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  1. I'm glad you're doing better. If it was a cyst, hopefully it was a one-time thing, and you won't have to go through that again. The only time I've had a pain like you describe, I believe it was my IUD (copper, t-shaped Paraguard). I think it must have turned or something. But it righted itself, pain disappeared, ultrasound didn't show any problems, and I kept it in for another 5 years or so with no problems. (I've since had it removed have never had another problem). Of course, you would know if you had an IUD! I'm just saying I can empathize with your off-the-charts, worse than unmedicated childbirth (I've had three), uterine pain. It was horrible and scary to lie there unable to move and hardly even breathe because of the pain. I'm glad you're better.
  2. LarlaB, how are you doing? Is the pain subsided? Have you seen a doctor?
  3. Google maps, primarily. I find it easy to use. Just spend some time figuring out where everything is. I like how it gives me the zoomed out, "big picture" of the route first, then allows me to ask for step by step directions if I want them, and I can click the left arrow again to exit them if I don't need them. It shows traffic based solely on the speed of the cars using the app. When I'm concerned about traffic or other extreme driving conditions, I'll also look at Waze. I haven't spent as much time there, so I'm not comfortable using. I don't like how it just jumps in with the step by step directions without first giving me the overall route. It makes me nervous to just follow it before I know it's indeed taking me where I want to go. I have found that I can click in and learn those things, but it's not as comfortable for me as google maps is. It's good for road conditions and traffic, though, because people can upload real time information. I haven't figured out how all that works yet, but I plan to do so. I know many smart folks who love Waze, so I want to give it a fair shake. Apple Map has awesome 3D imaging, but it has frequently sent me down blocked streets, or the wrong way on a one-way street, other problem routes of that sort. Their data base is not as detailed as googles, I guess.
  4. I read a book (well, I listened to it) that totally changed my thinking about cholesterol and heart disease. First of all, realize that high cholesterol doesn't *cause* heart disease, it is a symptom of other problems. Cholesterol in the blood is part of the inflammation response (your body produces it in to fight against the inflammation). Inflammation is what causes heart disease. Reduce the inflammation in your body, and your body will stop making so much cholesterol. The main thing that causes inflammation in *my* body is sugar, so that's always my first change. (Eating fat doesn't cause high cholesterol, nor does it cause inflammation -- it is quite essential to our cell structure and brain/nervous system. Don't stop eating fat, especially butter.) If you have Audible, listen to the audio book, Eat the Yolks, by Liz Wolfe, NTP Some of her attempts at humor are pretty lame, but she has some really sensible information about food.
  5. I scanned about 600 photos a few years ago (all my parents' photos). I had a Brother multi-function that would scan several photos at once, sense their edges, and split them into separate photo files. It was AWESOME! Then, in the middle of the project, I upgraded my operating system on my Mac, and it would no longer support that function. Arghhhhh! I had to finish the job one photo at a time. Anyway, depending on your printer software, and possibly your computer, if you dig around in your scanning preferences, you might find the option to split multiple pictures into separate files. Do that, if you can. It will save you a ton of time. Oh, and another tip, if you have a photo with a lot of white, especially along the edges of the photo, your scanner may have trouble detecting the real edges and may chop off part of your picture. If you see that happening, just put a dark colored paper behind the photo. You may have to crop it manually later, but at least you'll get the whole photo.
  6. We have found that modern, flat screen TVs have terrible speakers, especially in the midrange, where dialogue happens. We bought a sound bar system, and it made a world of difference in being able to make out dialogue (and it's bluetooth, so I can play music from my phone as well). That being said, we always watch Harry Potter (as well as LOTR) movies with the English subtitles turned on. Our subtitles are almost always on anyway because we watch so much foreign content, so it's quite natural to have them on, even when watching something in English.
  7. I used to think that electrocution meant "death", by definition, until I looked it up. Turns out that the term is commonly used to mean "death or severe injury" caused by electric current passing through the body.
  8. Does Redbox have gift cards? Or a movie gift card fuzzy socks? essential oils chocolate
  9. I wouldn't worry. It's not like you placed an actual joke in the middle of your cover letter. You made reference to the job description, and you added a bit of your personality in a relatable way. I know waiting is hard enough, and it would be even if you had played it safe. Try not to fret about it. {{hugs}}
  10. Yes. They're a thing, and they're quite common (like, you probably have them because practically everyone does). They're invisible to the naked eye. They like to eat the oil that comes out of your skin. You can google it if you want to see what they look like. (I'm gonna stop talking about them because my eyelids are itching now).
  11. Have you tried scrubbing your eyelids with a warm washcloth and a tiny dab of baby shampoo? There may be some old skin cells or (yuck, eyelash mites) interfering with your eyelash follicles, causing the eyelashes to grow at weird angles. Daily scrubbing, for a week or so, may make a difference and help them grow out straight and not clump together.
  12. I've received this same scam via robo phone calls, as well as in emails. They're very persistent.
  13. If you don't have one, get yourself one of those flexible, gel ice packs (approx. 6 X 10 inches, and 1/2 inch thick). Two is better (so you can always have one in the freezer while you're using the other one). They're great because you can tuck it right into the top of your pants, and it stays there. Wrap it in a thin tea towel first. Wear the ice for 15-20 minutes out of every hour. The interesting thing about ice on my lower back is that it doesn't make me cold, even winter. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it stimulate blood circulation? Whatever the reason, I find it quite comfortable to have it there when I'm in pain. The gel pack with the thin towel is just the right amount of cold to numb the pain, and I believe the increased blood flow aids with the inflammation. Also, I avoid eating sugar when I have any inflammation. It makes a big difference in how I feel. I'm sorry you're in so much pain. I have been there. It is so hard, and frustrating, and scary when you wonder if you will ever get better. I'm much better these days. Chiropractic helped the most, specifically one who used Ideal Spine techniques (traction). Once I was out of the crisis period, I started an exercise routine created by a physical therapist, which is designed especially for women to stabilize and strengthen their core without weakening their pelvic floor. It's in a book called "The Core Program", by Peggy Brille. When you get the inflammation down in your disks, I recommend you start learning the exercises in this book. It has been a life saver for me. I've not needed a chiropractor (or any doctor) for 15 years.
  14. I agree that semi-gloss is too shiny for most walls, with the exception of a bathroom. The difference between eggshell and satin is minimal, and will vary from brand to brand. In my experience, most paints come with one or the other option, but not both. If the hallway doesn't have any windows, you'll be fine with either one (lots of light equals lots of reflection). If your kids are prone to running their dirty paws down the walls as they walk, you need something that's highly scrubbable. The paint salesperson should be able to direct you to their best product for your needs.
  15. Carlsbad has several alternate tours as well, into more rustic caves, that involve crawling on hands and knees with flashlights on your heads. My SIL and niece did one, and loved it. You need reservations for those, so check out the website,
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