all! I’m not sure how much applies to us yet but I’m taking it all in and ma happy for the participation on this thread.
  7. Im finally able to log in on safari! Woo hoo! anyways to the bolded, YES. She’s “grade level” for spelling. Or maybe I should say “age appropriate” so I’m not counting on much help. We’re about 8 weeks into their public school careers and I am experiencing every gifted and 2E cliche of why people leave public school. We are getting testing in 3 weeks so we’ll see how it shakes out!
  8. Yes that is my fear because she is reading above grade level, and third grade has such a wide range of normal, she’s not going to present easily as dyslexic. It’s in her spelling and writing that it’s most obvious to me. I gave her that online Z screener and she got a 61% on the first part which they flagged, and did fine on the second part (read words like a 5th grader, whatever that means to them) If there is just a screener given there’s a good chance she'll sail past it even though she clearly has an issue.
  9. I just started The Dyslexic Advantage, and it talks a lot about “spiky” kids and the skills they trade for others because of dyslexia. It’s very interesting. i appreciate all of the responses. Terabith, I can see my DD testing that way as well. Her eval is next month.
  10. So I have been using AAS with her, but I don’t know that anything is sticking. It claims to be good for dyslexics so I wonder if I’m using it incorrectly, or if it’s just not working for us. Did anyone else try AAS with their dyslexic child? I’m going to look into the other spelling programs mentioned Eta: she seems to understand while we are going through the lesson, and she spells the words correctly when I quiz her, but the following week when we’ve moved on, it seems like it all fell out of her head!
  11. Thank you for this, I appreciate the insight! That was my gut reaction. We canceled with the NP and are going with the SLP + Ed psych. 🙂
  12. Well I just got a response back that I’m not sure I feel confident about... She said she uses CTOPP-2 only if “she thinks she needs to” after doing some other testing. She doesn’t use RAN/RAS.
  13. I need someone who can tease out stealth dyslexia and probably not so stealth dysgraphia. I’m spending over $2,000 either way, so it’s not like one is way cheaper.
  14. Unfortunately there are no Barton testers local to us. Our workup is the same as yours, but she’s not considered a “dyslexia specialist.” The SLP + Ed Psych are both members of the IDA. Now I’m second guessing our choice...
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