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  1. Hey all, have been absent from this thread for a long time :) But we're past the graduations, our vacations, a wedding, and dear friends moving back to China (sadness) and I'm somewhat back into my routine. My July goals are (1) to not drink alcohol except for super-duper special occasions---like the wedding that was on July 1 :lol: and (2) track my eating on MFP. I've added yoga twice a week to my workouts (free at our gym). My dh has been attending since November, and he thinks it will help with my flexibility. I'm not sold yet---bit slow for me. I promised dh I'd try for the summer. I do two Pilates classes (free; based on Cassey Ho's Pop Pilates) and two small-group training sessions (paid) a week. The training sessions are bootcamp-ish with kettle bells and dumbbells. I love both equally. Once a week I'm working on either deadlifts or bench press. Last week I pressed 100lb for the first time :party: I had been stuck at 85lb for So Long. On Sundays I walk 4 miles round trip to the local farmers' market to buy the veggies I don't grow and some meats. So my workout week is structured Su: long walk M: Pilates and yoga T: lifting OR walking 2-3 miles W: training and Pilates Th: training F: walking 2-3 miles OR lifting (opposite of Tues) Sa: yoga Youngest d leaves for her year abroad in 6 weeks. Older d (recent college grad)'s apartment lease is up at the end of July; she'll be moving home until she and friends decide where they're going to live. S is moving back to this coast in Sept after 2 years working in Silicon Valley (he's staying w the same company, working remotely and flying to CA for a week each month on their dime). He, his gf, and 2 past roommates will be living together---but until they find a place, he and his stuff will be here, too!
  2. I personally love the look of pedestal sinks, but our powder room is arranged in such a way that there is no storage (even nearby) for toilet paper, extra hand towels, and such. We are in the process of renovating all our bathrooms. For the powder room, we are choosing a vanity w a set of doors under the sink (to hide the plumbing and be able to stash extra tp etc) but that stands on 4 legs and is open to the floor.
  3. Youngest D will be spending the next academic year in Taiwan, outside of Taipei, courtesy of Rotary Youth Exchange (yay!). We will be able to visit her after 6 months have passed. We're thinking of March or early-to-mid April. Right now we are gathering ideas of where else to visit after we fly all that way. We have visited China before (Beijing, Xi'an, Suzhou, Shanghai). We do want to visit dear friends in Xiamen, just across from Taiwan. We would have at most 2 weeks after our time in Taiwan. That's not enough time for Australia :( Ideas so far: Hong Kong (kind of obvious, but only a few days?) Japan more China (??) New Zealand South Pacific islands (a dream to stay in one of those over-the-water bungalows--I blame an excess of travel shows!) or just stopping in Hawaii on the way home I would appreciate (a) additional country ideas and (b) specific don't miss places to visit/things to do/things to skip/etc for any of the countries. We are active 50ish, no health problems, enjoy hiking, national parks and similar, geology, culture, and history. I have a low tolerance for tourist traps. I want to come up with two or three solid options and then try to figure out airfare. My goal is to minimize time in transit with as many nonstops as possible. I appreciate any suggestions and comments :)
  4. Best ever: Concordia Language Villages; seriously life-changing for our youngest Other great camps when the kids were young: Scouts of various flavors, science camps through the local small natural history museum (ages 7-12), and an awesome robotics camp at the nearby university
  5. I have 2 platters---a small one (9.5"?) and a larger one (14-15"?). I also have a large bowl w a curved edge and a slightly smaller bowl w a flat edge. I also have the taller bowls that we use for chili and stews. They're also good for serving dishes when we host buffets.
  6. Holding you tightly :grouphug: I join the others who could not pray at difficult times in our lives. Knowing that others were supporting us helped me immensely.
  7. The high school grad is spending her summer working through a health issue, boning up on traditional Chinese characters, and getting ready for her gap year in Taiwan! The college grad will be moving to full time at her current job while applying for jobs and apprenticeships in her fields (English/theatre). She'll be moving home in August once her lease is up. She and a current roommate plan to live together in the future. And our adult son (graduated 2 years ago) will be moving back to this coast in September! He'll be working remotely for his SV company, flying there (paid everything) one week a month. He'll be the second person in his group to work remotely. His girlfriend is here. They are excited to live in the same time zone again :lol:
  8. I have never been to a wedding without a sit-down (plated or buffet) as part of the experience! I've attended weddings from 1984 to the present, in northern rural PA, all over California, in Kentucky, and from Long Island to Maryland. Friends and family, Catholic and Protestant and Jewish, big shindigs and intimate gatherings.
  9. I did so much landscaping work this month that my hands gave me pain almost every night :( But the new bed is stunning. My May gym challenge ends soon. I doubt I've lost any weight, but I hope my body fat percentage has decreased. We'll see tomorrow or Wednesday when I get checked. My period started this morning (first since January; I'm 50). I am craving pizza in the worst way! I am thisclose to running out for some---but then I feel bad that dh and d cannot eat dairy. Conflicted!
  10. I only drink decaf. Our everyday beans are the decaf Costco ones that are roasted by Starbucks. I drink 4 10iz mugs in the morning with 1T (ish) of half and half in each. No sweeteners. I'll make myself an Americano or a latte in the evening once or twice a week.
  11. My youngest is done with high school. She is excited to spend next year in Taiwan on a Rotary Youth Exchange. She'll head to Indiana University (International Studies, Arabic, Chinese) after her gap year. I am finished homeschooling and am looking forward to whatever comes next 😊
  12. I am so, so happy for your sweet guy, Creekland. He is going to be an excellent doctor!
  13. Last week: 362 active minutes; 4 HIIT classes; 2 Pilates classes; one 4 mile walk; one 35 min bike session; lots of digging the new bed. Plus beer for Mother's Day :D This week's plans: 3 HIIT classes; 2 Pilates classes; hopefully finish digging the entire bed (kidney shaped w 82' circumference). I have jury duty Thursday so that might affect my plans. This is week 3 of the May challenge at the gym :) Graduation party is schedule for May 29. The bed needs to be dug, the new shrubs planted, edging in, and mulched by then. Yep.
  14. I'm kinda afraid to watch it. I love the books so, so much that I am afraid of the adaptation (and it doesn't help that I went looking for reviews after hearing a positive one on Fresh Air today!)
  15. :grouphug: happypamama :grouphug: Nate is never far from my thoughts.
  16. Little things: --seeing a beautiful tree --super dark chocolate --morning sunshine --starting a much-anticipated new book
  17. D has exhibited the best time management this semester---finally! She's taking 3 university language classes which means juggling cultural events, skit filming, required office hours, and all the oral exams. The uni has a January term/winter session so spring classes don't end until next Tuesday. She has 3 oral finals and 3 written finals next week.
  18. Tonight I did a kettlebell circuit at the gym (goblet squats, double floor presses, sumo deadlifts) and endured the treadmill for 20 minutes. It rained all day long (but nothing like you others are getting!) so I was unable to work on digging my new bed. Tomorrow may be a day off---I'll be busy until 2pm with my Very Last Homeschooling Volunteer Obligation ( :party: ). We're invited to a Derby party beginning at 1pm. I may just send dh and plead a headache--which I'll probably have after spending 6 hours with hundreds of elementary school kids :lol:
  19. Oh crud I forgot to remind D about that! The testing school uses Total Registration and is providing pre-filled bubble sheets. She has the code for her uni.
  20. I hope she improves quickly :grouphug: My son took APs junior year while feeling a bit run down and feverish. I thought it was due to his usual season allergies. He came home early the last testing day, fell asleep on the couch, and slept for 18 hours. He was diagnosed with mono the following Monday :eek:
  21. Thinking of you and your family this morning :grouphug:
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