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  1. If it is a general philosophical question not intrinsic to atheism, then why is the problem of evil so often cited by atheists as proof of god's non-existence, or, given as the linchpin for loss of faith? The problem of evil has been cited in this very thread for those purposes.
  2. Then why do anti-theists target Christianity with their ire, over other religions? Are you sure they don't find anything particularly toxic about Christianity VS Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca? Is it so simple that it's a matter of cultural background and a "right" to speak critically of ones own pedigree?
  3. "The problem of evil" is one of the most frequently made arguments against god. So I was curious if for some atheists, an evil god might be more plausible.
  4. If "the problem of evil" is a linchpin for atheists, do you think atheists would be more likely to believe in an evil, cruel god, over a supposedly loving, caring god?
  5. Why are atheists so vocally critical of Christianity, but not of other religions, like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism? Do they consider Christianity be particularly deserving of criticism over other religions, and if so, why? I have known many atheists and been on many atheist discussion boards and forums and this is a very common phenomena.
  6. Even in this day and age when so many people in the developed world have internet access, it's a bad idea to judge a group of people based on the ones motivated (often by strong emotions) to post about their experiences online. For instance, if people judged homeschooling mothers and families by the people who post here, they probably would not get an accurate portrait. As far as divorced men, as others have said, I have met men who run the range from very happily divorced to embittered and hateful. As with most things it depends on the circumstances of the break up and the personalities involved.
  7. So sick and so bored.

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      Hope you feel better soon!


  8. My son ate 13 pancakes for breakfast and an entire pizza for dinner. he's 6 ft / 128 lbs. How??

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      Hollow legs, my mum used to say!

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