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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Tiny-Truths-Illustrated-Bible/dp/0310764319 We love Tiny Truths and have Wonder and Wisdom on preorder. We love the Jesus Storybook Bible too.
  2. December. We have three Septembers, one November, two Decembers, and two Mays.
  3. I do know large families who ask the community to help them repeatedly. I also know large families who pay to hire help which is a-okay with me. But there are also plenty of us out there who do it without hiring a house cleaner or a nanny. I have six who are 10 and under, including a set of toddler twins. it's a handful and a handful that I chose to have so I tend to not ask for much help. Have I asked for someone to hang out with my kids so I could take one to a doctor's appointment without the rest in tow? Yup! I don't hire regular help. However, I DO have a husband who is amazing and does not feel like his job is over when he comes home from work. He steps up and does chores, parents, often helps kids with a math lesson if they need to be taught in a different way. So while I am not leaning on the outside community to meet all of my needs or hiring help for it, I do have a co-parent in this unlike plenty of moms of large families whose husbands don't feel that is their role.
  4. I tested it out for you. I did a load for a family of 8 (2 adults, 6 kids) with a handful of towels thrown in there. Extra large capacity washer. Just under 8 minutes to fold. ? I didn't time how long it took to put it away though. 4 minutes would be like speed folding here!
  5. Maybe check out Beautiful Feet? We've loved everything from them so far.
  6. It was done in minutes. He was nursing right off the bat after both the lip tie and the tongue tie. They were done at separate times due to the tongue tie being an actual surgery as it was so thick and posterior. The tongue tie bothered him a little more because it was more in depth.
  7. I love their Latin program and their literature guides. I moved to the literature guides because one of mine wasn't retaining information well and he's improved massively.
  8. We will combine Morning Basket time which includes Bible, Latin, Logic, hymn study, and a character study book for 4 kids ranging 6-10 years. I don't make the six year old do Latin or Logic but sometimes he wants to join in. Most of the group work is combined with science, history, and geography with the 6 year old doing a lower level of science. 8/9 year olds do the same handwriting, grammar, reading, writing, spelling, and math as individual work. The other two do their own grade level when they come to individual work. Then they do their own music practice.
  9. NoseInABook


    I'm so, so very sorry. :(
  10. I'm taking two of mine right back to second grade Handwriting Without Tears because they get sloppier the older they get. I'm hoping that helps or else I'm apparently going to be looking into Getty and Dubay as recommended above!
  11. Popping back in with some practical thoughts. Are you willing to do visits bare minimum twice weekly for one hour each provided that parents are released from jail? You'll have doctor's appointments, possible therapy, family team meetings, and court dates as well. It's a lot to do but if you are committed to the child, it's worth it. There is a lot of people in your business all of the time. They dig into EVERYTHING. If you do take the baby as a kinship placement, consider being licensed as a full foster home so you receive the monthly fostering stipend, clothing allowance, etc that comes with being a licensed home. Also know that WIC is available for all foster kids which helps with formula and later on baby food. There are plenty of foster closets in the state to help with clothing the baby too and often foster parents will band together to provide the baby gear and other necessities you may need. It helps ease the financial strain of adding another person to your family.
  12. If CPS knows to flag the child to look for a positive meconium test in the hospital, then CPS will likely be involved. Sometimes they remove the child, sometimes they do not. If she's still in jail when she births the child, you can pretty much bet on the child being placed into foster care. It honestly depends on the child. There is a better outlook for a child who was only exposed to drugs compared to one who has alcohol exposure on top of the drug exposure. The child probably would have learning disabilities and perhaps ADHD or similar diagnoses. The majority of my previous foster children were exposed to some drug/multiple drugs or alcohol in utero. I have zero regrets fostering them and we're finalizing the adoption of two of my babies on Friday.
  13. 96 but I have subscribe and save for diapers, wipes, vitamins, etc.
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