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  1. Thank you, Gratitude! I found that link right after posting. I will delete this shortly since I've got the answer.
  2. Thanks, Aurelia. I just read the pinned post at the top about WWE3 and 4 and WWS etc, and it makes me think you are right on!
  3. 3rd grade didn't go as originally planned, and we didn't do FLL3 and WWE3 as expected. I want to get back on track with FLL and WWE for 4th grade. Do I go with level 3 or 4? FLL came very naturally to my dd. WWE was more difficult for her. I don't want to always be a grade "behind" in that if possible. Thanks!
  4. Thank you, thank you! I've been struggling to find "hard enough" books for my advanced preschooler that still were fun for her and kept her attention. Several books in your list are already on our shelves, and I'm about to reserve a few more at the library. Thanks so much!
  5. This is my first time posting in the accelerated forum. My oldest dd (2nd grade) is bright and working ahead of grade in at least half her subjects, but she doesn't like to challenge herself or work "too hard." Her little sister, who just turned 4 last month, is the opposite. She adores school work and basically taught herself to read at age 3. She reads and comprehends on a middle-second grade level. Today, I was helping oldest dd spell "marshmallows" and she was trying to remember what two letters say "ar". She said to me, "Just spell it please!" and her little sister piped up, "It is 'a-r'." She also helped her earlier by telling her that "o-u" is other way to spell "ow." Oldest dd doesn't seem to mind yet, but I feel she will before too long. She is very sensitive and gets her feelings hurt easily. They are 3.5 years apart. What have other parents done in situations like this?
  6. Wanting a heads up is understandable. Glad you are feeling better about it now! :-) I bet your son had a blast doing something new, too.
  7. I'm using Miquon a little bit with my oldest, as a supplement, and I have 3 other kids to follow. Even with that, I still plan on buying books as needed for each child. It just isn't worth my time and effort to do anything else! There are a tons of things I'd rather do (sewing something!).
  8. My first thought was what the others said. Maybe it was from the summer break? I'd review for awhile then try the test again. Hugs! Is it the "testing" that bothers her? Does she seem to know it otherwise (like when you are working with her), or is she just struggling over all in math right now?
  9. I bought a used copy of AAS Level 3, but it is missing the Silent E book. Can someone describe the book so I can just make her one? Thanks
  10. I was homeschooled with Abeka back in the 80's and 90's, and my recollection is that it was very boring, especially history. I'm looking forward to history this year with my 2nd grader bc we are making it fun and full of activities. I don't remember anything fun from history when I was in school.
  11. AAR is fun but no cursive. I don't think it'd be the best fit based on your description. It isn't hard to implement, but it doesn't have worksheets etc.
  12. Thanks so much! Those are great ideas that I'll definitely put to use, and now I'm getting really excited about teaching the lesson. :-)
  13. Two of mine wrote their names at age 3. My 3rd child just turned 3 and is no where close. He recognizes his name but has made no attempt to try to write it. Maybe when he is 4?
  14. I have Light Blue and felt it was great. I haven't used it for many years (oldest is in 2nd now), but I like Light Blue because it lays it out as a full curriculum. We have used it as our main math, with other things to supplement.
  15. I'm teaching my first class at our large (200+ students) co-op next week. We are studying Ancient Civilizations. My topic is Invention of the Wheel (or the potter's wheel). I'm stumped about a hands on activity for the 1st & 2nd graders. I know I shouldn't be nervous, as they are just 30-35 6 & 7 year olds, but I am. I need something that takes about 40 minutes (including the teaching part). Any bright ideas?
  16. I live in Savannah, GA, and we have the same lovely palmetto bugs. I hate them. I still would have slept in the room though, because the option of moving the mattress to the floor of another room, in my mind, just makes it easier for them to climb on the bed there, since it is on the ground. It isn't exactly logical, since they can walk on the walls without a problem, but that's just how I would have done it.
  17. A 2nd grader, Pre-k, 3 year old and 9 month old! Ought to be a fun year!
  18. Twoxcell, I even have one of those and completely forgot! Klwalukas, I will certainly check that out. Thank you both!
  19. We have no limits, though my personal "limit" is how many books I think we can keep up with in a 3 week period!
  20. We start in August to coincide with our large co-op's start date. It happens to be a week after public school starts.
  21. If there is a thread I've overlooked answering this question, please let me know! We are doing Story of the World volume 1 Ancient Times this year. I'd love to find a readers list (not read a louds but books my dd can read on her own) that goes along with ancient civilization. I'm looking for 3rd-4th grade reading level. She is a rising 2nd grader, so I'm also being aware of content and comprehension being appropriate. Thank you!
  22. I'm no expert, having just finished first grade with my oldest, but that looks very ambitious to me, if it is all intended for first grade! If is is spread through first grade and second, then I think it looks great still. For my dd, age 7, anything that could be sounded out easily and was spelled how it looked (cvc words and blends) were no trouble. When we got to words that had sounds that were harder to figure out (like au, oo, etc) we slowed down considerably.
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