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  1. I hope he is feeling better. It is so hard to be away from them when they are sick. One time, I drove eight hours in the snow and rented a hotel room with two queen beds, just so my son would have his own bed and bathroom with he was horribly sick. Having to hike down a hallway to a communal dorm bathroom is no fun, lack of sleep, lack of decent food, dealing with doctor visits and tests. No fun.
  2. I thought I would bump this back up a bit now that the freshmen have had a chance to settle in and get a few exams/projects/papers under their belts. My dd just hit a bit of a wall and called me stressing out. She dealt with a nasty case of Lyme Disease during High School and took two gap years before heading to college as a 21 year old freshman. She worked part time those two years for...get this...our local school district (homeschool enrichment program). It was the best thing she could have done. Her work ethic and maturity was huge heading into college this year. Unfortunately, s
  3. My "mild to moderate" dyslexic DD struggled with spelling. This forum has heard and offered advise to us over the years. We used Sequential Spelling, Spelling Made Simple, Spelling Workout, Barton, Logic of English, Painless Spelling, Spelling Simplified, Megawords, and a host of other spelling programs. For an entire year, every school day she worked on the same 25 sight words (would, could, should, etc.) along with 25 of her current spelling words. At the end of the year, she still could not spell the sight words. It was beyond frustrating and heartbreaking. She would be so embarrassed
  4. Our DS lost his scholarship. Ugg. It was painful. He was a Resident Assistant and living 8 hours away. He had a full ride between the scholarship and the job (housing and meals). Unfortunately, the amount of work and stress of the RA job dealing with everything from suicide attempts, to overdoses, and abuse, while carrying over a full load, caused a crash and burn. He just could not recover and his grade point average took a huge hit. He is working this summer to help pay for a semester overseas, then he only has two more semesters with light loads. The whole experience was an opp
  5. Hi Swimmermom3, I have not been around the forum for awhile. It is nice to see a familiar name. Fun to hear that Sailor Dude is heading to Chile. Skywalker is home for the summer, then heading to France for a semester. Our gentlemen have grown so fast. Best of luck to Sailor Dude on his grad school quest. MtnTeaching
  6. I have been a bit busy lately and not on the forum in a while. It seems that a lot has been going on. I did as requested and removed anything questionable, including the avatar. Unfortunately, there are some very vile and slimy people out there who will do whatever it takes to extort money. If this is what has latched its fangs into this informational, educational, motivational forum, then I am very sorry. Susan, just know that there are a lot of people on this forum who attribute a huge part of their ability to forge over the hurdles of homeschooling to you. I am one of them.
  7. It does sound like "easy money". Wouldn't it be nice to just send out some mailings and get money back? What a deal! :party: It just seems as if they are pulling off a clever fraud. People are not promised anything other than a bumper sticker, medal, and the opportunity to say they are in this honor society. Grades and achievements have nothing to do with it - even though the letter states it was sent out due to "outstanding grades". I think it preys on people who want to show their child excels in something - even if they don't. It seems as if it would appeal to the ones who mi
  8. Hey - we got ours today... and the price has gone up to $60! I guess even "scholars" get hit with inflation. :D
  9. I can definitely see where this guy could get on someone's nerves. Having said that, we listened to this series when ds and dd were in early middle school and we thought he was a hoot. He is geeky and over-the-top, but I have to say... I still remember several of his out-of-the-main-stream stories today. And this is from a very Southern Georgia Gal. Thompson is certainly not for everyone, but we enjoyed him. For us, he brought parts of World History to life that were otherwise words on a page.
  10. Just me, the cat, & the dog for two days. Course descriptions - here I come!!

    1. swimmermom3


      How did you score that piece of luck?

  11. I really had not put that much thought into doing them since ds is taking several AP classes (not 11 of them like some ps school kids, but a few). But Nan's post made me look more closely at them and their timing. I found this good list of colleges that either require SAT 2s or recommend it. I would really be bummed if he decided he wanted to apply to any of these colleges and was sidelined just because I had skimmed over the whole SAT 2 idea. I guess I really did not realize it was such an important part of applying to these types of schools. If we waited until October to take t
  12. I may not be at the tippy top of that tree, but I am feeling some vertigo as I am buried in the middle of trying to write course descriptions and battling the flu at the same time. We are very late deciding whether ds (a current junior) should take a couple of SAT 2 tests just to have on the record. With the AP tests looming near and of immediate concern, it looks as if his only shot to take a couple of SAT 2s by early decision date would be to take them on June 7th. That is one week before the ACT. He absolutely NEEDS to do well on his ACT. He needs to pull that test up by 4 points -
  13. We loved all of Danica McKellar's books!! (Just not the titles :001_rolleyes:). They are definitely written for girls. But, I used it first with my ds! We made a game out of it and would substitute "macho male" items for the girly items. High heels became combat boots. Lipstick became Lego pieces. It was fun and worked for him. Danica has great memory tips.
  14. You are welcome. Did you get the Pet Shop one? I took a quick look for my copy, but I think it is in our storage barn with dd's work for that year. I would say it was about three years ago that she did it. She really did enjoy it. I do remember making a few extra copies of pages with the items she would "draw" from the envelopes each day. Also, I vaguely remember something about copying a page for dd here and there for her to use side-by-side with the spreadsheet. I know this does not make much sense without seeing it, but as you start working it, I think you will know what I mean.
  15. I used this with my dd a few years ago. She did the Pet Shop one and loved it! I needed something to give just a bit extra practice on the basics and this worked. She actually learned quite a bit about running a business, as well. I bought the paperback copy and I do remember having to cut out several pages that I then cut into little slips of paper that she would draw from each day (I kept them in envelopes). They would tell her things such as how much money she made or lost that day and if there were any problems, such as the fact they were paving the parking lot and people had a hard t
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