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  1. THANK YOU! 2/3 of her schools are on the list and it sounds favorable. She decided to retake without canceling. It's possible all the scores will be canceled. The room was not properly supervised with the test booklets out. I can not image that will not be grounds for canceling at least that section.
  2. Yes, today she decided to retake it without canceling. She decided to use the current scores for 2 schools and hold off on the third and do regular admission with the new scores. She is competitive for scholarships with the current scores. One school she needs 2 more points...
  3. The Reading section was a strong score last time. She had prepped for the SAT and took it once,scored well. She wanted to try the ACT. She kinda took it cold and scored pretty well, so she chose to retake the ACT instead of a second try to the SAT. UGH. She prepped a bit this time and was ready for science section. She said forget an improved score there. She feels like her math improved(following a brief geometry review over the last couple weeks.) I'm happy to hear ACT is often superscored. IF they don't cancel it all...
  4. DD17 was at her ACT today. Halfway through the Reading section, her desk partner had a seizure. DD had to alert the proctor. 911 was called. EMTs moved DD from her seat to get the gurney in. The student became unconscious All the while the proctor kept telling them to continue with the exam. The EMTs were asking about contact information, other staff came in the room. The student was moved to the hallway where she began screaming and the class could hear the sounds of them treating her and their radios and such. This was after the proctor started the science section. She said, "Ok, everyone, deep breath and concentrate." DD said the group was visibly upset. OBVIOUSLY the more important thing is the student's(who was seizing) well being. However, we are trying to think through what this will mean for DD. Wonder if her scores will be canceled? She is applying to colleges this month. She was counting on this score(2nd test). The proctor said to expect a 5-6 week score hold because she had to fill out an incident report. And also told the students ONLY the reading section score would be affected. DD said the loud noises right outside of the door(and they took her out UNCONSCIOUS) were so distracting for at least half of the science section.The proctor told them anyone who wanted to could cancel their scores today. No one did. DD didn't know what to do! She felt good about the math and writing sections. Do they superscore ACT? She did really well in reading last time. Science could've used a bump, but that probably won't happen. Wonder how this will be handled? DD is not sure if she should call, email? And who? She is afraid the proctor will try to minimize the interruption on her report...
  5. We got our at Target on Black Friday. It was 50% off.
  6. Winning With Writing grade 6 has all of that.
  7. If you haven't figured it out yet, I may be able to help. Make sure the assignment is within the school year dates you selected. Give a grade(class grade) and you have to check the completed box WITH a completed DATE. I have messed that up. Hope you figured it out before the trip!:)
  8. I did that and I don't regret it. I pulled apart all my SL cores(Core A-100) to fit a 4 year cycle. I left the SL stickers on them in case I ever want to reunite them.:) I used Washi tapes to code all the books for a World Cultures year I created also. I left the science biographies all on a shelf sorted by time period. I also left a shelf for other biographies also sorted by time period. The kids sometimes just want a biography and don't care about the timeline. 🙂 Then, we have 3 shelves of fiction that doesn't really fit anywhere else.
  9. We used All Things Algebra's algebra and geometry review stuff. Very good.
  10. We are using the virtual instructor for Drawing I. So far so good! We are using the year long lesson plan. There are quizzes on the elements of art. He has live weekly classes too. Oldest dd took Filmmaking through Excelsior. I plan on getting this lifetime access to Music in Our Homeschool for Music Appreciation.
  11. If you've never been, Colonial Williamsburg has Homeschool Days in September. We stayed in a VRBO condo. It is such a great area. It was one of our cheapest vacations. And super fun.
  12. So, I know that Allinonehomeschool had tests for the high school world geography through GA Virtual. That specific class is no longer being used and is not supported. Many of their resources are no longer available and the links don't work well. The new World Geography looks really good, but it lacks quizzes/exams. I emailed GA Virtual and they said the assessments were not available for purchase. SO. I thought I would create some tests. Well, summer is almost over and I haven't gotten around to it yet. I was wondering if a few of us wanted to take a few units each and share the work? Hopefully, many will be able to use them in the future for an easy way give grades. You are welcome to PM me or respond here. IF someone has already done this, I would appreciate it if you would share!!
  13. I wouldn't bother with the Cool history for Littles. There is no Maps for Littles. The Maps for Middles are for grades 2-8. Family Companion-Do you mean Family Guide(the massive schedule-you need this) or The Companion(the history textbook)? I opt for that starting around grade 6-7. Otherwise, we use Story of the World. The Cool History Classic coordinates with it. I haven't used Remember the Days yet. I will in the future. My kids love Story of the World now. You can probably skip the Family discussion Guide. It's just summary points to cover. I would read the text(SOTW or parts of Companion-It's big and a bit hard to get through) to them and go through the questions without requiring a written answer.
  14. Unfortunately, none of these are sorted by reading level. If you click on the country and scroll down, you will see a list of books for each country. .
  15. My guess is that insurance does NOT cover sealants on wisdom teeth. They often have a cut off for age. 14 is often the cut off. That is REALLY young for wisdom teeth to be erupted enough to get seals on.
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