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  1. Mine is certainly leaving cups of half drank coffee around the kitchen. I periodically sip from them throughout the day as I come across one. Old cold coffee. I love it. My husband finds this odd, a little gross, and hilarious.
  2. It will be just our immediate family of 6. Christmas Eve - shrimp cocktail, meats and cheeses platter (is this charcuterie?), lasagna (the only time all year I make it from scratch, haha). Christmas cookies for dessert. Christmas Day breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls. I may have to rethink this since my egg allergic child doesn’t like cinnamon right now and I want him to have something special to eat like the rest of us. (Ie. not just bacon). Christmas Day dinner: our tradition for years has been Chinese food. Last year we went out to the most amazing
  3. I am EXTREMELY laid back about meals with my kids. Generally, you don’t have to eat (or even try) what I make, but if you don’t want it, you need to get something else* yourself. I’m not making 35 different things. So for example, last night I made chicken breast, steamed broccoli and brown rice. DS9, DH, and I ate servings of each. DD12 ate chicken and broccoli, but didn’t want any rice. DS6, though he usually doesn’t mind chicken, wasn’t into it for some reason, so he took out some baby carrots and hummus from the fridge and ate that instead. A couple of the kids were hungry a bit
  4. We are going to be just us too. Not only did I pare it way down, I am just not cooking all of that. So we placed a prepared food order at Whole Foods. I think it is Turkey, stuffing, beans, and gravy maybe. I did order extra stuffing. And my DS9 and I are going to attempt to make a pie together.
  5. I probably shouldn’t comment on this thread. But I’m going to dive in anyway. Warning: eating disorder talk ahead. At the height of my eating disorder, all I could think about was food. I’d plan out exactly what I was going to eat at what time for the following day. I’d follow food Instagrams. Recipe blogs. Eating disorder websites where people posted photos of their meals. When I think back on all that time I wasted obsessing over food, it makes me kind of sad. Now on the other side of the recovery process, I kind of see food as more like a tool. Like, I want to be healthy with
  6. I’m not sure of the ages of your kids, but maybe a longer term project would inspire them. You could make toiletry bags for homeless people (leave them in your car until your quarantine is over before handing them out), make menus and place cards/research recipes/work on decorating for Thanksgiving, write letters to new Congress people from your state, walk around outside with trash bags collecting trash to “beautify” the neighborhood... My kids like having a “project” to focus them. Maybe yours might too.
  7. Is Physical Science Oak Meadow 8? I’ve done several years of Oak Meadow middle school science with my oldest and one thing that they are WONDERFUL at is writing the experiments to the students. They really break down the directions into bite size pieces so the kids know what to do and expect. I’d think that after the first couple weeks your child might be able to do the hands on part on his own (maybe with the sibling as a lab partner). Don’t worry if you don’t get to all the projects either. There are so many of them and so many different ways Oak Meadow presents info.
  8. Accelerated 11 year old - one on one. As far as we can get in an hour or so. I can give her a few problems to do and get up for a few minutes but she works best with me by her side and having someone to bounce ideas off of as she goes through the lesson. 9 year old/4th grade: we’re using Math Mammoth. He does 3 pages a day and likes to read the directions and try it himself, then have me check it. I think my explanations are too wordy for him and he just likes to get right into it. 6 year old K/1: Singapore. I teach the lesson and he does the workbook. We’re just bouncing a
  9. There are some at SnorgTees. DD has a few. You have to sift through a lot of random tshirts but there are some very funny science ones.
  10. Haha, it’s just cheese pizza. Gave it a fun name for my kids 😉
  11. We’re doing an election unit study. Serving Bipartisan Pizza, haha. And leftover carrot cake from a bday last week!
  12. I am recovering from an eating disorder and it’s in my chart that I will be weighed backwards, they don’t tell me the number, and the dr is to only discuss my weight if it’s a medical issue (I.e., my weight drops in a way that looks like I am not eating according to my meal plan needs). I wonder if you could ask your provider to put something like that in your chart as well?
  13. I run early in the morning. I’m a morning person though, and I love it. I’d be totally ok with one of my kids starting at 645 though. I’d probably get up at 5 and exercise from 515 to 615, shower and get ready to help him at 645. That schedule would delight me, haha.
  14. It didn’t work for my kid either. My oldest kid prefers a list of assignments. When they are done, they are done. They like the possibility of working quickly and getting done early, or opting for a shorter lunch, or whatever. Plus as they get more independent I think it’s hard to manage. I give DD11 an assignment and I may be in another room teaching one of my younger DSs. I need to be able for her to move from thing to thing independently.
  15. Build Your Library has some neat unit studies available. A Harry Potter one, a prehistory one, and a Christmas one (though I think the Christmas one is for younger kids).
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