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  1. I went to elementary school with a kid who was seriously injured when his grandfather backed over him with a golf cart. And a girl down the road from us picked up my sister in a golf cart and then they crossed a 4 lane highway where cars regularly go 70 mph (speed limit 55). Just because something looks cute and little doesn't mean it's totally safe. And sometimes kids are capable of something, but lack the maturity to handle split-second decisions, not goofing off, understanding rules of the road and laws of physics, spacial awareness, all the ways something could go wrong, etc. I'm pretty relaxed about how others parent, but I draw the line when it's a matter of public safety.
  2. We got ours as a wedding gift. Some years we use it more, some less. It's definitely easier with the chest freezer. I have a kid begging me for homemade strawberry ice cream right now. IIRC the type of cream you use makes a difference. I think ultra-pasteurized can leave a film in your mouth, and regular pasteurized doesn't, but it's harder to find. My strawberry ice cream recipe actually uses sour cream, so it's not an issue and I don't need to research it yet. :) But I guess that doesn't matter if you want to make coconut ice cream - I'm just saying to be aware of your ingredients and how they can affect the taste and texture of the final product. Sometimes you have to play around with it, research, or hunt does the exact right thing.
  3. The snooper is in the wrong. And I feel really sorry for the journal writer who's trying to live with such messed-up dynamics, and was probably raised that way too. I hope they learn about boundaries and can successfully launch and get away from this mess of Crazy.
  4. It's making a comeback, and I considered it for my bedroom. DH wasn't on board with the pattern, and we're not sure if we'll outgrow this house or not. I wouldn't try to sell this particular house in this particular corner of the world with wallpaper in it. I've seen some really nice, classic designs that don't scream "SO 2019!", but taste is so personal, and so many people have horror stories about ripping it out. My childhood bedroom originally had stegosauruses with their necks entwined, with little hearts. Ugh. Then my parents put in a pattern with the three little piggies and the big bad wolf. Horrifying! I also remember a shell border in the bathroom, and some yellow pattern in the kitchen.
  5. My cranky old girl lived for a good couple years after the thyroid and kidney diagnoses, and she was very active (and more vocal) right up until the end. She'd always been afraid of my younger boy cats, but toward the end she gave off a "don't mess with me, you whippersnappers" vibe and they left her alone. She looked a little rough and unkempt for the last month, and then died during a nap. We gave her pills mixed with wet food. We turned down fluid therapy. I think she was on a special diet for a while, but hated the food and refused to eat it after a while, so we switched back. Gosh, I miss her. It's been almost a year.
  6. I love hazelnuts, but I think they go rancid quickly. I prefer them straight from the shell, when they have a nice sweet flavor. I think when they're roasted and salted they lose some of their special qualities.
  7. I get bad acne from drinking milk, but fermented dairy, butter, and cream (and some occasional ice cream), are all fine for me. Which reminds me, I was totally not thinking about dairy last week when I was on a road trip and treated myself to a couple of lattes. I couldn't figure out where the acne came from! I guess I just got so used to never having milk that I completely forgot about it.
  8. None of us have one or want one (but the kids are very young, so never say never...). In college I would have considered it if I found the perfect one, but I didn't, and have completely lost interest since then.
  9. I've always thought it would be cool to own a restaurant, bakery, or B&B. DH and I often talked about it when we were more carefree. But at the end of the day we're realists and know that the amount of work (and extroversion, in some cases) wouldn't be worth it for us. DH also talked for a while of being an independent contractor in his industry. But he'd need millions of dollars worth of lab equipment, and we'd make significantly less money for at least several years, not to mention all the tax and health insurance issues. I know my anxiety would go through the roof if anything came up business-wise or health-wise. I also get more done around the house when he's not here. And he's just really well-suited to the job he currently has, and they're a great, family-friendly company.
  10. Spam. Some dish my mom called "sh!t on a shingle." Toast with a nasty salty white chunky gravy plopped on top. Potato soup that my grandma made. Huge slices of potatoes and onions simmered in water for not nearly long enough, with a dash of milk, and a ton of black pepper. It had a nasty texture and no taste, except for the onions. My parents' meatloaf, cooked with a thick layer of ketchup on top. Every single one of my aunts had their own version of that jello salad stuff, and they'd get extremely offended at holiday meals if I didn't try theirs. I was a compliant, people-pleaser child, and I have ten aunts. Never again.
  11. MIL kept all of DH's legos, then gave them all to us, because they are preparing to move. We regret taking them in (along with everything else she saved). It was cute at first, to have Daddy's legos and old toys to play with. But DH is not particularly sentimental, and the kids prefer the modern sets, things they've read the books/seen the cartoons of, not what was around way back when. Now we just have too many legos, and most are in the attic. But speaking as a Mommy, I'd probably hold onto them too, as long as I had the storage space. :)
  12. I have mild scoliosis and sometimes get back pain. Exercise and stretching are the best preventive measures for me.
  13. How about sweet potatoes anna? I use half the butter, a lot less salt because I don't have coarse sea salt, and usually paprika instead of aleppo pepper. The whole family loves it.
  14. I feel sad and literally sick over this. And yet hopeful, after the latest reports.
  15. I would add, be very, very careful about who you let direct your spiritual life. My heart about broke when I saw you were worried about being narcissistic. I think pastors don't always consider the impact of what they say on people who have anxiety, or difficult family relations, or recovering from being raised by a narcissist (if I'm remembering your other posts correctly). The things they say can really eat at you, and can feed anxiety and trauma. That's why if I don't get the God Our Loving Father vibe from a church, I'm outta there.
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