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  1. Wildcat


    I hate to laugh at this, but that's pretty funny. Terabith, maybe the doc at the UC is now having flu symptoms. Maybe call them and ask if you can now have some flu meds pretty please? (I'm going for humor since it's the only way I can help you from afar).
  2. Wildcat


    It really was. None of us had ever had the flu before and based on the side effects of Tamiflu, I wasn't sure I'd want to try it when the day comes that I'm knocked on my ass by the flu, but after seeing dd's recovery with Xofluza, I'd crawl to the office to get it if I had to! You wouldn't even have to argue... can you just burst into tears on the phone? Our CVS delivers..... And, I'm definitely not a doctor, but it seems to me that Xofluza would work on the 'flu-like' viruses, too. Dd's script was $80 oop (I told her to just get it at the clinic and get back to her dorm ASAP, so we paid for it) Sadly, I have none, but couldn't ignore this. (((hugs)))) Not a single one, and this child has a hard time with meds making her sick, loopy, give her low BP, etc. She said if it wasn't for the fact that she had the paper from the health clinic showing that she had been there AND that she had Type B flu, she would have thought it was all just a dream a mere 24 hours after taking it. She said she had only lingering mild fatigue by that point, and all her other symptoms had vanished. In 24 hours. We were utterly stunned. I was so impressed with it, that I have made it a mission (obvs) to shout about it from the rooftops so others know it's out there and might opt to try it.
  3. Yeah, I don't know of our realtor was just blowing smoke, or what, but she said that she hated dealing with VA loans. I am very nervous for when we sell this house. An awful lot of people who buy in this area use VA loans. Like a whole lot. I'd take a lower offer if it meant not having to deal with them again, just like your parents did. I'm THAT soured on my experience with them, and it was *well* over a decade ago.
  4. Wildcat


    I know almost nothing about JW beliefs but after reading this entire thread in one sitting, and knocking out one possibility after the other, I'm left wondering if it really is a "huh??" thing to most of us. Like, her going to the wedding of the underage girl and the lack of response (both in the delayed time and, in Scarlett's son's eyes, not enough punishment) caused her son to choose to have his wedding at a different temple/hall/place as opposed to the one where he is/had been a member (or insert correct term--I hope I got that all right) and that Scarlett chose not to attend because that is a slight on her morals or expectations as a member of her particular temple/hall. Sort of 'he's a member there, so he has to get married there, and since he didn't, she chose not to go. Since it seems that she's the only one who had an issue with it and didn't go, yeah, it is probably a "huh?? thing to us. This is just something that popped into my mind as I read the last couple of pages. As an aside, over the years, I've often wondered if there isn't a JW message board out there that might be a better fit for many of Scarlett's posts. So much of what she seems to ask/comment on here almost always boils down to her beliefs & moral code once the details come out (and, yes, details matter!) and it seems that most people here have a hard time understanding the nuances of her situation and those threads (her ss's weight, other people's weight, going/not going to a wedding, and many others over the years that I can't think of at the moment) often boil down to a thought process/belief that is outside the norm for the overwhelming majority of us on this board and those threads all end up being contentious and 'better-than' in a lot of instances. I'm thinking a more like-minded forum would be a better fit for her for those moral-leaning topics, as she might get advice that is better-suited to her situation. Scarlett, since you're still reading and posting 'likes', I want you to know that I've been on these boards for over 10 years and have seen you go through heartache & pain, find love again, and navigate the often-difficult waters of being a step-parent. I sincerely wish the best for you and your son and hope that this will one day be just a horrible, and distant, memory for all involved.
  5. Wildcat


    OP, I agree with the others. You have the flu. Your symptoms and timeline are *exactly* like what my dd had in January/February. She went from "I don't feel so hot this morning" to barely able to walk in three hours. She managed to get to the campus health center and get tested. She had the B strain of flu. At the health center, the dootor gave her a 'new flu med' that showed great promise and doesn't have the side effects that Tamiflu has for some people. It is Xofluza. It's two teeny tablets and she took them at the same time. She slept the rest of the day and, I kid you not, she felt almost normal the next day. It was remarkable. By the end of that next day, she she said it was as if she was never sick at all. I highly suggest Xofluza for those who react to Tamiflu. It works best when given within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. I hope you feel better. And you need to fire your UC & find someplace else to go next time. They "did you wrong" by not testing you for the flu.
  6. Something similar happened to us several years ago, but it was a VA loan. The buyers supposedly had not one penny to put towards closing costs so we agreed to pay $X in closing. Well, the appraisal came in under the agreed-upon price, which I was told is normal for VA loans. Maybe this is the case for the FHA loans, too? We had priced right at market for a quick sale, so I was pretty ticked. Anyway.... Since the house had gone under contract within hours, we countered with the lower price and them picking up the closing costs. We were looking at a 'swing' of not a whole lot, but felt that difference would 'buy' us many months of expenses if they backed out and we had to find another buyer. Lo and behold, they came up with some cash. It wasn't the full amount, but it was an amount that made it worth it to us to sign the papers and be done. The whole experience soured me on VA loans for other reasons that I don't want to go into here. I'm really hoping that when we sell our current house, it's to a buyer with conventional financing..... So, to (sort of) answer your question, I'd look at the dollar value of a potential loss of this buyer and having to wait and if you think everything else about the closing will go ok. (like are they pre-approved and the loan is a sure thing?) The 'value' I would place on having a seller in hand and 'ready to go' might just be worth a few thousand $ to get it all over with. On the other hand, if you need the money or if the $ involved here is "a good chunk", then I might be inclined to counter and just be prepared to have to relist the house. Generally, 'they' say that the first offer is your best one. That might be true, but it's the nitty-gritty details that determine whether it was a good deal or a bad one. You're in a seller's market, so without knowing the amount of money involved, I'd probably counter and take my chances.
  7. That was most enjoyable. I love baroque music. Thanks for sharing. 😊
  8. Great info. Thanks. I was thinking "that's all there is to it" but I've been surprised by things before. LOL 👍 Thanks for the info. I've made note of it. Great idea! Thrifting: the ultimate recycling. Haha. Fantastic. Thanks ladies. 😊 I'll share all of this with dh and see if he wants to proceed!
  9. This is the Jet/cheapest one, right? By basic model, is this the Jet/non-electric one that Pen mentioned? I was wondering if that was the best way to 'test the waters' (pun intended). Thanks for the info on the flavorings and exchanges. It's for dh as I don't like carbonated water. He drinks the plain sparkling mineral water from Costco, so I'm thinking this would be a decent replacement for that? Thanks for the Aldi tip. I'll have to see if ours has it. I saw several people online do this, too. Does the paintball store just fill it for him like filling a barbecue propane tank at Costco or something? I wonder how east it would be to find a place to do this where I am. Hmm... Thanks, everyone for your replies. I've been trying to learn more about this to see if it is worth getting for dh but I do have a couple more questions. Is it hard to find a place to do a cartridge exchange? My whole purpose of doing this is because recycling just became unavailable to us and I'm really wanting to reduce our footprint so I'd hate to be left with empty cartridges and no place to take them. If he makes a bottle (or whatever the term is), can he repeatedly open and close it without the fizz going away? Can we transfer the fizzy water to smaller bottles if two people want to drink the water? Or if not, would we just buy an extra manufacturer's bottle and pour some into that? Is it best to drink it right after making it? If it's not obvious, I'm not clear on what happens after you make the water (someone please help me out here--- what is the word I'm looking for? "Making fizzy water" sounds so odd. LOL)
  10. If I want to make fizzy water at home, is a Soda Stream what I'm looking for? I'm trying to reduce our plastic consumption/waste and this is the only thing that shows up when I look around. I'm trying to replace/replicate the fizzy water (individual serving size bottles) that we buy at Costco. If the Soda Stream *is* what I'm looking for, which one do I want? It seems there are a few options.
  11. This is my fear for us selling our house. I'm wrestling with "fix it to new or leave". I'd rather "leave" so the new owners can choose what they want, but it might be to our benefit to fix and then list. I will be at the mercy of the realtor(s) we interview when the time comes, I guess. The paint is already neutral, but it's the flooring that I'm thinking about. The house will be move-in ready and super clean because I'm sort of OCD about having it as 'new' as possible -- we will have already vacated before we list, so any imperfections will be readily visible. I already have the upstairs all done --- fully repainted, all walls empty and nail holes filled, etc. It's just the darn flooring.... if I knew the new owners would want to keep the carpet in the bedrooms, I'd just have new stuff put in, but if * I * was the buyer, I would want wood to match the rest, and in that case, the whole wood floor would need a buffing, and possibly sanding/staining in one room where a large rug slightly discolored the floor. And this is a large house. Ugh. Ladies, thanks so much for the replies. It's helpful to see what others look for. I'm like most of you in that cosmetic stuff doesn't bother me and any house we buy will have a professional inspection done. Some things you all look for are interesting and I wouldn't have thought of, so I've made some notes. 🙂 I fear that I will be obsessing about my current house until it's time to get a realtor to give an opinion.
  12. I went from a Honda Odyssey to a Toyota Highlander. I, too, was concerned about missing the extra cargo space and a comfy third row. Three-and-a-half years later, I have zero regrets. Third seat--- not comfy for a 5'10" person, but fine for two 5'7" people for about an hour. I would not put three people in that third row, though, because of the lack of knee space--riders are most comfy with a slight angle in their legs, so a third person back there would negate that possibility. Also, third row riders should be agile enough to get back there. A 60 y/o who can bend well at the waist and knees does just fine. Long trips with four people and luggage are fine (third row down) --- we've done several trips where we drive one-way for 12 hours. We've not had an issue with lack of luggage space. Not even close, actually. Four adults with luggage and assorted stuff fill the back area and I can still use the pull cover thingy to hide what's in the back. Cargo space--- the *only* time I regretted it was when moving a child out of a dorm and I realized how much space we lost. Everything we wanted to bring fit in our car and the student's car, however, so ho harm, no foul. What eased my mind about getting the mid-SUV was that if we wanted to go on long trips with more than four people, we would just rent a mini-van. The same goes for if we needed a bunch of stuff from Lowe's/HD --- we would just rent their pick up or one from uHaul. We haven't needed to do either of those. My Highlander can comfortably carry eight huge bags of mulch or 16 bags of top soil at a time and we are close enough to those stores so we just make multiple trips when necessary. I spread a tarp out to protect the carpet, just like I did with the Odyssey, and just pile the stuff in. One thing we didn't realize when we got the Highlander ('16) was the difference in ride between that and the Odyssey ('09). The Highlander is much more comfy and quiet than the Odyssey and we never had any complaints about the Odyssey in those areas! One of my hesitations in changing vehicles was that whatever I got had to be as comfy as the Odyssey and the Highlander is even more so. The quieter ride is a bonus. We also like how it handles, and, again, we liked how the Odyssey handled. I am considering having a hitch installed and getting the cargo carrier that was mentioned above. We haven't needed it yet, but I do see the potential in having a hitch, whether for the cargo rack, bike rack, or pulling a trailer. There are several moves in our future (us and kids), and I just think it would come in handy to have that hitch. My Highlander has the tow package and I'm glad I got it so that I have the option of towing with it, if I decide to do so. Also, gas mileage is better in my Highlander than the Odyssey and I never had any complaints about that, either. We just got back from a trip and I averaged 28.something mpg (combination of interstate and small town roads with stoplights).
  13. Wildcat


    I despise wallpaper. As a child of the 70s and 80s, I grew up with it on nearly every wall. In the 90s, I hung it in my own house. Since I had helped my mother remove tons and tons of it over the years, I made sure to prime the walls well. It didn't work. When I took that paper down several years later, it peeled off in four layers: the design, the paper, the glue, and the top layer (and then some!) of wallboard with my primer. The walls were horrible with chunks coming off. It was the stuff of nightmares. I will never be convinced that the newfangled easy-to-remove paper will be any better years down the road when people are ready to peel it off. I will not buy a house with wallpaper in it if it's in more than a small powder room. Sadly, several homes I've recently seen online have it in all the rooms (from the 90s and 2000s) and they are asking top dollar, so it's not like they are acknowledging it might be a turn off. I don't even know how much it would cost to pay to have it removed so I just close the tabs and move on to the next house. I'm not going to get started on negotiations over wallpaper removal. Ugh. I can honestly say that reading this thread has brought up feelings I thought had been long buried!! Wallpaper is one of the "three never again" items for me. The other two are bell-bottom jeans and perms.
  14. Ugh. Choosing paint colors is awful. I'm so over it. I'd choose something that compliments both the color of the travertine and hardwood. Are you wanting one color throughout your house or different colors? And I don't like either dark green or gray! LOL. I also prefer warmer colors, but I also think certain colors do better in certain areas. For instance, the love affair with all things gray. Florida houses near the beach with gray walls, gray counters, and gray backsplashes just look odd. And depressing. + 1 on the colors look different in different rooms. I have one color in my current home and each room looks different depending on the time of day and even the season. I would suggest a color swatch on *each wall* in each room and view it on sunny days, cloudy days, at night with lights on, etc. Yes. I like your description in another post about which shade, too, especially for a home in the PNW. Something that isn't drab but isn't bright. I also don't like bright colors in houses. Maybe 'muted' is the word I'm looking for.
  15. I'm not talking about things an inspection would uncover, but other things. I'm thinking things like the condition of the carpet, age of appliances, paint color, grassless patches in the yard, etc. What things would either turn you off from making an offer or would make you offer less or ask for allowances? What would you let slide and just chalk up to "well, we are buying a used house, so we won't/can't ask for a discount/price decrease and just change it to our liking?" Do you/would you require that all nail holes be filled? Walls freshly painted even if it's a color you wouln't have chosen? Do you want the hardwood floors to be refinished or would you rather have an allowance so you can choose the color/gloss level? Do you want new carpet or an allowance so you can choose your own? Or, if everything is "good enough", like lived in, but not bad at all do you just let that stuff slide and now try to negotiate on those things? Anything at all. Assume the floorplan is ideal for you and you are just deciding on an offer. Also assume the house is vacant/staged so the owners have moved out, meaning "what you see is it"... no more updates, retouches were planned in order to sell. I've only ever bought two houses. The first we had no clue what we were doing and paid full asking price & repainted and carpeted once we were in there, and the second was new construction so this is all new to me. I'm just wondering what most people look for/how most people negotiate, and over what things?
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