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  1. I am so, so happy for your sweet guy, Creekland. He is going to be an excellent doctor!
  2. Oh crud I forgot to remind D about that! The testing school uses Total Registration and is providing pre-filled bubble sheets. She has the code for her uni.
  3. My older d had pain like that. Hers was due to a soy allergy. When younger d started having stomach/intestinal pain with no other symptoms, we went to the allergist right away. We eliminated her allergens but the pain remained. She had all kinds of tests done, including a very frightening episode of a potential serious genetic disease. Everything was fine yet she was still in pain and losing weight rapidly. It turns out she has a severe dairy (not lactose) intolerance. Once we eliminated all dairy, even trace amounts, she felt better and regained weight. Accidental cross-contamination with
  4. D has committed to Indiana University :) She will study International Studies with a concentration in Diplomacy, Security, and Governance. In addition, she will continue her study of Arabic and Chinese. Why IU? She was first drawn to IU after learning that they added an Arabic Language Flagship program to their existing Chinese and Turkish programs. (See here https://www.thelanguageflagship.org/content/home for general Language Flagship info). Everyone she met during her long visit was encouraging and friendly. She did not feel like an oddity for wanting to pursue two critical languages at
  5. I am doing this exercise for Future Me. I refuse to be a frail little old lady. I want to travel. I want to be active in my grand children's lives. I want to be able to live independently as long as possible. I like seeing my arm muscles. I like being able to carry heavy boxes. I like being able to shovel and spread mulch in my hilly yard without feeling sore the next day. I like being able to tackle difficult hikes when we travel to national parks. I like being strong :D
  6. Some people hyperextend a bit past setting the hips in place so that in competition judges will see they completed the lift. (Whoa, horrible sentence!) But they still keep a neutral spine. Was he really bending far back? That sounds like a recipe for lower back issues!
  7. Yes :) I've been working for almost two years through and after a shoulder injury. Today I started with 6 reps at 95lb to warm up, then I did 2 sets of 6 reps at 135lb (last week I maxed at 135lb). That felt good so I added 5 lb. My form was still perfect so I went for 145lb! The first 5 reps were great but I broke form (curved my lower back) on the last one. Last fall I was able to do *1* deadlift at 135lb. Dh thinks I should test my maximum soon to see what I can do. I'm kinda scared to do that. I still feel intimidated being the only woman in the weight area at the time Inwirk out.
  8. Today: weights this am w a new deadlift PR of 145lb (x6!) gardening, weeding and cleaning up PopPilates class tonight (45 min plus warmup/cooldown)
  9. Carrie12345, I am not seeing any changes in my midsection either :( I started gaining fat there 18 months ago (?). I still have a visible waistline but am pudgy. However, I have visible arm, shoulder, calf, and quad muscles :D I try to concentrate on those gains---though that can be difficult. This week's exercise plans: MWF lifting w 10-15 min HIIT finishers TTh moderate intensity cardio W Pop Pilates class (next week begins 2x week!) Today for MIC I did hill sprints on the gym bike as it was rainy. Last night I went for a 3mi walk after dinner. I am closely tracking my foo
  10. I hope the phone interview went well today and that he advances to the in-person round! Ds had *3* levels of interviews for one of his summer internships :eek:
  11. We've been keeping $500 in cash on hand since Sandy. We watched what happened just a bit north if us. We have a small locked safe in the basement hidden among other things. Important papers and our passports are also stored in it.
  12. Congratulations :party:
  13. I've been dealing with senior year things and early seasonal allergies so haven't really had time to post. My workouts continue with strength and 15ush min of HIIT MWF. Today I deadlifted my old one-rep maximum of 135lb for 3 sets of 8 :D I take a Pop Pilates class every Monday evening. I notice that I feel neck strain when I am holding an incurrent position or when it's a difficult movement for me. In that case I put my head down on the mat. The gym has been offering free classes this month of their 3 types of group training sessions. I've tried all 3 and really like the "build" v
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