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  1. Well, those things love me, so I'd just sit there with one hand/forearm exposed and the rest of me covered and wait until one lands, then SMOOSH. They'd all be gone in just a few minutes. Problem solved. If I can't see, I'd just turn on a light for a few minutes until they're all smooshed. Dh's method is to sit near me since they'll pick me over him. Definitely zero spraying in the house.
  2. I'm glad you listened to your gut. It's so difficult to know when to listen and when to walk. I find the same to be true with medical professionals. Ugh. Have you looked for forums/chat boards for budgeting talk where you can bounce ideas off of others? A lot of what I learned, I learned from reading such boards, not unlike the wonderful information I have learned from this board over the years. Same. I don't know about other countries, but here, those items are covered by different people. However, many financial advisors also sell whole life/universal life insurance policies as
  3. Regarding the part I bolded ~~ I haven't seen this in this thread at all. OP asked if she *should* have an advisor. What I and several others have said is that it depends on several factors such as how comfortable she is with investing, was she interested in learning some things so she could do it herself, etc. Several of us even said that she might just benefit from one based on factors such as lack of interest, needing time to think about things, wanting to simply just hand it over to someone else, or whatever. The simple fact is that it is quite simple to do this by yourself, which is
  4. I love the idea of a fee-based anyone. LOL. You may have had other posters responding about advisor/no advisor than those on this thread. I have noticed over the years on three different forums (four if I include this one) that it's a subject with very strong opinions. Almost like placing silverware up or down in the dishwasher or whether or not to wear shoes in the house. 😂
  5. It was pretty easy to make money in the market last year. Was that your first time investing? If so, you'd have to ask yourself if you had lost 30% of your investment in March, would you have held strong or would you have panicked? I can tell you what I have instructed my kids (well, they're in their 20s, so not 'kids') to do in the event of our passing. They are busy with their careers and getting started in life, so have little time to learn more than just basic investing. I have told them to just put/keep the money in an Index 500 fund. It's not sexy, but it's a good, solid investmen
  6. Do you *need* an advisor in order to retire? No. Should you get one anyway? Maybe. This is an area that is of great interest to me, and I am self-taught. I consider financial planning my hobby. LOL. We are doing just fine so will continue to do what we've been doing. However. It depends entirely on you and what you think you will get from an advisor that you can't do yourself. I'd think about the following~ What kind of investor are you? i.e. How did you react last March when the markets went down because of COVID? Did you panic sell to keep what was left 'safe' from
  7. I've used them for years for mortgage and car amortizations. It's a very addictive site for money nerds like me. 😉
  8. I really like the calculators on Dinkytown. https://www.dinkytown.net/mortgage.html I linked to the mortgage ones, but they have scads of others, including retirement (I've not looked at those, though I really should). There is a bit of a learning curve for it, but if you can print amortization schedules (you can choose monthly or yearly). Just choose the calculator(s) you're interested in and set your parameters.
  9. Somehow I missed this. I read on City-Data.com that Penske replaces their trucks after xx miles, too. Uhaul trucks are 'maintained' by the places that rent them. Like storage unit places. If I ever rent another Uhaul, it will be from an actual UHaul place that has a garage and not from a storage unit company. I had two storage unit owners tell me that they were getting out of their relationships with Uhaul because they were supposed to maintain the trucks as they were dropped off but they didn't know the first thing about them. I took that to mean that there was nothing being done beyond
  10. This. I would do this. But, I would use Penske. UHaul for such a long trip is a bit risky. The City-Data forum I linked to above has convinced me that UHaul is best for local moves and Penske is better for long trips. Uhauls break down more and Penske trucks are more comfy to drive/ride in. If you have AAA, they give discounts, too.
  11. Why is this? Most apartments allow POD type things for moves. Some allow just a few days but others are up to two weeks. If you haven't checked with your office, I would do so. I would do none of your options, honestly. Stopping and unloading a truck, storing for two weeks, then loading again sounds like a logistical nightmare in the middle of an already stressful situation (moving). I also would not hire a moving company. We moved last year and in my planning I read so many stories about movers changing the prices (and some simply took off with people's stuff never to be found!), that we
  12. Oh man. The tail whipping. That's a sign of a really ticked off cat! 🤣
  13. I guess I qualify, too, but I'm so quiet/unknown on the boards, I knew it wasn't me. I do admit to opening the thread to see just who *was* being paged! 😄 I also admit that I'm glad our days of kitty presents are over now that ours is a super senior and his hunting days are behind him. Blech.
  14. As @kbutton said upthread, you need to buy these --> https://www.amazon.com/Garsum-Sticky-Houseplant-Yellow-Insect/dp/B085GCX9H6/ref=sr_1_5?crid=214VNTXL0LXOJ&dchild=1&keywords=garsum+sticky+houseplant+traps+gnat+yellow+insect&qid=1620492317&sprefix=garsum+sticky+houseplant+traps+gnat+yellow+insect%2Caps%2C189&sr=8-5 They are fabulous. I used them a few years ago in several plants that had a gnat outbreak of unknown origin that lasted all summer. These things catch all sorts of flying pests including fruit flies, sink gnats, and an occasional mosquito. At one poin
  15. What wonderful news!
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