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  1. Agree with the bolded. I don't know exactly how this can be fixed. It would be time consuming to rebag curbside. And I agree that Walmart is not an awesome company. Other stores need to take this model and expand to online shopping. And they will as they see Walmart's success. I DO find Walmart to be cheaper on most things(except Aldi, Costco for some things). And I don't buy meat there. But, for toiletries and everyday stuff, they are usually the cheapest. If I have to go inside a store, it is rarely Walmart. I pay the Meijer or Target "pleasant experience" tax.
  2. I suppose the produce quality is related to the person picking it. You can ask to see the produce when you pick up and refuse what you don't like. That's what I do. I have only refused produce a few times. The shoppers must be trained well at my store. They show you any substitutions and you can refuse those as well.They take it off your bill right away.
  3. I was on vacation and missed it too! I am not on FB, but there are a few on there. I'm not sure what I will do.
  4. DS had a footlocker he kept in his closet at college. It was awesome for moving. And wasn't too heavy. He kept extra sheets and blankets and some valuables.
  5. And Walmart keeps a list of what you have bought before, so you can just click to add to your cart.
  6. Another vote for Walmart grocery pickup. Game changer. I can spend days adding to my cart, then place an order for pick up the next day. I refuse to shop in store, but I love the pick up!
  7. You are right. In your situation, you have probably used up all the procedures available. An implant is your next one. Please see a specialist. 5 appointments in 1 hour with a single hygienist? A good adult cleaning with NO periodontal problems is about 25-30 minutes without an exam. A kid cleaning- about 15-20 minutes without exam. Even if there are family members, OSHA requires a sporicidal cleaning regimin.(takes at least 5 minutes per appointment.) Some states mandate exams at every appointment, some do not.
  8. It felt ...random? I really did not like spelling. The art/geography was fun, but got old fast. I did not mind the diagramming. I did not like the rest.:) But, you can look at it all and see what you think. I LOVE that about TG&TB.
  9. I have used and loved LA PreK-level 2. DS loved the sweet stories which almost always include pets. I do not like it past those levels. I tried level 4 and it was one of the very few curricula I have tossed aside. I gave it 1/2 year and switched to something else. I also really like the handwriting books. The Nature one is cute, too. The science units are just ok, imo.
  10. I don't think it would work well if you had to bring water to it from far. Mine is right next to the sink on a short plant stand on the counter. I think you would end up hating that.
  11. This is what I have. The Big Berkey. $278 It is 2 1/2 gallon. The smaller would work. You would just have to fill more often. I have had the same filters for 3 years.
  12. We spent about $80 on the mini fridge, but it is multi purpose. We have a mid size Berkey for a family of 8. We fill it once or twice a day by transferring the water into the mini.fridge or making a gallon of tea, etc. We use about 4 gallons a day. Most of it is cold(drinking straight from the fridge water), but some like the water to make iced tea or coffee straight from the Berkey. You can buy a water cooler for a 5 gallon jug for $150. For us, I chose to buy the mini fridge/Berkey instead because it solved the issue of opening the big fridge 5000 times a day. How do you buy wine?:)
  13. I know you said no Berkey. But We have a Berkey that we use to fill a Pur container for a mini fridge. There is no filter on the Pur. It was just the narrowest container we could find. We keep the kids' snacks(and a few bottles of wine) in that fridge too. It saves the big fridge from being opened 5000 times a day. You could stack the Berkey on top of the Mini fridge and rotate. We have a routine now and never run out of filtered water.
  14. I get bored too. I'm on year 12 with 11 more to go! So, I change things like history and science each year. And read alouds. I am the one who needs to keep it fresh. I am planning a human body schedule for ds11, making my own Ancient History schedule inspired by other schedules, planning dd14's electives for freshman year. Tweeking some stuff I didn't love the first(or 5th!) time through. That makes me happy and keeps me busy all summer. I do work part time for a break(7-9 hours a week) and I have 2 highschoolers and a college graduate who love to discuss hard things that keep me on my toes.:)
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