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  1. That was interesting! Thanks for sharing. It's not quite what my issue is (well, was--- see below) but I've bookmarked it for future reference because it seems like it could come in handy at some point. Nope. I also order a LOT of stuff from Amazon. LOL. I want to thank all of you ladies for trying to help me out. I think I figured it out, and will share what I think happened and what I did to get back in Amazon's good graces. I mentioned that I had two Amazon windows open, one with several tabs of things that I wanted to look at later, and one where I was streami
  2. You would think, right? I don't have access to his today (he checked his Amazon page before leaving for the day). Argh! I just edited my post to reflect that.
  3. Can anyone help me? I am desperate. I need to order something from Amazon today but I am having issues with the site. I browsed just fine yesterday. When I go to the main page in either incognito or 'regular', I am asked to fill out a captcha to get the main page to load. Then, when I click on a product, the reviews aren't there. I can see the stars and number of reviews, but they don't & won't load. I have reloaded the page, cleared all cookies & cache, restarted Firefox, and restarted my computer (mac). This happens in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. All browsers are up t
  4. Quoting because this is important. We also had an elderly cat who suddenly started getting UTIs and the vet suggested filtered water and a fountain. (Actually he said Distilled would work, too, but that was going to be pricey with three animals!) We filled an empty water jug (the gallon size) with filtered water from the fridge and used that for the water bowl. We just kept it on the counter full of filtered water and ready to pour into the fountain. Eight months ago when we moved to a place with no filter in the fridge's water line, we used a Brita pitcher to filter the tap water. The c
  5. She really is gorgeous! My vote is for Georgia. Here is my line of thinking (my brain connects things in a strange way, so bear with me): Gorgeous --> Gorge (said in a haughty tone like "isn't she simply gorge?!") --> George --> Georgia since she's a girl. (I warned y'all, didn't I? LOL)
  6. Wow. I would for sure pester her until I could go pick up my CDs (and check their condition before letting her get away). From the little I know about her, she sure sounds like an entitled brat who needs a lesson on responsibility.
  7. Agreeing with several others. Don't mention your suspicions to your DD. Now, I would say something to DD about her not lending anything to this friend if anything at all goes wonky with getting all of your CDs back in the same condition you lent them. Go get the CDs yourself. Plan something fun (either go shopping or grab a snack) to make the trip a good one. The reason I say to go and get them is so that you can have the friend immediately get any 'missing' CDs as opposed to drawing this out even longer. The sooner this is over, the sooner you can put it behind you. I would s
  8. I haven't gone through this personally, but a family member has. The part about a line and tenderness along the top of the foot are the same symptoms my loved one had. Their xray also didn't show a fracture, but was given a walking boot since the doctor was sure it was a stress fracture (caused by tightening shoe laces, of all things). I'm sure age comes into play since we take longer to heal as we get older and that area is under lots of strain, but my late-40s-to-early-50s family member was in that darned boot for close to six months! I can't remember which foot it was on, so I do
  9. Do you know the specific area/neighborhood you are interested in? A month or so before we were ready to start looking, I looked on Realtor.com in the neighborhood we wanted and over a few months, I saw several realtors who had the majority of the listings. I then went to the "sell" portion of Realtor.com and looked at the sold listings over a year or two to see who had the most sales-- in my case, they overlapped, so that made choosing easier. You can also drill down into each sale and see what the listing price & sales price were. This gives an idea of the market in your area of inte
  10. Can someone please add me to the PM list? While I was also doxxed (Wildcat is not the original "me" here), my situation was more of a sneak spying thing which I found super creepy. From what I can gather, OP's situation sounds worse. OP, I'm sorry this happened and you had to reinvent yourself. It was hard for me to do, and I was mostly a 'contributer' and not a 'creator', so I only had to become known again, but the old me wasn't missed by anyone, if any of that makes sense. The feeling of identity loss was, and still is, real, even after being reincarnated for several years. ((hu
  11. Right away, as in once it's available to the masses? Sure. I figure those on the front lines will be first, and those with health issues will be next. By the time it filters down to the general population, enough time will have gone by to know what to expect in the way of possible side effects, and every vaccine comes with the potential of side effects.
  12. You posted this as I was typing my similar thoughts. My dog would not come home and would wind up dead since she's a herding dog and would get in front of the first car that drove by, trying to 'catch' the tire. And despite her being oh, so gentle, there is no telling what her demeanor would be if a stranger simply walked into 'her space'.
  13. OP, your exact scenario is what prompted me to finally put a bike chain and padlock on my 6ft privacy fence with no trespassing signs on the gates. I got tired of the neighbors' lawn care people coming into my back yard to trim the overhanging shrubs and tree branches, damaging my plants and grass in the process of their 'clean up'. Not only did I have a dog back there and I didn't know how she would react to a stranger in the yard, but I didn't want her to escape. It's also simply an invasion of privacy. People getting hurt while on your property is also a real thing. Even if they have
  14. I actually saw a clear panel mask 'in the wild' this weekend and it stayed clear when the wearer spoke. It was in a grocery store and she was talking to a stock person about something and I didn't see any fogging. I have zero idea what it was made of, though. Interestingly, I could hear her clearly, too, from a good 10 feet away, whereas people with cloth masks sound muffled to me even when I'm only six feet away. Part of me wishes I had waited until she was finished talking to the employee and asked her about it.
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