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  1. The Wondery Shows are pretty good: Over My Dead Body and Dr. Death Cold Accused Court Junkie Thin Air S-Town I also really liked many of the ones mentioned earlier. I am listening to Season 2 of Slow Burn. This season is the impeachment of Bill Clinton. The first season was Richard Nixon-Watergate. Excellent. I thought I was the only one that found it hard to finish Up and Vanished because of Payne.
  2. I have severe hand eczema. I use Method hand and dish soap.
  3. Please do let us know. I would love to do one international trip with my kids. Honestly, I am super confident in booking trips in the US, but TERRIFIED to book something to/in another country. I would love all the guidance I could get!
  4. We bought furniture for his first apartment.
  5. Ah. I used CAW about 3 years ago and it was scheduled although we used our own. HA! I loosely used the schedule and chose my own lit books according to my kids' reading levels.
  6. Lit books are scheduled in. You can choose to use the library, buy elsewhere, or buy from them. The schedule is similar to SL. WP has the exclusives in a set together because, well, they are not available elsewhere.
  7. We stayed in Hyatt Place-Medford last May We had to get 2 rooms for our family of 7. It had free parking and a short (10 min) drive to the train. We went into the city 3 times. It was fantastic. Tons to do in Boston. We used the reciprocal membership from our local museums to get into the Children's Museum on a rainy day. The paid things can get expensive, but lots of free/cheap things to see and do. We did look into an airbnb in the city, but parking there is SO expensive. Driving there is a nightmare also. If you are flying in, I am guessing parking/driving is not an issue.
  8. In our Low-COL area, $50,000 for a pool, all the surrounding, required fencing, etc would be a tough budget. A friend did hers with a small poolhouse for $110,000.
  9. rjand6more


    This happened to me with Walmart. I just had to switch browsers.
  10. Yes. The Spice House. They have a lot of very similar blends.
  11. Chicago is not an easy city to drive in. It is nowhere near the worst we have been to, but we are very familiar with the city and I still don't love driving downtown. I do really like Chicago. Everyone walks or takes the EL or the bus. It's pretty easy to do that. Do you like museums? If yes, you are in for a treat! Museum of Science and Industry is fantastic. We love the Field Museum, too. DD16 has an internship at the Adler Planetarium. Museum campus has Adler,Shedd Aquarium, and Field Museum all within walking distance. I can't imagine trying to fit them all into 1 day, but people do it all the time with CityPass.(MSI is a few miles away) One of the most awesome views of the city is right in front of the Adler. Navy Pier is a lot of fun depending on time of year. Water Tower Place has American Girl Store and Lego store. I don't think there is a great solution to hotels for a large family downtown.
  12. We used acrylic due to faster drying time. The canvases were still wet, but not as bad as with oils.
  13. This is SO yummy!
  14. For my daughter's surprise birthday party this year, we did a Bob Ross theme. We called it "Cake and Canvas" But you could do "Cocoa and Canvas". We chose a Bob Ross video and all watched it and followed instructions. The 30 min video ended up taking a little over an hour as we backed up for the kids to catch up. They had so much fun!
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