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  1. Any reviews? I am a highly visual speller and like that this is what this program focuses on. Does it work, though? Thanks in advance!
  2. I will have a young 1st grader who turns 6 in July. Build Your Library 1 For handwriting, just copywork from BYL First Language Lessons 1 Explode the Code 3 & 4, Phonics Pathways, Phonics readers I wasn't going to add formal spelling or writing this year, but I'm leaning towards WriteShop Primary A. Still leaning towards waiting on formal spelling. If we do spelling it will probably be Spelling Workout A or B. Rightstart B Science is nature study as scheduled by BYL, but I'm considering adding RSO or an experiment kit. My daughter loves science! Home Art Studio Piano
  3. We are doing: Horizons K Mathseeds Bob Books Phonics Pathways Reading Eggs Zaner-Bloser K Build Your Library K Art at the library (once a week) My daughter loves workbooks, so we also have several she does whenever she wants, like Kumon.
  4. That's exactly what I was looking at! :)
  5. Phonics Pathways, Bob Books Big Bag of Science Zaner Bloser Handwriting K Horizons Math K (anyone used the manipulative sets from RR? Are they useful?) Kinderbach A variety of workbooks since my daughter likes them. Kumon, Developing the Early Learner, other random ones her Grandma gets for her. Maybe Beginning Geography. I'm also planning on splurging on the complete set of Geopuzzles.
  6. Either Bookshark or Timberdoodle is what I would do.
  7. We are doing: Build Your Library K- Around the World. I'm really looking forward to starting this! It's an overview of people and animals around the world, and schedules art projects, read alouds, and recipes. Skills- lots of Kumon workbooks, art projects, and just life in general as others have mentioned When I decide she's ready to read, we will use Phonics Pathways. She knows all the letters and sounds, but hasn't made the leap to sounding out words yet. For math I haven't decided if I'm just going to be informal this year or use Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 2.
  8. Math: Miquon, Rightstart, Mathematical Reasoning, Singapore Earlybird, Saxon, Horizons,...I know I'm missing a bunch Phonics: Phonics Pathways, Progressive Phonics, The Reading Lesson, All About Reading, Logic of English Foundations, Bob books... I know there's a bunch more here too
  9. Thanks you too! I look forward to hearing how your K year goes!
  10. Your K year looks very similar to my plan! My daughter is only 4, so we're doing a K4 year and then next year we will start most of the things on your list. We are doing BYL K this year, though. (It looks wonderful, doesn't it?!) I'm very excited! In fact I think the only differences are we will use Phonics Pathways and Zaner-Bloser. We are also going to start Kinderbach this year!
  11. I absolutely feel your pain. My daughter is only 3 and I have been researching homeschool curriculum and devouring forums for quite some time. It IS self inflicted torture.
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