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  1. I have one like this, Bear Grylls Triple Vacuum Insulated. Keeps stuff hot for 12 hours, or cold for 24 hours! (at least, that's the claim. I haven't tested it.
  2. I get that error when the site is under maintenance, like every night at about midnight. Maybe there was some glitch or a maintenance thing going on when you tried before.
  3. Could it be an insurance issue? Our insurance company won't allow us to refill sooner than a few days before the previous prescription is due to be used up. So, if I have a 30 day prescription, and I try to refill it on the 25th day, they'll tell me I can't. Or, is it possible that someone else in your family has already renewed the prescription? I agree you should take the bottle in and ask them to explain the problem.
  4. Try again. I just looked at the OP, and everything is working fine.
  5. I'm in my mid 50s. I have talked about it with one friend, but it doesn't typically come up with anyone else.
  6. @gardenmom5 My dh is an aerospace engineer, so I asked him for ideas for your son. Of course, his first thought was co-ops or internships, but acknowledged that it's too late for those. His second thought was flight training, but only if your ds really wants to learn to fly (it's too expensive to do on a whim, just to fill time). If that's not a good fit, dh suggested that, even though your ds is primarily interested in aerospace, that some hands-on experience with airplanes would be useful for him. He suggests your son go visit the local general aviation airport (not the airlines, but the smaller planes) and offer his services to the shop mechanics. It may not pay very well, but he'd gain valuable experience.
  7. I had no idea. Interesting. Thanks.
  8. Wow. Just wow. I hope B recovers quickly and finds a better place to work.
  9. What? MTV doesn't show music videos anymore? What do they show?
  10. Staples can be removed, and the pages sewn/tied together, perhaps right through the staple holes.
  11. My state doesn't require testing, but I tested every year anyway, starting in the 3rd grade, using the ITBS (administered by my, at home). We'd spread it out over several days, take breaks between tests, make it as low key as possible. Reading the instructions aloud, as required, became a sort of meditative mantra after a few years. If I'd had essential oils back then, I'd have used them as well. It was an end-of-year ritual after all the school work was finished for the year. I never worried about the outcome of the tests, as no one saw the results except me and my husband. Sometimes I showed them to my kids, but not always. I just used them as a tool to see what to focus on the next year. I would take notes during the testing so that I'd remember, "Oh yeah, C. had a meltdown during that test because he didn't like his shirt." or "A. cried and got all stressed during the Estimation portion of the math test because she doesn't like guessing. We need to practice that." It gets easier as the child gets older. Don't worry about how they did in the past. I don't put any stock at all in performance tests before 3rd grade. There are so many variables in the outcome, and many (most?) have nothing to do with how much the child knows. Everything, from time of day, wanting lunch, need to move, itchy shirt, bumpy sock seam, ANYTHING! can affect a young child's ability to focus and perform on a test. As they get older, the process becomes easier.
  12. Suzanne in ABQ


    We have a second checking account that we use only for PayPal and Venmo. Not only is it a separate account, but it is at a different bank than our main bank. We keep only limited funds in that checking account, or in the savings account we have there. It's very convenient, and I'm not worried at all about it somehow being linked to our main bank.
  13. Phonics Pathways, by Delores Hiskes It's a single, softcover book that teaches phonetic decoding. I used it with all three of my kids, and they were all reading fluently by the end of the book. There's nothing cutesy or babyish about it, and nothing complicated. You just start at the beginning of the book, and work through it, page by page.
  14. I would just cold call the dealership and ask to speak to the Sales Manager. Tell him your story, and tell him you want B to get full commission. If you feel this is a deal breaker, say so. B may be in training under T, and that may be why they're sharing commission. Even if the manager can't or won't change the commission policy, your positive call will draw attention to B's excellent customer service. That will help him in the long run. Just keep it positive. You don't want to bring him negative attention.
  15. "What's that stuff?" "Some ceweal." "Did you twy it?" "I'm not gonna twy it. You twy it!" "I'm not gonna twy it." "Let's get Mikey!" "Yeah!" "He won't eat it. He hates evewything." "He likes it! Hey, Mikey!!!!" (Yeah, I'm old enough to remember every word of that commercial. Now, If I could only remember what I'm supposed to do this afternoon."
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