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  1. Math, writing, foreign language- desk in living room history, literature reading, computer use - couches or in her bedroom (I do prefer the laptop to stay where I can keep an eye on it, although I trust her...just lots of distractions available) science projects - desk, kitchen, dining room table, outside depending on what the project is we also do a lot of pacing around discussing stuff. I feel like we are always moving. Bouncing on exercise balls in the basement discussing religion. Walking the length of our house back and forth talking about a history video. Discussing a book walking up and down the block outside.
  2. Check out Oak Meadow Science 6. It's really hands on - but the kid can do a lot of it himself/herself. It's not necessarily anti-Christian, but not religious either. We are doing it this year and it is really great! My daughter has learned a lot and enjoys the different project options given.
  3. While I have both casually dated and been in long term relationships, a LONG time others have pointed out, what happens when a young person's opinion or goals change? I know that I am a much different adult than I thought I would be in my late teens-early 20s. I feel like when the time comes, I will need to impress on my kids flexibility - i.e., don't go searching for the person who wants X, Y and Z, but look for a person who you relate to and who you are able to communicate with and compromise.
  4. I'm going to just pop my head in here and gently recommend that if you have a history of eating disorders, you should PLEASE, PLEASE not intermittent fast. Intermittent fasting made my eating disorder a great deal worse and even now, almost 6 months into recovery, I still occasionally feel "guilty" about eating breakfast during normal breakfast hours.
  5. He might also have fun making his own "screw shoes" for traction when it is icy. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube that show the method, but basically you take small screws and screw them through the soles of an old pair of running shoes! Brands: Asics is my favorite for cold weather gear. Their Thermopolis line is fantastic. Under Armour has some nice base layer stuff and nice tights, but it can be expensive unless you go for a sale or to the factory store. Brooks is a classic running brand that has some nice gear and clothing as well. You can also just check for generic brands on like Amazon or Dick's Sporting Goods or wherever suits you. If it seems warm, you can't really go wrong with it, yk?
  6. Where are you located? Usually the advice is to dress as though it is 20 degrees warmer than it actually is to account for your body heating up during a run. I am an all weather outdoor runner and I will just share what works for me. Here in Virginia in the winter, I wear a single layer of wicking tights, a light wicking long sleeve shirt, and then a zip up lightweight jacket. I have a pair of running gloves and a running hat. Nowadays they have those running gloves that allow you to operate a touch screen, which would be AMAZING because my Garmin is touch screen and I hate having to remove my glove to deal with it. I also have a light up arm band that I use when I run in the dark. They are usually very cheap on Amazon. When I travel to New England in the winter, I wear two layers of pants - wicking tights and then running pants over them, a lightweight wicking long sleeve shirt, a much heavier long sleeve shirt over it with a hood, and then a final layer of a pullover. I wear thick running gloves and I have a balacava to protect my face. Body Glide can also be used on your face to protect any exposed areas from the elements. It was 6 degrees when I ran on Thanksgiving Day and I was perfectly warm and comfortable. They sell all kinds of running socks, but I have never really understood the hype. I just wear whatever comes in those big packs at Costco and double them up in cold weather. I have to recommend Road Runner Sports for gear - their prices are very good, their house brands are good, and if you ever need to call them for advice, an actual person answers the phone. 🙂
  7. I have this periodically. Did he change laundry detergents? That has been a culprit for me before. (Cheek on pillow then leads to extreme facial dryness). I use straight up Vaseline sometimes.
  8. Often prisons have educational opportunities available for the inmates and they are sometimes required. You may want to check to see what programs this prison offers. I.e., if the inmate is already in a math class several days per week, perhaps the inmate might prefer to save those book slots for pleasure reading during his/her free hours?
  9. I used all of Saxon K and half of Saxon 1 for my son. It got him blending and reading and did an excellent job with those aspects of reading. However, Saxon 1 was way too big of a jump for this particular child. We moved to AAR 1 and began about halfway through (the lesson where th is introduced) and he just took off with it and finished all 4 AAR levels in about 2 years. On the other hand, I tried Saxon K with my youngest and it was a bust. He could not learn letters and blending that way at all and didn’t have the writing stamina. He’s definitely not ready for AAR1 yet so we are flopping around trying to learn letter sounds. Once he does, I will be trying AAR1 with him as well.
  10. We love Oak Meadow science. It is written to the student and the projects are very open ended. There is often a choice between writing a few paragraphs on something, drawing something or creating some sort of artistic representation, or doing a hands on exploration of a topic. We have been very happy with it so far.
  11. Tae Kwon Do has helped my kids immensely in this area. They are up in front of their peers constantly.
  12. I have a sliced earlobe too. I was at the dermatologist for my routine skin check this past year and he offered to fix it for me (it had long since healed). I would need local anesthetic and it wouldn’t be covered by insurance. Then I would need to wait 3 months before repiercing the ear. I’m still deciding whether to do it. I have weirdness and anxiety about “unnecessary” medical stuff so I have to kind of talk myself into it.
  13. Definitely don't need the practice masters! The student book by itself is just fine.
  14. Hi friend. Fellow adult ED sufferer here, recovering from anorexia. Congratulations on making the choice to recover and wishing you the best of health. Gently, I’d think twice about embarking on any exercise program while you are in the process of ED recovery. Your body needs to rest and heal. At best, exercising just increases the amount you have to eat to gain weight and at worst, it puts more strain on your heart and other organs which need to be repaired —- and EDs can be sneaky, you don’t want your ED to turn into an exercise addiction or purging via excessive exercise. Have you read any of Tabitha Farrar’s blog? It’s super helpful information on ED recovery for adults. Also look at Gwyneth Olwyn’s work. Her position is that adults need 2500-3000+ daily calories depending on age and activity level to fully recover from an ED. I’m also going to drop a link to the Psychology Today Hunger Artist blog. These three resources have been incredibly helpful for me in my recovery. It sounds like you are already working with a professional- might they be able to help with a meal plan so you aren’t trying to wing it on the food front? Choosing between options for your meals and snacks is somewhat easier than facing a vast array of choice and trying to figure out what you want/what you are hungry for/etc. Are you on Instagram? There is a super active ED recovery community. As with anything on social media, it has its positives and negatives but generally is a safe positive inspiring environment. here are the links I mentioned: Tabitha Farrar Emily Troscianko/ Hunger Artist Gwyneth Olwyn - wishing you the best!
  15. Hello, friend. Fellow person with disordered eating history here. Could it possibly be reactive eating/extreme hunger? Are you restricting by overexercising? If so, I suspect it's just reactive eating and if you allow yourself a whole bunch of ice cream the extreme hunger will taper off after a bit?
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