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  1. My family loves this recipe: https://moneysavingmom.com/creamy-milk-rice/
  2. I only outsource specific classes. Foreign language for sure. I feel confident in "teaching" through Spanish 2, but I just don't have time. I learned Latin I&II with oldest DS, Oldest DD wanted German, so we outsourced German I-IV. I outsource most of the AP classes. Oldest DD self studied for AP Human Geography and AP US History. I also outsource some special interest electives like Screenplay Writing, Crime Scene, etc. My DD(grade 10) is not interested in AP. This year we outsourced Spanish and ACAD(I know nothing about CAD and don't want to , haha) I will have her d
  3. Those are adorable! Maybe if I don't buy anymore shoes for a year I could justify the cost!! haha
  4. I used to wear them all the time! I don't like a tight fit around my ankles anymore tho. They are cute!!
  5. I hate shoe shopping. I need some cute shoes I could dress up or down. I can NOT do heels anymore.:( A short wedge or short wide heel may be ok. What are you wearing on your feet this fall?
  6. We are using them this year. So, only have had experience with a few. I think they are very valuable. He has 2 per chapter. He goes over the material and calculations and links videos for experiments he has done and other relevant info.
  7. Don't stains and grease transfer to regular clothes? I keep a bucket with a splash of Pine Sol. I rinse them out every couple days and wash twice a week. Not stinky at all.(Unless you don't like Pine Sol smell.)
  8. I would use it for a low investment vegetable soup. I would probably not toss it.
  9. And shoes! I would keep them hooked on the heels. Then there were no chilly ankles!
  10. I LOVE the baby legs!! I used them with diaper only for crawlers. Also, over pants in the front baby carrier(I hate when the pant legs ride up and freeze their bare legs!) I also love to give personalized cup labels.
  11. I bought one. For when we go places again in the car with schoolwork. Whenever that happens.
  12. dd did this course last year for 9th grade Drawing I. It was fantastic. We went through the curriculum(the basics) and then she worked through the topics. We bought the subscription.
  13. My favorite way to make oatmeal is in the rice cooker. Texture is perfect. No boil over mess. I put it in. 14 minutes later(while I'm running around doing morning chores) it's done. We serve it with mini chocolate chips and coconut.
  14. Thank you! I scheduled for all of September. 2 days each week and 5 different teachers, I think. Thanks!
  15. We are new to HSA. I am overwhelmed with choosing a teacher. Please PM me with good and bad experiences.:) Thank you!
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