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  1. Oh crud I forgot to remind D about that! The testing school uses Total Registration and is providing pre-filled bubble sheets. She has the code for her uni.
  2. My older d had pain like that. Hers was due to a soy allergy. When younger d started having stomach/intestinal pain with no other symptoms, we went to the allergist right away. We eliminated her allergens but the pain remained. She had all kinds of tests done, including a very frightening episode of a potential serious genetic disease. Everything was fine yet she was still in pain and losing weight rapidly. It turns out she has a severe dairy (not lactose) intolerance. Once we eliminated all dairy, even trace amounts, she felt better and regained weight. Accidental cross-contamination with
  3. When we had 2 in college, our calculated EFC for each kid was 60-65% of our EFC when we had one in college. That was an unwelcome outcome :lol:
  4. Oh my goodness, how nice to hear from you again:)
  5. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Luckymama


      Just application stuff. You know!

    3. quark


      We should time it so we can all shout aaargh together. :) Hugs!

    4. Luckymama
  6. Here is this year's version of the Collegewise Common App Guide http://wiselikeus.com/collegewise/2016/08/our-2016-17-common-app-guide-is-here.html
  7. I have been to all 50 states :D I have lived in 9 states. When I was growing up, we'd vacation (camp, usually) in neighboring states, so when we lived in Utah, we visited Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Imagine that times nine and you get a lot of states! Dh is at 36 states visited, almost all of those with me. We have decided to count a "visit" if we eat or spend the night in the state, not just driving through. This summer he's knocked out Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas :)
  8. March is going to be the longest month ever.

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    2. Chrysalis Academy

      Chrysalis Academy

      Ah, good luck! Keeping fingers crossed for you.

    3. quark


      Another set of crossed fingers here! Good luck!

    4. swimmermom3
  9. Derek Owens online classes are not live (at least Calculus) but are recorded lectures. Some PA Homeschoolers classes may have live components but most are generally asynchronous. Art of Problem Solving has live math and computer science classes. Dd has taken a couple classes. The Potter's School has live classes beginning in middle school. Dd took Arabic 1 from them.
  10. The interview is over. Now she waits for at least two more months. Just a taste of college app season for next year!

  11. Such a weird feeling to have your kids scattered across the globe

    1. Penguin
    2. Tress


      I can't imagine! Hugs!

    3. quark


      Oh you must miss them!

  12. I hate waiting!!!!!!!!

    1. quark


      Fingers crossed for good news!

    2. Luckymama


      Thanks :) Dd's concentration has taken a vacation.

  13. Argh!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chrysalis Academy
    2. quark




    3. Luckymama


      Thanks :) Combo of an ovethinking-her-essays dd, college searching, testing plan, and a volunteer potentially backing out of a commitment!

  14. Oh my goodness, you have articulated my thoughts! I feel this way all the time. If I start feeling relaxed about a path or a decision, dd is sure to hit me with something completely new and out-of-the-blue in the next day or so.
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