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  1. I had multi-colored stoneware, and I thought I'd love them. I was surprised that I just found the food less appetizing when the color of the food clashed with the color of the dishes. Is that weird? I also didn't like that they clashed with my Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Plus, I have a bright, multi-striped tablecloth the rest of the year, and the multi-colored dishes just disappeared in the sea of color. I found that I just wanted crisp, white dishes that didn't clash with the food, and that stood out on the colored table cloth. I love my white dishes. They're so versatile.
  2. I have white porcelain dishes, which I bought from Pampered Chef. They've been discontinued, but fortunately, they are very high quality, so I haven't needed to replace anything, even after several years. If/when I do, I have discovered that it's quite similar to the white Luminous Porcelain dinnerware at Pier 1 Imports. I linked the open stock, but they also sell sets. They're so similar, I wonder if they're the same thing, and Pier 1 has just picked up the product from Pampered Chef.
  3. They will have an official photographer. They may take special pictures of the retiree with his family and special guests (including your dh). I would think that his friend would share these pictures with you. I remember that my family couldn't come to dh's retirement, so we invited our close friends. Our friends expected to just sort of sit in the back of the room and watch, but they were given seats of honor, right in the front row. There were even signs with each of their names on their seats. They were treated like dignitaries. They were so surprised and delighted! Their daughters were rather awed by the whole thing. I hope the people planning your friend's retirement make it as special for his guests. Retiring as a military officer is definitely a big deal.
  4. Yup, there was a news story locally a couple years ago. The investigative reporter followed the recycling trucks with a camera, all the way to the dump, where they lined up to dump their loads into the landfill with all the other garbage. I don't think it's gotten much better. OP, is there a near you? They exist solely to help folks find new homes for their old stuff, to keep it out of landfills. People just give stuff to each other. That might work if your boxes are clean. Check also to see if there is a for your neighborhood. There might be a Facebook group for your local area as we'll. Any of these type places might help you find new homes for your stuff. If, after a short time looking (maybe 30 minutes?), I'd just throw it all away.
  5. Let's see if can remember dh's retirement (it's been 15 years, so my memory might be fuzzy). Since your dh isn't in the Air Force, his name will be put on a list of friends and family, and he will likely have a seat reserved for him. When he arrives, he'll check in, and an airman will show him to his seat. There will be a color guard (bringing in the flags) and the National Anthem. The retiree can have someone sing it, or they'll play a recording. (I sang for my dh's retirement. We have a friend who sang for her dh's recently. I think they can invite anyone they wish.) There will be speeches and a small token gift (they're not allowed to spend very much on gifts, somewhere around $20, so the gift will have some meaning attached. There will likely be a funny or heartwarming story associated with each gift. Dh gave real silver dollars to several people, and he received a shadow box that contained a folded American flag, as well as his service medals and the commemorative coins from each of the divisions he'd worked in. Usually, the retiree will receive a medal. There will be lots of photographs and hand shaking. Afterward, there will be a reception. These are usually casual, I believe. Depending on the venue, it may be immediately following the ceremony, or it may be a short time later, at a different location.
  6. I used to love my Eureka Envirosteamer. Well, I still like it, but I find it's just easier to use my Twist and Shout mop (it's like a salad spinner for the mop). I put just water in the mop bucket, and I have a spray bottle of Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate. I mist any dirty areas with the sprayer and let it sit for a few seconds while I spin my mop, then go over the area with the mop. It's super quick and effective, and it dries really fast. (I have engineered wood floors and tile).
  7. I always differentiate. A "stove" is a very different thing than an "oven", even though they're part of the same "range". ETA: I came back because it has occurred to me that I grew up with a stove top and a wall oven. That is probably why they are so very different beasts in my mind. Now that I'm grown, and I have a range, I do refer to the whole appliance as the stove, but I would never refer to just the oven as the stove.
  8. That happened to us just last weekend. My niece (who has never paid us any mind, and actually showed great disrespect and disdain for us for many years) was getting married in another state, and she chose September 28th for her wedding day. With my eldest in college, my youngest just starting high school, and my dh just starting a new job, there was no way we could all go. I have one brother who is in the middle of an ugly custody battle, another who abhors all weddings (and has no love for this particular part of our family), and our mom is 89 years old, and hardly even leaves her apartment (there's no way she could travel and attend a wedding and a 5 hour reception). I can understand being disappointed that various circumstances would prevent my siblings from coming to my daughter's wedding, but I hope I would be understanding. We RSVP'd and got a phone call from my brother and his wife. She was crying and he was ticked. I heard, 'You've known about this for six months! All my (SIL's) family is coming. We really wanted all of you to be here..." My reply was, "I'm glad so many of your relatives are coming (they're coming home, incidentally), but I don't know what that has to do with me. And, yes, we've known for six months about the wedding, and that we wouldn't all be able to attend because (your daughter) chose a date when we can't get away. Why didn't they choose a date in the summer, so that more of us would be available to come? I am coming, but dh and dc aren't going to be able get away. By brother actually hung up on our mom when she finally said that she couldn't go (He had talked her into going, but she had been fretting, not sleeping, just constantly worrying about every tiny aspect of air travel and staying in their house with drop in guests, strange routines and unfamiliar food, etc). As it turned out, I went alone, and represented the family. I'm sad that my brother and SIL and niece had such unreasonable expectations, but we can't just drop everything for a niece who doesn't give a lick about us.
  9. You could make an appointment with a dermatologist. It will likely take months to get in. By that time, if it's worse, you'll be glad you have an appointment. If it's gone, you can just cancel the appointment.
  10. Our friends have a house with exposed beams in the living room, and very high ceilings. They hung a swing with a wooden seat, hanging on ropes. The ceiling is high, so it swings far and slow. It's a lot of fun.
  11. I don't know if you've considered other color laser printers, but I absolutely love my HP Color LaserJet Pro MPF M281fdw It's rather large, because it holds four separate toner cartridges, but it works beautifully. It just chugs out beautiful pages, one right after the other, quickly and quietly. It scans perfectly, has a document feeder for copying/scanning, and faxes as well. It's super easy to use with a color touch screen control pad. I've had it for about six months, and it's still running on the original (partially filled) cartridges. I've bought new cartridges because I get "Low toner" messages, I haven't changed them out yet. I'm waiting for the print quality to fade. I've been waiting for over a month. When the time comes to change them, it'll be a 10 second job to swap them out. I had a Brother, black-only laser multi-function before, and I liked it a lot, but I wanted color. I gave the Brother to my daughter (it's still working great), and got this HP. I was worried about getting HP because of my past experiences with HP ink jet printers (they're terrible). But, this color laser multi-function had great reviews, and a good price, so I tried it. I'm glad I did. It's a powerhouse. ETA: I forgot to mention, this HP has AirPrint, so it will print via Bluetooth directly from a phone or tablet, or a laptop, with no drivers installed. I have it hardwired to my iMac for big jobs (photos, large documents, etc).
  12. I wasn't really thinking of teen drivers living at home, driving their parent's cars. I wouldn't even think about not insuring my teens if they are driving my car. I was thinking of adults, living in cities perhaps, walking or using public transportation, who are licensed to drive but don't even own a car. Perhaps they don't have one because they can't afford one. I can't wrap my head around them being required to have auto insurance. (I wouldn't call $12 a month to insure a non-existent car "cheap") So, I'm guessing to get out of that cost, you forfeit your DL, and get a state issued ID. Then, if you buy a car, you have to get your DL renewed (at added expense). Then, if you sell your car, you forfeit your DL and get an ID (more expense). Is that how it works? How do you buy auto insurance if you don't have a car? When we acquire a car, we call the insurance company and tell them all the information about the car and the drivers, and they plug all that into their formula and give us a quote. But the proof of insurance only includes the vehicle information, not the drivers. Besides that, the car is covered even if someone borrows our car. We're insuring the car, not on the drivers. I believe that if I borrow a car, and wreck it, the car owner's insurance pays, not mine. (I'm not sure about that. I should check). This is very interesting. I had no idea there were states where you insure the driver, not the car.
  13. Yes, I did put a confused emoji, because I've never heard of this. I've lived in New Mexico, California, Texas, and Colorado. When we add our kids to our policy, we tell the ins. company which car they will be primarily be driving, but that doesn't mean they can't drive the other cars as well. But if we didn't have a car for them to drive, or we didn't want them driving for some reason (poor grades, or behavior), we could cancel their insurance. It is illegal to drive a car that isn't insured, but it's certainly not illegal to have a driver's license. We have "Uninsured Motorist" coverage on our auto insurance, to cover those who drive cars without insurance. I've never heard of being forced to buy insurance when you don't even own a car, or if you don't drive. So, in Oregon, if you don't want to buy auto insurance, you must forfeit your driver's license? That seems outrageous to me.
  14. The homeowners insurance company is going to go after the auto insurance, I'm guessing. Unless you're going to claim that the car drove itself into the house, you'll have to place the blame somewhere, either on your dd or on one of yourselves. Or, I suppose you could claim a hit and run. I don't think you must file a claim on the car damage, but your auto liability insurance will pay for the house, I believe. I don't see a way to not tell the auto insurance company.
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