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  1. http://www.whosaliveandwhosdead.com/ I can get lost in this site! And I often get caught be surprise when people die and I just assumed they were already dead.
  2. I have three. I got the first when I was 25 or 26. It does have meaning, but got it sort of on a whim. I still love it. The other two also have meaning. I got the last one about 1.5 years ago and it's my favorite. I have one more I'd like to get, but it's a large rib cage piece and I don't know if I could tolerate the pain anymore.
  3. When I worked in retail management I had a customer come over the service desk at me because I wouldn't take something as a return that she had purchased at another store (still had the other company's price sticker on it). She was flailing about and somehow got her foot caught up in the scanner gun cord, so her foot was stuck on the counter and her torso was on the ground. She was still trying to get at me. I stepped around her and called the police, who happened to be in my parking lot. The lady got arrested and, when she screamed at her husband to help her, he replied "You got yourself
  4. Thanks for the message! I thought about it and decided that I don't think $200 per kid is too much if they really want to spend that, but they don't need these particular gifts at all, considering what I already bought them. The end. These people don't get to decide. I completely understand your what your're saying!

  5. :seeya: I am reading your thread about the gifts for your kids. I just wanted to say that I totally get where you are coming from. Dh and I try to do really cool gifts for our kids, and I get excited to give them this really neat stuff. However, we have a family member who is single and quite wealthy who is always out to out do everyone. In fact she once told me that her mission is to be the cool and favorite aunt who gets the best gifts. Even if that means trying to out do mom and dad. :glare: It's frustrating. There's not much point to my message :blush: other than to say, I understand where you're coming from. :grouphug:

  6. I don't have anything productive to add, but I have to share that I thought the thread was called "50 pounds of weight gain" when I first looked at it, and I was wondering why anyone cared how many cups that was. :D My mind is clearly focused on my ever expanding circumference today.
  7. Love the look. Love that you can use multiple apps at once. LOVE how fast it is. SO much faster than before (although you can upgrade the older phones to the new IOS4 and probably have that same benefit). Love the front facing and back facing cameras. Love the resolution (it's crystal clear). Love the folders options instead of having page after page of apps. Pretty much everything. :-)
  8. I had the 3G and loved it and just upgraded to the 4G and LOVE it SO MUCH MORE! I haven't had the reception problems that others have reported, so for me it's a non-issue. Had 8 GB on my last phone and it was plenty. Have 16 on this phone and it's a lot, but then I don't have too many photos or movies, and apparently I thought I had a lot of music but I guess not! I carry about 500 songs on my phone. My last case was a hard case, not one of the rubber ones, and I loved how it looked. Now I just have a bumper and I like it because it protects the phone without covering it up (I
  9. Definitely get the iPad. Useful for the entire family, and MUCH cheaper in the long run than the DS when you consider the price of games. No need to carry around extra electronics if you can get everything you need (including eReader) in one. Go for it!!!
  10. Most cruise lines charge less or nothing for kids under a certain age (2, maybe?). After that, they are charged the 3rd or 4th person in a cabin rate. That varies, too, and cruise lines often run sales on 3rd and 4th people in the cabin for $199 or even $99 each, but even if they don't it's substantially less than persons 1 and 2. On my next cruise the first two people were something like $1000 each but the 3rd and 4th were $349-ish. Also, most (but not all) charge full daily service fee/auto-gratuities for kids, too. Just be sure to check with the cruise line so you're not surpri
  11. Great point about hotel parking. Not sure why I've never done that.
  12. Hope I've offered some help above. Please feel free to ask anything else and I'm sure several of us will chime in. Cruising is definitely not for everyone, but we LOVE it. Our favorite to vacation because there's something for everyone. We can do things together and also do our own things.
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