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  1. Have you looked at Introduction to Attic Greek by Mastronarde? It is very much parts to whole like the Forms series but goes much further and is quite in depth. Professor Mastronarde also has a website with vocabulary games, grammar fill in worksheets, etc that correlate with his text.
  2. The cannelini bean pasta sounds delicious and an awful lot like Smitten Kitchen’s “spaghetti with chickpeas” recipe, which I make all the time (same idea to purée beans as a pasta sauce but with chickpeas and pancetta and onion). I will add my usual contribution to these threads. Cream cheese and sliced green olive sandwiches on whole wheat bread. I grew up eating these.
  3. Hi there. It’s wonderful you are getting help and I wish you all the best with your recovery. I am recovering as well (I don’t know when to say I am recovered - although I’m weight restored sometimes I still struggle with thoughts and urges to engage in behaviors). I had a couple of thoughts for you - please feel free to discard if not helpful. 1) you know about extreme hunger right? That’s totally normal and not a binge. It’s impossible to binge in eating disorder recovery. Your body is trying to get those calories. It stops more quickly if you just continue with your meal plan and eat the next meal. And the next. If you start skipping and skimping the extreme hunger will be harder to get rid of. Just go with it. Look at your meal plan as a minimum. Not a maximum. If you want 3 pieces of chicken instead of 1, have them! 2) ask your team if you can replace 1 meal with a drink as long as it meets the exchanges as an intermediate step to help with the full feeling. Sometimes drinking a smoothie is easier than eating all that food. 3) I am so familiar with the full belly panicking. Sending hugs. It is so hard. Make sure you’re warm (wrap up in a blanket, wear a comfy hoodie - studies have shown this improves ED outcomes) and find something to occupy your mind for 20-30 minutes after your meals at home. Watch a favorite tv show or a movie, play an engaging game, read some fiction, do something to get your mind off of it. I know someone that used to play a strategy board game every night with her DH for months and months for this exact reason. Hard to think about being full when you’re trying to plan out how to win. best of luck to you in your recovery. You can do this!!!
  4. Would she want to track distance virtually to get to a place? Like, across the country, or a place she thinks is interesting? You could help her plot where she is on the map every week and look up something about that area in Wikipedia or something.
  5. Also a couple of sessions with a pelvic floor physical therapist (when feasible again) can help tremendously.
  6. They are in groups and the ones that you need to review are at the bottom of each lesson. It’s easy to just flip through them and only ask the 6s and 7s division cards, or the ones that add to 11 or 12, or whatever.
  7. Build Your Library Level 5 might be worth looking at.
  8. I was going to suggest Foerster! I presented it a little differently - I don’t think she ever even saw the book. I presented the lesson on a big whiteboard and then wrote some of the exercises in a notebook for her to solve. While I agree that learning to take notes from a textbook is important, I didn’t want to ruin DD’s zeal for math by trying to impose note taking or other executive function skills on her in that subject. We’ll do that in some other subject. (I should add that she did write down geometry formulas in a small formula notebook during geometry - she was fine with that and found it fun.) we are now in Precalculus with Trigonometry and it is by far my favorite of the 3 Foerster books we have used so far. It is so clearly written! There are little explorations in most sections that act kind of like the discovery method or at least a hands on way to experience the topic. i love Foerster for a young student because it’s deep but not weedsy, if you know what I mean. (DD has done AOPS summer camps and I have personally worked through all of AOPS PreA - that approach is not for her. At least not yet.)
  9. Could you try some of the good old plugged duct remedies just in case they work? Hot shower, massage with wide tooth comb are the 2 that always help me the most.
  10. Two great novels are: The Golden Goblet The Sand Reckoner - this is an amazing, memorable book
  11. How much is the woman exercising? Does she restrict her food intake at all? The woman might be interested in reading articles on the female athlete triad - it really varies from person to person when the lack of a cycle begins to become apparent. (Anecdotally, my BMI was about 17 when I lost my period and I was running 5-8 miles per day. But, I know of women in the eating disorder recovery community who lost their periods at BMIs between 19-20.) If I were this woman, I would ask my dr if it made sense to stop the bcp for 6 months or so to see if the cycles came back. Then I would know whether it was the hormonal birth control causing the issue or whether there is an underlying biological issue to be addressed.
  12. Is miso soup gluten free? My kids eat that for breakfast a lot (the kind with greens and tofu).
  13. Ha, I must be the laziest person in the world. I just wrap the gift and write the recipient’s name on top with a Sharpie 🙂
  14. I cannot deal with chewing gum. The whole idea that a person puts this in their mouth and chews away for a while, then it is sticky and hard to get rid of - just no. It makes me retch to even think about it. My kids know there is no chewing gum allowed anywhere near me! And if they chew it at someone else’s house, they can’t come home and throw it in my trash can.
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