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  1. My school district supposedly bought glasses for all the kids, but then oops! A bunch of them aren't certified. So the solution at DD14's high school is to let everyone outside to watch, with glasses, except the freshman. Ummm....ok? They won't let the kids take their own to school. She's staying home tomorrow.
  2. My youngest two are 13 and 14. The 14 year old is prone to anxiety when they don't understand things, when they don't feel like they have enough information, and when they have to fill in a lot of blanks on their own. Fear of the unknown is worse for her than open, frank discussion. So that's what we do. It works for our family. I can see, though, how that wouldn't work for others.
  3. Oops! I should have said "equation," not "formula." And I also must be more tired than I thought, because I'm only following about 1/2 of what you said. I should also say that I do this sort of calculation nearly every single day, but today it's as if it's completely foreign. I think that's a perfect sign that I should go to sleep! :-)
  4. Say you have a total of $1,000,000, which represents revenue. Now say you have two buckets of widgets, or revenue streams, that add up to that toal of $1,000,000. Bucket A represents 65% of the volume and Bucket B represents 35% of the volume. So, theoretcally, you can easily figure out how much of the $1,000,000 is coming from each bucket, but the "widgets" in each of the two buckets are not equal. So... Let's say that the widgets in Bucket A provide 30% more value than the widgets in Bucket B. What's the formula for figuring out how much of the $1,000,000 should come from each of the Buckets, given that Bucket A is 65% of the volume but represents 30% more value than Bucket B, which is only 35% of the volume?
  5. My sister and I both complained about a bunch of stuff to each other in these four, and were a bit bitter about some of it. haha Then we talked about it all again yesterday, and I like them more now than I did at first. I never liked Rory, and that hasn't changed. What a selfish, whiney little thing she has always been. Blah. Emily's story line was my favorite, for sure. I need to watch them again.
  6. I watched all of them today. I hated the ending. Really? That's how they're gonna leave it? Really?!? Sigh.
  7. Great. Just what I need in my life. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I make this frequently. I don't use the liquid smoke, but I do add the bacon and also sautee some onions before I add the meat and water. I like it with BBQ sauce, but I also like it just sauce at all.
  9. I've worked directly with no fewer than 1/2 dozen no-kill shelters, and they are truly no-kill ,and do not move to kill shelters. Ever. That's why it's so hard sometimes to find placement, because they rely on fosters quite a bit to make room for new residents when adoptions are down, and they'll only take so many cats into a facility. But I have never once experienced a no-kill shelter that transferred to a kill shelter. (I'm not doubting what you've heard, just saying that in all of my direct work I've never experienced it).
  10. Yeah, I won 't be booking yet, for sure. It's just crazy how expensive it is! We're excited about it, though. It's a completely different type of vacation for us, as we usually do something caribbean. I just used sky miles to buy 5 tickets to NYC, so my mileage account is a bit depleted. I'm hoping to have enough built up again to cover at least a couple of the tickets, but we'll see. The longer I wait to buy, the more miles it takes for the tickets. Catch 22.
  11. Yes, I've considered that, and it's still under consideration, although not likely. Like I said, I fly a lot, so I'll be monitoring flights and prices before I purchase. Unfortunately, we have limited vacation time, so spending more than 5 hours driving from Salt Lake City, for example, is not really something we're likely willing to do, particularly after flying for 4 hours to get to SLC in the first place! Also, none of the airports in driving distance from my home will be a cheaper origination point, either, as most of them would connect through Atlanta anwyay.
  12. I love cats. I have always had cats. I will always have cats. Mine have always been and will always be exclusively indoors. I have volunteered at cat shelters many times over the years. I gave my senior cat subcutaneous fluids for the last 3 years of her life. I am a cat person. All that to say.....if you're certain there isn't an underlying medical condition, either find a no-kill shelter to take the cat (which isn't always easy because they are often full), or have him euthanized. It is no longer a healthy situation for your family or for the cat. Pets should enhance your lives and you theirs. Right now, you're barely tolerating him (understanably so) and he knows that, so he's not happy with you, either.
  13. I fly often, at least 3 times a month, for work, and I book my own travel. Ticket prices vary wildly, but generally speaking if you're flying a route with a lot of competition, the flight will be cheaper. I'm about to book a flight from Atlanta to Pensacola to Jacksonville to Atlanta. Cost? $1100. You read that right. It's just that hardly anyone flies into Pensacola, so that's the big kicker for me. I'm also looking at flights from Atlanta to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's not until next June, so I'm not booking, just looking. I have to buy 5 of them, and it's about $1100 each or so right now, because there aren't a ton of flights into Jackson Hole. That one hurts, because it's on my own dime instead of company money! Anyway, I can also go today and buy a flight to Los Angeles for less than $300. Major hub to major hub is what makes the difference.
  14. Amazing. Yes. As for the bolded, you're spot on. She actually has said on many occasions that she just doesn't see color. That has never sat well with me but I couldn't figure out why. You hit the nail on the head. She certainly does not judge others based on it, and truly strives base opinions on content of character. But the color blindness thing, to me, takes away part of a person's identity. This post, and others, may help her understand that. Thank you.
  15. This is what I've been trying to say, and failing. Thanks for this.
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