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  1. Growing up in earthquake land, we were told the water could be undrinkable for a few reasons. The water pipes could crack, then the water would get turned off by the water company and we would have no water for days. I remember after a big earthquake the water was orange-brown and we were told not to drink it for several days. Not that we wanted to drink brown water.
  2. Try scrubbing with Bar Keeper's friend. The brown spots are probably rust stains from your dishwasher as mentioned above. I love that stuff, it removes rust from everything.
  3. Lowes sells good ones and they had lots last night.
  4. http://www.korthalsaltes.com/model.php?name_en=six%20pyramids%20that%20form%20a%20cube Hope this helps.
  5. I agree with the others, are there any other options that might have better teachers? Also, do your kids have goggles? They really helped my kids get past putting their faces in the water..
  6. We just started watching the Magnificent Century. Very similar to the show you mentioned. It sucked us in. We just started it today and we are already on episode 6 (today is an off day for us.)
  7. I've used tea bags and super glue. It works great and I've never had an infection from it. When I need to remove it, I file it down.
  8. Download the overdrive app and open the books in there. I also use the app for library audiobooks. It's my most used app.
  9. Could you offer to trade English conversation for Spanish conversation to a Spanish speaker? It would benefit both of you.
  10. I broke my left arm. I am left handed. It has been so annoying not being able to try my shoes, put my hair in a ponytail, put on my bra, apply my new eyeliner, write or even sign my name. I had a small melt down at thanksgiving when I couldn't get mashed potatoes on my fork. Lol, my dh had to cut my turkey. Silver lining is I have gotten creative and figured out how to do a few things on my own. I feel bad about complaining about a temporary injury, but it is so frustrating wearing a sling in the winter and not fitting into any of my jackets or even long sleeved shirts.
  11. Last year I received a box of screen door hinges, the top part that pulls it closed quietly. So random. They were not charged to my account, but I was nervous to get rid of them in case they were ever charged or asked for. I just remembered about them. I probably still have them in a corner somewhere in my garage. Lol.
  12. For cast iron, I really like my chainmail scrubby. https://www.amazon.com/Ringer-Stainless-Chainmail-Cleaner-8x6-Inch/dp/B00FKBR1ZG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1466485892&sr=8-1&keywords=Cast+iron+metal+scrub
  13. The wet container is better for smoothies and the dry container is better for grinding dry stuff like seeds or nuts. I think it has something to do with the directions the blades go. The wet one has the mixture spin so it all mixes. The dry one pushes stuff outward and doesn't mix as well. My dh was having troubles with his smoothies when we first got our vitamix until I noticed him using the dry container. Mine came with both, im not sure I would have bought the dry one if it had been extra. I do use both a lot.
  14. The ring - super creepy. We watched The Blair Witch Project shortly after moving to the rural northwest from a big city. It was so creepy driving home on dark streets with no street lights. I had a hard time driving at night for a while.
  15. I agree, putting my babies down when they bit, worked for me. Lots of times my baby would bite me on the shoulder when I was holding him and talking to someone else. He would get bored and bite me to get me moving. Like yours, he loved being held, so putting him down really worked. Good luck!
  16. Millet is delicious and doesn't have a strong taste. It can be made savory or sweet.
  17. Because lice only live about 48 hours off a head, I would just vaccuum and put any soft toys in a trash bag for several days.
  18. Yes! The media can be so one sided and a lot of people read it and believe it without reading actual sources. So annoying on both sides.
  19. Yup, the new pampered chef one is stainless steel and should not rust, so it will last a long time.
  20. Wow, we always had PE last. So no showering and no shower checks. I think I would have died. I went to a small private school. High school was the same, PE last period and no mandatory showers at school. My high school was also another small private school. It was bad enough having to change into PE clothes in the same room. :-/
  21. We have a date night about every other week. Sometimes more often and sometimes less. Our kids are old enough not to need a babysitter. We either eat out or watch a movie. Sometimes we just grocery shop together and have fun.
  22. Theo's chocolates are fair trade and really yummy. https://www.theochocolate.com
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