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  1. lavender's green

    Does homeschooling mean we will be sick less?

    Health is a minor perk to homeschooling. I say minor because illness still goes on in homeschool groups and other places outside the house. Recently, I (the one who's anal about handwashing and hygiene, not my kids who lick handrails and get coughed on) was the one who brought a really nasty virus into the home. You just never know. And they'll be exposed to stuff eventually. Our first year of preschool was really bad. Someone was always sick because they had less previous exposure. Sleep is king at our house, and my kids do get enough of it, but it's at the expense of other stuff. We only have 4 hours between the time school gets out and bed time. That's not much when we have to play (see below), get home, do homework, eat dinner, have some family time, bathe, etc. It feels so rushed, but I've just accepted that it's only four busy evenings a week that we have to get through. Nutrition is slightly worse with all the snacks, special treats, reward candy, lunches that they'll actually eat, etc. When we homeschooled, we had so much more outside play time. We usually did it in the mornings when it's cooler and because this area gets lots of afternoon thunderstorms. When school started we just kind of maintained that play in the morning, rest in the afternoon schedule - except we weren't playing in the morning because they were in school. Kiddo gained a good bit of weight, which isn't all bad because usually he gains weight and then the weight suddenly turns into height, but still. I had to make physical activity happen, it didn't just happen through the course of our day anymore. I park a couple blocks away at pickup time, and we go to playgrounds for an hour or two, if it's at all possible. I'm hoping to get him into a school sport, too. I think a non-school sport would be too difficult to work into our schedule and still get to bed at a decent time.
  2. lavender's green

    Dr. Hive Limp in child with no pain?

    This. You'll probably wind up at one anyway for follow-up care. Might as well just start there. They're the experts, you'll do a lot less waiting around, and they're a lot less germy!
  3. lavender's green

    Empaths, what does this mean?

    I get the thrift store thing too. I love a deal, especially with kids who are hard on clothes and grow at alarming rates, but man...sometimes it's not worth it. The worst was when I was 8 months pregnant with my last kid. I wanted to buy the older kids a play kitchen, to have something new and fun to do while I took care of the new baby. Couldn't find any free online, so I went to Once Upon a Child (where I do shop occasionally). I was so emotionally sick I almost threw up. I guess the hormones took my normal thrift store feeling of being crushed and made it unbearable. In the end I decided to shell out for a new one. OTOH, one of my favorite cheap dates is to wander around antique stores with DH. I only get that feeling in the stalls where things are obviously more personal. Blankets, dresses, wigs, baby dolls. But I could look at old china, crystal, silver, and chandeliers all day.
  4. lavender's green

    Kitchen reno vs. family vacation

    I'd try to split it, (because 30 grand is a lot for a vacation), but if I couldn't I'd do the vacation.
  5. lavender's green

    adding joy/fun to a day with kids

    My kids get along best when they have a common goal. A couple weeks ago they spied a large-ish box and slowly destroyed it over the course of a half hour. I believe the game involved aliens. I was able to sneak away and read in bed! Sometimes I'll start making a fort, and when they see how cool it's going to be, they take over. Sometimes I send them into the attic or under-eave storage to find something. Slightly dark and creepy, the attic involves heights, you wind up with something cool if you get over your fear...what's not to love? Changes of scenery are always good. Move to a different room, get outside and go for a walk. If you want everyone to come with you, the best way is to make it "Mommy's special alone-time walk." Within a week you'll have a crowd! LOL. Well, it works on my kids, at least. And obviously when the kids are young you need to do this when a responsible person is home. And I try, at the end of the day, to spend a little one-on-one time with each kid. It's not easy on the days when everyone is home, and every last nerve is screaming "Mommy is done for the day!" but I put on a smile and just enjoy each kid for who they are. They love this. I love it too.
  6. lavender's green

    Need suggestions! What to serve with French Onion Soup??

    At home we have it with a nice little salad. Once at a restaurant I got french onion soup and ordered mashed potato cakes a la carte. They were so yummy together. But it wouldn't have worked if the cakes hadn't been nicely crisped, and seasoned to stand up to the soup. I don't know how to make these at home. My experiments come out blobby.
  7. lavender's green

    Sudden Jaw Pain

    I've had TMJ with my jaw locking up in the past. Recently with my virus it's been acting up again (not locking, just hurting and threatening to lock), especially if I have to sleep with my mouth open because I can't breathe through my nose. It's calming down already. Hope yours does too! If I'm worried it's going to lock, and I have to open my mouth, I kind of quickly thrust my head forward as I open my jaw. This seems to keep it on the right path, not the "locking up" path. YMMV, don't try this at home kids, and all the rest. Seriously, I have zero idea if this is good advice, but it works for me when things are getting wonky.
  8. lavender's green

    What are you doing for Valentine's?

    Nursing kids through a virus, possibly the flu, like I have been for the last week. DH and I were supposed to have our Valentine's date for lunch today, while the kids were in school. He was a few minutes from home when I got the call to pick up the next victim. It's okay, though. They're too tired to even be crabby. Beats the heck out of the vomiting bug they had a few weeks ago.
  9. lavender's green

    I’ve been cooking all day. Also need vegetarian suggestions.

    I made quiche today, I'm craving red lentil soup, and DH made mushroom risotto yesterday. We have some illness going around and no one feels like meat right now.
  10. lavender's green

    who does the decorating at your house?

    Me, but I always ask his opinion. He's good at pointing out things I hadn't considered, and vice versa. Usually for him it's an issue of function. Are those curtains too sheer for that room, or are the kids going to destroy that knick-knack just by walking past it. I'm the one who thinks of beauty, dimensions, color, comfort. We choose larger items like furniture together. Usually it's very easy.
  11. I have friends who adopted and know adoptees in my wider social circle. I can't think of any cases in the family except a cousin who might have adopted her step-son. DH's aunt nearly gave her baby up for adoption, but chose to keep her before it was finalized.
  12. lavender's green

    Worst directions you were ever given (just for fun)

    I thought of bad non-GPS one. DH and I were staying with my aunt and uncle, who live in a major city with lots of highways and business loops to navigate. We casually mentioned to each other that we should figure out our route home (not expecting help). Uncle launches into this really complicated "Go south on US X, not Business X, then hop onto I Whatever East, take that to the bridge and immediately get onto US Z West, immediately, it's easy to miss, then you're going to want I Whichever North, stay on that for two miles then take this weird little side road to...." It was way more complicated that the route we'd taken to their house. When we finally got our atlas out, we realized that he was was trying to keep us off the toll roads. Which is nice, but it was like $3 in tolls and he wanted us to go 45 minutes out of our way in terrible traffic on complicated roads.
  13. lavender's green

    Worst directions you were ever given (just for fun)

    Google Directions wanted us to go on a road that hadn't been built yet. We were trying to get to our local IKEA for the first time, and it took us on this weird convoluted back way through sketchy areas, and sure enough, there was IKEA. The back of IKEA. On the other side of a huge valley! Rather than staying on the highway for a couple more miles and getting off at IKEA Blvd, as we soon learned. There actually is a road there now. We took it last year on our way home when traffic on the highway was at a standstill.
  14. lavender's green

    Special Valentine's Day plans?

    I'll do some sort of dessert - maybe chocolate fondue. Homemade pizza used to be our traditional Valentines meal, but we've been having it nearly every week recently, so it won't be that special. DH and I will probably have a nice dinner after the kids go to bed. Last year I got a beeswax candle kit for the kids, the kind you roll up. That was a huge hit! I'll probably do it again this year, especially since they'll have the next day off from school. Crafts are always a good idea on a non-school day.
  15. lavender's green


    I'm also in NC, and basements are not common in my area, though I know of a handful. When we were house-hunting there weren't any houses with basements in our price range. They were all in either walk-out nicely finished basements in expensive houses, or in very small, old fixer-upper houses. I'm from Michigan, where every house I knew of had a basement. It was nice to have a place to store things, keep appliances, exercise machines, space for hobbies, massive playroom/TV room where no one can see the mess, etc. Lots of people built bedrooms for their teens if space was getting tight upstairs. On the downside, some people had problems with flooding. And it's all too easy to keep putting junk down there, decade after decade. I've heard horror stories about the clean-up.
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