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  1. I think perhaps the biggest lesson to be learned from your husband's experience is that the ability to learn will not exempt someone from the need for a credential in the job marketplace.
  2. Just saw this today and realized I know the people behind it: Looks like an interesting concept, I'm curious to see how much of a response it gets.
  3. I struggle with teaching foreign languages, even thigh I speak several. I learned mostly through immersion living and going to school overseas, my own kids don't have that opportunity. We currently work on Chinese with a tutor once a week supplemented by other resources at home, but I am also supposed to be teaching Spanish and we are not making much progress.
  4. All About Spelling outside of the US Well, that really depends on which country you are spelling in. If you want to know all about spelling in France, for example, you could start with a French dictionary. Arabic speaking countries keep things simple by leaving out all the vowels, we really could take a page from their book if we want to cut down on the hassles of teaching spelling in English--all those pesky vowel sounds with different possible spellings...wll wrth cnsdrng.
  5. My mom and MIL both had their last right about age 45. So I can imagine having a baby then, but it would depend on several factors including fertility and general health.
  6. I just saw this for the first time. Praying.
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