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  1. We are sending 8. But dd is very good about doing laundry.
  2. Nasal swab last week took 48 hours. In hospital would probably be a blood draw, I would guess?
  3. We have the same problem! Neighbors all have beautiful(read :chemical) yards. Ours is a dandelion field. We reseeded the yard closest to our house last year and it is thick and beautiful! We are going to have the rest of the yard skimmed off and reseeded too. We will deal with individual weeds as needed. I love our birds and bumblebees.The kids are neat, too:) I will not consider a poison. I would call a local nursery and ask about the best grass seed for your location and amount of sun.
  4. DD is a senior. She has things in perspective. She knows the "suffering" is relative. She minimizes her life disruptions. I think she feels guilty for feeling any disappointment. I have told her it's OK to think this all sucks. She can feel that way and still be a positive person. It's hard for her to process and organize her thoughts. hugs to your dd
  5. Purdue just released the final decision. Early start kids(my dd is included) will be on campus July 10th for in person classes. Fall semester will begin on time with NO breaks. The last in person classes will be before Thanksgiving break. Then they don't come back until January. I am beyond happy with the way Purdue has handled this.
  6. The Companion is a textbook. So, as dry as a textbook would be. We use parts of it. I prefer to use Story of the World for elementary. I have not used Remember the Days. Companion
  7. #4 is my lefty. We suspected pretty early on. Way before coloring or writing. He always transferred things to his left hand. He had an obsession with taking screws out of all his toys. By age 3, he was using a screwdriver with his left hand. We gave him lefty scissors early on, but he still prefers righty scissors at age 12. He just adjusts the way he holds them. I got tired of buying different fancy lefty scissors. I gave up. lol
  8. Sigh. I have had this issue as well. I am shopping 2-3 times as often as I did pre-pandemic. I understand that some stores can not know your buying history, but Costco can! They have an inventory of my purchases over the last 5+ years. They can see I buy 3-4 bags of flour a month, 3 pkgs of organic eggs, 6 gallons of milk, 2-3 bags of frozen chicken, 4 cases of canned vegetables.
  9. I do use hand sanitizer. Not usually able to get to a sink in time. I bet you are touching your mask and face more with a mask. Way more than you are aware of.
  10. You are placing them over your face. They indeed do pick up all the nastiness you touch with your hands. Yes. I wash them too. With towels. but, if I were rewearing, I would wait 36 hours.
  11. I was in Costco last week. I wear a mask although the science doesn't support the necessity. I mean, if you are coughing, you should be home... I see people touching them ALL THE TIME. Gloves don't make your hands sterile, people. LOL The cashier was about to pass out because she was double masked, but touching her face, her EYES, her hair?? And the staff at Costco (and other stores) must think that masks are a replacement for social distancing. They were seriously intrusive. Almost on top of people. Masks have never been considered a replacement for 6 feet distancing. Now they are a false sense of security. I saw a guy yesterday with a mask hanging on his rear view mirror?!? Um, all those droplets are now being filtered and dispersed through your entire vent system. I saw someone shove a mask in her purse? Um, contaminated everything in there. Dirty masks (even reuseable-use them only once before washing! or let them sit for >36 hours) should be folded dirty side(the outside is the dirty side!) together and stored in a ziplock until you get home to wash or let sit for >36 hours, preferably wash.
  12. DD is in the same boat. She is attempting a EE/Physics double major that relies on a good score for AP Calc BC and Physics C. So, she's anxious about the acceptance of these scores. She also finished all material in March.
  13. I was finally able to enter info, but ours said the same. We overpaid last year, so the overpayment was applied. So, we didn't get a refund or make a payment. You had to "check" one. Also, when I had to give a amount, it was "0".(no refund, no payment) I guess there is NO work around for this scenario. We wait.
  14. Yes. That is what I am gathering. Since the serious risk is to the professors.
  15. Just got an email from DD's school(she is an incoming freshman). They are planning on moving everyone in this fall. There will be social distancing, no large gatherings, lots of virus testing, smaller classes, masks, tracing,quarantine if necessary. Although the university president didn't actually say it, I got the impression that teaching staff may not be in person sometimes. I am picturing classes of kids watching a screen in a lab. Recorded for those who could not be there.
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