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  1. If you put items in two yard sales at different times of the year and they didn't sell, would you put them back in a moving sale? The items in question are kitchen items (dishes, serving dishes, cake molds, etc). Also, would you put in small decorative items (candle sticks, wall hangings, photo frames, etc) or would you just put larger furniture items/patio furniture/lawncare items in a moving sale?
  2. I never used to give it much thought. Until..... I went to one family's house for a playdate and saw their kitchen and dining room. Fur all over the place (we were covered with it when we left--- like all over our backs from sitting on the couch. (our BACKS up to the shoulders were fully covered as if we had been rolling on the floor), kitchen was nasty with supposedly clean bowls on the counter with fur/dust gathered in them and the best part was the umpteen cat poops from various 'deposit dates' spread all around their dining room on the hardwood floor. They were dry and had been there quite a while (yes, I looked!). Then, not too long after that lovely visit, there was a potluck. I instructed my kids not to eat anything that x family brought and then I noticed someone who had brought peeled, hard-boiled eggs. It caught my eye simply because I had not seen that at a potluck before and thought it was a great idea. She sat the tray down on the table and her toddler promptly picked one up and licked it all over, as if to eat it. Remember, they were peeled and ready to eat. The mom simply grabbed the fully-licked egg and put it back on the tray for someone to grab, and scolded the toddler and walked off. After seeing that, I instructed my kids to eat only the things we brought, and those from other families we knew well and had been to their houses. I even gave them the OK to eat the small, unwashed apples that were dumped from the store's pre-packaged plastic bag right into a bowl and I have a strict 'wash everything' policy. Since then, the whole hand-washing and bathroom thing has just bloomed to an insane level, so that adds to my paranoia about what is in the food others prepare. I don't eat homemade potluck stuff anymore and haven't for several years.
  3. Ugh. I'm such a dork. I don't shop Black Friday sales so it didn't hit me when I tried to place an order on Amazon and got a crazy delivery date. It didn't occur to me until this thread that they were slammed. I couldn't figure out why my small, single-item order would take six days to get to me from the warehouse that's less than 1 & 1/2 hours away. For those talking about UPS later deliveries, I don't think living almost rural is the issue for your later delivery times. I'm smack in the middle of a subdivision smack in the middle of a city smack in the middle of the county, mere miles from their distribution location and my delivery time has been moved from "by 5:00pm" to "by 9:00pm". I wonder if they just automatically tack on extra time for all of their routes during this time of the year? Oh, and I've also had items delivered the day after they were supposed to be (at all times of the year), so I always wondered what was up with that when the online thing says it's out for delivery. 'Tis a mystery to me. At least with the online tracking, if it doesn't say "delivered" I don't panic and think it grew legs and walked off my patio. 😉
  4. Thanks for posting this, Arcadia. We have several of these plans and only one person got a text. It sounded like spam with a 'click here for more info" link and a news search turned up nothing so we just didn't know if it was legit or not. i wonder what the hackers wanted with such non-personal info?
  5. We noticed many (5? 6?) years ago the the things we were interested in were often more expensive during the "holiday sales". We did think it was a fluke so we started talking about it and comparing notes. Around the third year of our unscientific study, we found that prices went up considerably on things immediately following Halloween. We tracked the prices of the things that we bought before Halloween and every single item would have cost us more had we bought during the holiday rush. Granted, we never shop Black Friday and don't look for big TVs and other tech stuff, but things we tracked to test our theory were wireless keyboards/headphones, small appliances, etc. We also just 'kept an eye' on some larger things out of curiosity and found the same thing; prices went up after Halloween, and then went 'on sale' at a higher price during the holiday buying time. The result is that for the last two years, we have bought/will buy nothing "for the holidays" at any point after Halloween because prices are so jacked up. Note: we only have adults to buy for, so this works great. I'm not sure if it would work for kids past the toddler age. My post may be a bit confusing, so what I'm saying is that we aren't on a spending strike, but the "holiday gift-giving list" is done before Halloween. It has saved us money, for sure.
  6. Wildcat


    I hate to laugh at this, but that's pretty funny. Terabith, maybe the doc at the UC is now having flu symptoms. Maybe call them and ask if you can now have some flu meds pretty please? (I'm going for humor since it's the only way I can help you from afar).
  7. Wildcat


    It really was. None of us had ever had the flu before and based on the side effects of Tamiflu, I wasn't sure I'd want to try it when the day comes that I'm knocked on my ass by the flu, but after seeing dd's recovery with Xofluza, I'd crawl to the office to get it if I had to! You wouldn't even have to argue... can you just burst into tears on the phone? Our CVS delivers..... And, I'm definitely not a doctor, but it seems to me that Xofluza would work on the 'flu-like' viruses, too. Dd's script was $80 oop (I told her to just get it at the clinic and get back to her dorm ASAP, so we paid for it) Sadly, I have none, but couldn't ignore this. (((hugs)))) Not a single one, and this child has a hard time with meds making her sick, loopy, give her low BP, etc. She said if it wasn't for the fact that she had the paper from the health clinic showing that she had been there AND that she had Type B flu, she would have thought it was all just a dream a mere 24 hours after taking it. She said she had only lingering mild fatigue by that point, and all her other symptoms had vanished. In 24 hours. We were utterly stunned. I was so impressed with it, that I have made it a mission (obvs) to shout about it from the rooftops so others know it's out there and might opt to try it.
  8. Yeah, I don't know of our realtor was just blowing smoke, or what, but she said that she hated dealing with VA loans. I am very nervous for when we sell this house. An awful lot of people who buy in this area use VA loans. Like a whole lot. I'd take a lower offer if it meant not having to deal with them again, just like your parents did. I'm THAT soured on my experience with them, and it was *well* over a decade ago.
  9. Wildcat


    I know almost nothing about JW beliefs but after reading this entire thread in one sitting, and knocking out one possibility after the other, I'm left wondering if it really is a "huh??" thing to most of us. Like, her going to the wedding of the underage girl and the lack of response (both in the delayed time and, in Scarlett's son's eyes, not enough punishment) caused her son to choose to have his wedding at a different temple/hall/place as opposed to the one where he is/had been a member (or insert correct term--I hope I got that all right) and that Scarlett chose not to attend because that is a slight on her morals or expectations as a member of her particular temple/hall. Sort of 'he's a member there, so he has to get married there, and since he didn't, she chose not to go. Since it seems that she's the only one who had an issue with it and didn't go, yeah, it is probably a "huh?? thing to us. This is just something that popped into my mind as I read the last couple of pages. As an aside, over the years, I've often wondered if there isn't a JW message board out there that might be a better fit for many of Scarlett's posts. So much of what she seems to ask/comment on here almost always boils down to her beliefs & moral code once the details come out (and, yes, details matter!) and it seems that most people here have a hard time understanding the nuances of her situation and those threads (her ss's weight, other people's weight, going/not going to a wedding, and many others over the years that I can't think of at the moment) often boil down to a thought process/belief that is outside the norm for the overwhelming majority of us on this board and those threads all end up being contentious and 'better-than' in a lot of instances. I'm thinking a more like-minded forum would be a better fit for her for those moral-leaning topics, as she might get advice that is better-suited to her situation. Scarlett, since you're still reading and posting 'likes', I want you to know that I've been on these boards for over 10 years and have seen you go through heartache & pain, find love again, and navigate the often-difficult waters of being a step-parent. I sincerely wish the best for you and your son and hope that this will one day be just a horrible, and distant, memory for all involved.
  10. Wildcat


    OP, I agree with the others. You have the flu. Your symptoms and timeline are *exactly* like what my dd had in January/February. She went from "I don't feel so hot this morning" to barely able to walk in three hours. She managed to get to the campus health center and get tested. She had the B strain of flu. At the health center, the dootor gave her a 'new flu med' that showed great promise and doesn't have the side effects that Tamiflu has for some people. It is Xofluza. It's two teeny tablets and she took them at the same time. She slept the rest of the day and, I kid you not, she felt almost normal the next day. It was remarkable. By the end of that next day, she she said it was as if she was never sick at all. I highly suggest Xofluza for those who react to Tamiflu. It works best when given within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. I hope you feel better. And you need to fire your UC & find someplace else to go next time. They "did you wrong" by not testing you for the flu.
  11. Something similar happened to us several years ago, but it was a VA loan. The buyers supposedly had not one penny to put towards closing costs so we agreed to pay $X in closing. Well, the appraisal came in under the agreed-upon price, which I was told is normal for VA loans. Maybe this is the case for the FHA loans, too? We had priced right at market for a quick sale, so I was pretty ticked. Anyway.... Since the house had gone under contract within hours, we countered with the lower price and them picking up the closing costs. We were looking at a 'swing' of not a whole lot, but felt that difference would 'buy' us many months of expenses if they backed out and we had to find another buyer. Lo and behold, they came up with some cash. It wasn't the full amount, but it was an amount that made it worth it to us to sign the papers and be done. The whole experience soured me on VA loans for other reasons that I don't want to go into here. I'm really hoping that when we sell our current house, it's to a buyer with conventional financing..... So, to (sort of) answer your question, I'd look at the dollar value of a potential loss of this buyer and having to wait and if you think everything else about the closing will go ok. (like are they pre-approved and the loan is a sure thing?) The 'value' I would place on having a seller in hand and 'ready to go' might just be worth a few thousand $ to get it all over with. On the other hand, if you need the money or if the $ involved here is "a good chunk", then I might be inclined to counter and just be prepared to have to relist the house. Generally, 'they' say that the first offer is your best one. That might be true, but it's the nitty-gritty details that determine whether it was a good deal or a bad one. You're in a seller's market, so without knowing the amount of money involved, I'd probably counter and take my chances.
  12. That was most enjoyable. I love baroque music. Thanks for sharing. 😊
  13. Great info. Thanks. I was thinking "that's all there is to it" but I've been surprised by things before. LOL 👍 Thanks for the info. I've made note of it. Great idea! Thrifting: the ultimate recycling. Haha. Fantastic. Thanks ladies. 😊 I'll share all of this with dh and see if he wants to proceed!
  14. This is the Jet/cheapest one, right? By basic model, is this the Jet/non-electric one that Pen mentioned? I was wondering if that was the best way to 'test the waters' (pun intended). Thanks for the info on the flavorings and exchanges. It's for dh as I don't like carbonated water. He drinks the plain sparkling mineral water from Costco, so I'm thinking this would be a decent replacement for that? Thanks for the Aldi tip. I'll have to see if ours has it. I saw several people online do this, too. Does the paintball store just fill it for him like filling a barbecue propane tank at Costco or something? I wonder how east it would be to find a place to do this where I am. Hmm... Thanks, everyone for your replies. I've been trying to learn more about this to see if it is worth getting for dh but I do have a couple more questions. Is it hard to find a place to do a cartridge exchange? My whole purpose of doing this is because recycling just became unavailable to us and I'm really wanting to reduce our footprint so I'd hate to be left with empty cartridges and no place to take them. If he makes a bottle (or whatever the term is), can he repeatedly open and close it without the fizz going away? Can we transfer the fizzy water to smaller bottles if two people want to drink the water? Or if not, would we just buy an extra manufacturer's bottle and pour some into that? Is it best to drink it right after making it? If it's not obvious, I'm not clear on what happens after you make the water (someone please help me out here--- what is the word I'm looking for? "Making fizzy water" sounds so odd. LOL)
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