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  1. Thank you ! He will start at community college while pursuing more aviation ratings - he already has his private license. Eventually he plans to transfer to a 4-yr and be a flight instructor for a while. I am looking for part-time general office work.
  2. I haven't been here in forever, but as of last night, our son has graduated from American School (the one in Lansing IL). I started out at WTM a long time ago with little kids, learned about American School, and that was always my plan for high school if they didn't choose public. The younger has chosen public and is doing very well. The older chose American. We customized so he did chemistry and biology with labs, and physics, and started his math sequence with Algebra I by taking their high school Pre-algebra course in 8th grade before signing up for their 4-year program. He made it through Pre-calc, and they no longer offer Calculus. Anyway, American was far more affordable than other regionally accredited options I looked at, and the format was a great fit for him. So, this is almost a wrap for homeschooling for me, although the younger is taking their book-based Geometry course so he can go right into Algebra II in public next fall. But I am done with homeschooling. I'm not around much, but I'm happy to answer questions about our experience, on the board or in private messaging. I appreciate the help I received over the years, especially from those who question or resist unschooling. We had a hard time with shutting out the voices that kept telling us to play more over the years - what we needed was to work more. We did what was best for us, and it was helpful to have some encouragement in that.
  3. Hi, I've been off the boards for a long time. I need some help please - I need to find a regionally accredited distance school with a high school geometry course specifically with the GradPoint platform, self paced, and no proctors required. This is for transfer into a public HS. Our older son is currently enrolled in American, and they no longer use Gradpoint and he hates the Edmentum math. Our younger son in PS needs a distance geometry course and I want to find him a GradPoint course. I would appreciate any leads on accredited, no proctor distance high schools that use GradPoint for math. Thank you !
  4. Hey, hi, I'm just stopping in since I started it eight years ago. The experience I had was criticism and being told that I was making a "beginner mistake" by caring about our kids being able to do at least grade-level work typical for their ages. It was rare for me to meet other homeschoolers who shared this standard. I was seen as uptight and unevolved, or not trusting the process of natural learning, or whatever. 🙄 Eventually I found a small group of moms who also had this view, that academic progress matters. Interesting - down the road, all of us ended up having some but not all of our kids in public school later on, either full time or part time. Our family's current configuration is one in full time middle school, who will attend high school full time as well, and the other doing correspondence high school with me as the tutor, and taking one class at the local high school. These other families have similar arrangements. I'm not involved in the homeschooling community at all anymore, but I still have the connections with that small group of moms. My years in were a bit lonely. The combination of caring about academics while dealing with specific learning disabilities that slowed things down meant that I rarely found anyone IRL who could really understand. But this small group of moms was helpful - they had their own challenges with their own kids, and they knew my kids, and in some cases, taught them at the co-op. So it was a support for me. It wasn't ever a tight social group for the kids, although they do know each other and are friendly when we see each other. Mine ended up finding their social groups at school. I was never able to relate to the people who just left academic progress to happen on its own. It is something I don't understand or agree with. I chose to avoid discussions of homeschooling with them - just changed the subject and talked about something else. I wish them well but we'll never be tuned into the same station.
  5. We rented a van in Ireland. It was a stick. If you are used to driving on the right, and you visit somewhere that drives on the left, do not get a stick !!! I am really good at driving stick, but shifting with the *left* hand had me all messed up. In combination with driving on the left, it was just too much. Another thing I would do differently is use the internet (not available back then) to learn all the road signs and symbols of the country you will be driving in. It would have helped so much. Those weren't in any of the travel guides we read.
  6. When I look at math now, I have memories of slogging through it the hard way, and barely understanding it conceptually. The tools that are available now make it so much more transparent. I just went and looked up Transformations on Purplemath and found a great article. And then if I wanted to, I could put some functions into Desmos and play around with some transformations, and see the new graphs right away. I never had that so easily available. I had to make an appointment at the math lab on campus and have a computer reserved as well. Everything is right there for everyone now. So cool.
  7. We enjoyed all of the sci fi that has been mentioned. We also loved Hell on Wheels and Deadwood. For humor, we love Letterkenny. We recently started watching Schitt’s Creek and love that too.
  8. I am so sorry you are in this situation. I know how it is to feel short, unconnected and invisible. I wish your partner would realize you need to be seen as a person who is more than just a caretaker to your children, and that you need to be on a team of more than one. Hugs.
  9. Lotion. I’ve tried all kinds of hair products for this problem. None work as well as just the tiniest amount of lotion on my fingertips.
  10. I get PG Tips at our grocery store. IMO there are no American brands of tea bags that make a good strong tea that tastes good. The closest I've found is Numi Pu-ehr, but it's Pu-ehr so a little mushroomy. If I use Republic of Tea, I need to use about four bags and it's expensive. So I use loose tea instead. But I order it. Mountain Rose Herbs has affordable loose black tea that is nice - I like the Vanilla black - the vanilla is very mild and not sweet. Lately I've discovered Plum Deluxe teas - they are so good I'm drinking through the rest of my teas to get rid of them, and after that I'm only buying Plum Deluxe. I make loose tea in a Bodum mesh diffuser. But when I feel lazy I just throw the tea and water into a cream pitcher (it has a spout) and after it's brewed, I pour it through a strainer into my mug. Unsweetened almond milk and no sugar.
  11. I have a relative who went through something like this. She is very bright, and I think she just couldn't stand being a kid anymore. She ended up dropping out of high school and working, I am guessing multiple jobs since a teen can't work full time. She did get her GED once she was old enough. Last I heard, she was enrolled in a trade school and doing well. I believe the behavioral problems stopped once they stopped trying to make her continue living as a kid and attend high school.
  12. There are private, regionally accredited distance schools. They have nothing to do with public schools. A student enrolled in one is not homeschooled- they are a student of a private school. There are also regionally accredited distance high schools through some universities. Our son is a student at American School (the one in Lansing IL.).
  13. I love creamed corn ! Just warmed in a bowl - yum ! I also love canned lima beans and canned butter beans. Also canned beets, pears, and peaches. And mandarin oranges. The worst canned item I can think of is spinach - revolting. Canned cooked carrots are my second worst.
  14. I think they still sell that. You can definitely buy canned chop suey vegetables 😬
  15. My mom makes this with cranberries put through a grinder along with chopped celery, apples and walnuts. I can not stand the texture. I like just jello and marshmallows. I used to help her make it so I could steal a mug of hot liquid strawberry jello with no stuff in it, and melt some marshmallows into it .... I drank it like cocoa 😂
  16. I love this when it’s made with leftover turkey and white gravy on toast. It’s pretty much the only way I like turkey that isn’t in deli meat form.
  17. Patties made from canned salmon. Boiled carrots. Cottage cheese on iceberg lettuce with some kind of canned fruit. Baked beans with biscuits on top. Spaghetti with hamburger. Waffles with raisins and nuts. Banana and iceberg lettuce salad, with mayonnaise as the dressing. No no no !!!!
  18. I like Bissel bagless vacuums. They are affordable. They are light enough that I can take them up and down stairs, and vacuum the stairs without a risk of falling down them. They pick up pet and human hair. They are easy to take apart and clean. All the attachments are in a good place and are comfortable to use. The cord retracts. There is nothing else I want in a vacuum.
  19. It’s trendy to be trans. I’m not interested in the pile on either. I think what I think and I don’t care if it’s PC or not. 🤷‍♀️ I don’t care what people want to be called. I will call them he or she, pick one and stick with it . I don’t care, but I’ll go to jail before I’m forced to use nonsense words. I don’t care how people want to dress. Make yourself happy. But I don’t believe it’s ethical for doctors to alter bodies for this. It doesn’t really change biology. It’s a lifelong battle with negative health consequences. There are many ways to be male or female. Those should be accepted. The medical approach trend is very sad.
  20. Thank you all. I’m canceling for Weds morning but I expect to still pay. She is going to teach one kid here in town on Tuesday afternoon when she is up here anyway so they won’t both miss. The car is good but the area has a lot of accidents even in good weather. I’m not sure about the wind that morning, but we have a lot of snow right now so if there is any wind, there will be drifting snow. The aspect of the car I worry most about is electronics. Update - co-op is cancelled for tomorrow, but we will be at her place at 5 pm. It's around zero then which is normal weather here. We can get the lessons done before we go into the -20 to -30 zone. That is not normal weather here. They are predicting we may break local records here on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, but we will be off the road before that starts happening.
  21. My fear is having car trouble and not being able to run the engine for heat, and not having anything open that we could quickly walk to.
  22. Wednesday morning it is predicted to be -26 F and the high for the day is only -16 F. We usually leave about 730 and drive 45 minutes for violin lessons. I decided I will cancel in those temps because I don’t feel safe driving that far from home in that cold when hardly anything is open yet. Is this silly ? If it was local I would go, but it’s 45 minutes away.
  23. My experience is that we get a truckload of advice on how we should do things, but it mostly comes from people who won't help. Then after an event is complete, there are complaints about all the things that were wrong about it, but do they want to help to make it better in the future ? Nope. Volunteers get nitpicked by other parents, and even by other volunteers in the same group. It's sad.
  24. (clears throat) Thoughts on volunteering - The charge is led by those who choose to take a chance and step up through their own business and discomfort, whether they feel qualified or not. They will meet new people, make new mistakes, and learn many new things. They will get a thousand so-called helpful suggestions, but few genuine offers from others to pitch in. Their efforts will be criticized by many people who offered nothing else. If they look like they are in charge and know what they are doing, it's because they took charge and decided to figure it out. They are normal people who decided to contribute, take advantage of a great opportunity for growth, and to help create something that others benefit from. ☮️
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