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  1. That definitely sounds way too low for a man and would indicate eating disorder territory. What does his exercise routine look like? I wonder if adding some weight training or some sport that involves a bunch of heavy muscle work (rock climbing or rowing or something) might help him add muscle and feel hungrier.
  2. Stepping in gently as this is not a forum I typically post in. When was the last time you had her vision checked? Some of the issues with reading sound a lot like one of my kids before they got their prescription corrected. Just a thought.
  3. We used Oak Meadow Beginning and Intermediate Recorder. They are the only recorder resources we used, so I don’t really have any comparison, unfortunately. I do have a music background- played flute and piano. The introduction in the Oak Meadow book for the parent is pretty good - explains the fingerings and the notes pretty well. We often learned the music together and played together, which was a lot of fun for both of us.
  4. I taught one of my kids recorder with the Oak Meadow recorder series starting in first grade and it was very easy, fun and painless. He didn’t choose to continue with the instrument but I was glad he was exposed to reading music and things. It’s there for him if he wants to pick it back up again.
  5. Oh, my kids do this and I hate it! Especially when it was something that they all liked last time, argh. I have taught them to say “That doesn’t suit my taste.” If they don’t want what I am serving, they are free to help themselves to something else. Even my 5 year old can get a yogurt cup and the baby carrots out of the fridge. But I make one dinner and that’s it. Much whining ensues. And I would really like to know how to make tortilla soup. It sounds fantastic!
  6. Have you seen Pearson Physical Science with the lesson plans from Kolbe Academy? I had the same reaction to Apologia and this seems to be suiting us nicely.
  7. My 5th grader is an owl compared to your all’s kids! She usually starts school around 10 and is done by 2ish with breaks. She also chooses to work ahead the night before on some independent assignments (maybe an hours’ worth?) so she doesn’t have to get up quite as early in the morning! She literally can’t fall asleep before 11-12 so this has been a good compromise for her this year. Extra activities are martial arts (5 hrs a week) and spelling (7 hr a week - aiming for NSB). She’s very active and social and can usually be found outside with friends during her free time. She has asked for voice lessons and I am trying to figure out how we can fit it in. She loves screens and sometimes has a difficult time self regulating that so we have been working on that a bit recently. Oh, and we have homeschool enrichment one afternoon a week where she takes classes and hangs out with friends.
  8. I like your idea of setting an example yourself with the elliptical trainer. Could you all take a family morning walk before it gets too hot? The fresh morning air really helps one of my kids focus. I go every morning and he goes along if he is up. Lately, he has been asking me to get him up because he really enjoys it. My kids also do TKD and are active playing with neighbors outside almost every day. There is a big soccer goal in our yard and about 12 soccer balls. Usually there are one or two of my kids and some neighbors around using the equipment. They have invented some combination and cooperative games to play for when they don’t have even teams. (Right now they are playing “soccer tag”, in fact). Also. I have a 10 year old daughter and the coolest thing in the world to her is to be outside playing in the dark. We got a big assortment of light up wristbands and little click on/off lights we keep in a box near our front door and now that it is getting darker earlier they are using the lights a lot. Tag and hide and seek are a lot of fun in the dark when you also have to hide your light up wristbands!
  9. I would recommend taking a close look at Heart of Dakota. The crafts are really weaved into each day and what is being learned and are fairly easy too.
  10. Math because I love how logical it is. And Ancient Greek because I enjoy learning along with them.
  11. We have pages and pages of math here with little stick figures kicking soccer balls into goals.
  12. I have to work on this. I usually just order some pizza and make a salad. Sigh. I am going to try that chicken Marbella dish though. Looks delicious!
  13. Here are some things that my 7 year old son can do independently: Select a library book from the basket and read/browse it on the couch for 10 minutes color a history coloring page do one math problem on the whiteboard that I have written for him while I get him a snack/clean up a mess Help the 5 year old get a simple snack or get out/help with a toy while I am doing something else today he asked to do a line of his cursive page by himself but I asked him to wait for me - I wanted to observe his letter formation. I understand where you are - I have a baby due in January and it will be an adjustment. I see a lot of me nursing at the table supervising school this winter and spring 🙂
  14. I simply cut yellow summer squash into rounds, boil, and eat either plain or with rice. It is one of my favorite foods!
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