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  1. I know you said Williamsburg is out, but we went a few years ago during Homeschool Days(assuming your DS is school aged?) in September. It was SO CHEAP. What a great trip. We liked Philly, but we wouldn't have spent more than 2 days there. We saw all the sites at Williamsburg in 4 days.
  2. I'm pretty minimalist. I use instant yeast with GREAT results. A big container for proofing? I use a huge tupperware bowl I got 25 years ago., but this one is nice, I got french bread forms for a gift and they are fun. I like to use glass pans for loaves. I make rolls the most. So large sheet pans.
  3. This has saved dinner so many times and my family LOVES it. Few pans is a huge plus too. It's budget friendly at around $10. I always have everything to make it. We are a family of 7. I use 2 sheet pans, a whole bag of frozen chicken tenders from Aldi, 3/4 bag red potatoes from Aldi, and a bag of the fine green beans(frozen) from Aldi. I wash and cut the potatoes and put on the pans, Dump the frozen chicken tenders onto the pans. I salt and pepper everything. I double the "sauce" recipe and pour it onto the pans evenly. Bake 15 minutes, Take out the pans, divide the frozen green beans on the pans, toss. Put back in for 15-20 minutes(check chicken for doneness and veggies for a bit of crispiness.) Oh, and I use dried herbs.
  4. I really thought I was crazy. LOL I also react to cardboard. It began after a big move(4 years ago), so handling lots of it. Now, whenever I carry it, I break out in a rash. I had zero allergies until then. Now, I also react to big dusting days. Like behind furniture. I try to wash my hands often and only hit it hard for a couple hours and then shower. I use an eczema cream and it keeps it manageable. Also, I have to buy Method handsoap and dish soap. Anything else irritates my hands. I use homemade bath soap and I also make homemade foaming handsaop with Castille, Aloe, and essential oils.
  5. We have used Easy Peasy PE for this purpose. My kids have some funny memories related to the activities.
  6. Walmart also has these. By the holiday candy.
  7. I have a similar yellow in our music room. I love it. I have white trim and white curtains. Looks awesome.
  8. My 6 & 8 year olds are asking for Look and Find books,Playmobil,Marvel PJs, Robot,Twistable crayons, Magic Trcks. They love unique stuffed animals. This year they are getting a sugar glider and lemur.
  9. I would let her bring her stuffing. Have chalkboard tags and chalk and label all the offerings so you don't have to keep warning people about the disgusting stuffing. 🙂 We have oyster stuffing offered too. I hate it, but it's tradition. And I love tradition!
  10. My go-to is Sippie cups(always need these), plates, silverware. I love these personalized labels for cups
  11. DH is an painting contractor. We do not accept CC. We would however accept Paypal for services. Also, Zelle is an option. No way would we ever ask for money before the job is done. EVER. HVAC is expensive for the unit up front. So, I understand money needed before the job starts. However, I would offer to buy the unit from the distributor (or wherever), use your CC to do that if you want, have it delivered to your house. That way it is YOURS. If the contractor skips out, then at least you do not have to recover the money you paid to him before you can hire someone else. We have done this for all contractors we have hired(roofers, landscapers,gutters, etc) We simply say, "We do not give anyone money upfront." Most understand this and do end up accommodating us. Contractors get into a dangerous cycle when they use down payment money to pay for other jobs/pay themselves. People tell us nightmare stories all the time. If your contractor refuses to let you pay directly to the distributor and have the materials delivered to you, I would walk away.
  12. Senior DD just finished all her apps. Oh.My. 10(ten?!) applications with CA, Coalition, individual. It was way too much. Caught all the deadlines for early action. Now for FAFSA. That's the only thing left for me. DS just graduated college last December. Felt much harder this time around. She did do most of the work. She has 2 projects for potential scholarships to do this month. She is excited about them though. So, there's that!HA
  13. Front teeth are tricky. The size of the implant, size of the crown require a VERY good working experience. Don't let your general do it. See a specialist. Depending on your area, this could be a periodontist or an oral surgeon.
  14. If you want to hit a bunch of stuff, Chicago has a CityPass. The Field museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Planetarium are very near each other. There is an awesome city view from the Adler property. MSI is a 15 minute drive away from Museum Campus, as is The Art Institute(traffic depending, of course.)
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