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  1. Very beautiful! Just curious what dose "damp" mean when you say the cabinets can't be used because of damp. For me, damp means to be slightly wet. Maybe I'm dense and it's the same meaning. I would say the cupboards are damp. Sincerely curious if it's just another distinction between British English and American English.
  2. Settling into our new home in the PNW!

  3. I turned 40 today. There were some unexpected tears on my part.

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    2. GailV


      Happy birthday! I figure that when we're 80 we'll look back and wonder why we thought 40s were worrisome.

    3. Kim in Appalachia

      Kim in Appalachia

      Happy Birthday. The 40's are not that bad.:)

    4. Freckles


      Thanks everyone! I feel much better today.

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