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  1. My dd 13 has crowding and a overbite, so she has been using a soft silicon mouth guard throughout the night for 3 weeks now, and the results are great so far. People have commented that she gets prettier every time they see her etc.... Her jaw line is getting stronger and the arch in her mouth wider.Very happy with it and it's only $180!
  2. Jasperstone


    We haven't been for around ten years. As we can't stand the politics and control that go with it. To be honest I have grown heaps more by not relying on a Pastor to feed me. We have devotions, prayers and bible reading most days. I also talk about God throughout the day when it's appropriate. I do have a few strong Christian friends, who also don't attend, and we keep each other accountable and pray for one another.
  3. Messy bun Burgundy coloured hair Bikini with a sarong wrapped around- yep, a warm day here in Oz. I'm visiting a homeschooling event later, so it will long skirt with a dressy singlet type top.
  4. You must be well hydrated then. ;-)
  5. If things start looking the same way to me daily, I feel like I'm in a Truman Show! ;-)
  6. I'm very spontaneous and really dislike routines. The problem I have encountered is most of my daughter's friend's mothers are routine driven, and it makes it hard for my dd to see her friends. They need like 2 weeks noticed, and it has to be done after *school* etc... Really???? I'm the type to fit *school* in when nothing else is up. Isn't that one of the blessings of homeschooling? Sun's out- let's go to the beach first. Friend wants to go for coffee- school can be done later etc...
  7. 2.5 hours of spa treatments! !!! Yay! Can't wait!
  8. My dd 13 got a book titled- All you need to know about fish oil. Lol!!!!! Luckily, her grandma also gave her $50 as she has NO CLUE!
  9. Asked for a sarong and got a large designer scarf instead!
  10. The actuality is that child abduction is heartbreaking and horrifying . . . but incredibly rare. --------------------------- I don't think it is that rare. A kid in our neighbourhood just recently was nearly dragged into a car, but luckily he escaped!!! My dd has had a car circle her a few times, then we saw it come back again the next day at the same time! When I talked to other neighbours about this, one said as a teen she was nearly taken etc.... My point is that it happens more than we think, but there's no media publicity about it until it's too late. Just recently near our suburb, a 12 yr old was found dead....she had been missing for over a week!!!!! But no reporting on the case until her body was found!!!! The poor parents had to go on social media to get it out to the masses. Because I'm not on it, I didn't know about it. Having said that- I still don't agree on what happened to that poor mum! It was in a safe area... probably surrounded by cameras anyway....
  11. My dd went through an easy bruising stage- especially on her legs.Sometimes it's a lack of certain vitamins etc.. To have this happen to you is absolutely frightening! Even if you get the all clear, do they keep the file? I'd want it totally gone, just in case another zealous person reports for some dumb reason again etc...
  12. I wouldn't want the responsibility of preparing food for an allergic/ sensitive person. I may accidentally put something in the dish without realising at the time it contains- gluten. Like thickener or such. Also, if they got unwell afterwards, even if I did everything right, then I'd feel guilty!
  13. We use ours daily for smoothies. Love it!
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