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  1. I would discuss this “subtle” approach with an attorney. I’m not sure if this is needed. Maybe even get a second opinion on it.
  2. Heart, you are trying so hard. We can all feel this. You have limited time and energy and you’ve received so much advice here. I would limit your energies to a few areas: 1) get some free legal advice 2) set aside some money in a separate, private bank account 3) get a job 4) continue to take care of your children Please do no spend energy on: 1) justifying with him any decision you make whether it is regarding child rearing or finances or getting a job for anything else. You are an adult and can make these decisions and no discussion is needed. 2) helping dh with any task he is capable of performing himself. This includes getting him coffee or packing or making his lunch or, really, anything else. I highly recommend you get a job. Any job even if the pay isn’t great. You will need the car for this and you don’t need to listen to his objections. He will quickly realize the money isn’t going into a joint account. No need for discussion about this other than, “this is what I’ve decided to do. I’m not discussing it further.” Let him rant and walk away. The dynamic will shift dramatically in your home. You will need to make sure you and your children are safe.
  3. We’d like to do a New England color tour mid October. In what city would you start? Any suggestions are welcome. We have about 7 days.
  4. OP, why the conflict over clothes? You’ve chosen to place your daughter in an environment, this high school, where the clothing standards are different from yours. Even though you’d prefer otherwise, can you find a way to let this go? You’re requiring a standard that’s making your daughter feel awkward in a new environment. First the jeans and now the shorts. Trust me, resentment will build over this, and it isn’t worth it I’d find a way to say “yes”, if you could. There will be much bigger issues where you may need to say “no”. Save the “no” for those times. The shorts in your link are typical teenage shorts.
  5. Does this coop have a board? Many of them do, and you can go over the director’s head and appeal to the coop’s board to refund your registration fee. If not, is there an assistant director? Her reasoning is absurd and unprofessional if there is someone else you can talk to, it would be easier than small claims court This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with poor business practices and manipulation.
  6. Have you googled abdominal binder? You can get these on amazon. I’m wondering if this could make a difference. Sometimes they will provide this in the hospital.
  7. Hmm. Are you are narcotic pain relievers? If not, something seems off. Your brain should not be this fuzzy. Surgery is exhausting but you seem a step beyond this. I'd give it until noon today, and then call the doctor's office and report your symptoms. Be very clear regarding the level of your fatigue, where you're at on the pain scale, and your mental fog. The weekend is coming and you want to make sure you're headed in the right direction so you're not waiting until Monday's office hours.
  8. You say your head doesn’t feel quite right. Yes, anesthesia takes awhile to get out of few system. But it sounds like you’re not on heavy painkillers so that should make your head clearer. Make sure you’re communicating how you feel dizzy and somewhat off to the nurses and doctor. You’re in the hospital and this is the opportunity to make sure you’re in good shape before they send you home.
  9. I guess I'm puzzled why this thread has so much discussion over library book hold policies. It seems like that would be an interesting spin off thread. Library policies are not what this situation is about at all. This is a boundary issue where relatives have been given a boundary and are violating it to manipulate young children. It's truly appalling. The fact that the OP considers contacting the relatives is also concerning because it feeds the drama and will, most definitely, not solve anything. She is dealing with people who have threatened to contact CPS, if I'm understanding correctly. If so, these people are a danger to her family and she needs to follow the steps Miss Lemon articulated above. If this is a stereotypical small town, giving the story to the librarians at the ONE library in town that the relatives frequent can also fuel the situation as there is a high likelihood the library employees could be on the relatives' side. OP, if you have the ability to move far away from this area, I would do so. In the meantime, protect your family by contacting an attorney and following his/her advice. Please do not contact your estranged family members.
  10. Class teacher was out of line. Totally. If she had a business/customer service mind-set, she'd realize that people looking at an interesting PUBLIC class, might be encouraged to sign up for one themselves. Here's another way to look at this: most every opportunity can be a learning opportunity. Takeaway: If you're ever in a group and someone, even a leader, treats someone rudely in OR outside the group, call them on it. Make a deal with yourself that you'll do this. So, someone inside this crochet group could've/should've said to the teacher, "Oh, there's no harm in watching! I think it's great that someone's showing interest. Maybe they'll join next time," or some variation on this. It politely calls out the rude person. The older I get, the more empowered I feel to speak up. I don't feel it's my place to teach anyone a lesson, but I do feel like I have a responsibility to speak up for others. So, maybe it would help you to feel better to know that you're now more empowered to speak up in a future situation.
  11. I view this differently. I believe the mother failed to see the vest that said not to pet. I think she’s “guilty” of being naive for 1) being unaware service animals should not be petted by strangers in public and 2)thinking this woman would be receptive to the feedback to respond more politely. Yes, “no” is a complete sentence. However, wouldn’t it be kinder to say, “nope! This is a service animal.” It would’ve taken two seconds and could be a pat answer for the many times this question is asked. It also helps spread the message that service animals are not like other pets. Is service dog owner obligated? No. Could she be kinder? Yes. Could she have diffused the tension? Yes. IMO
  12. There is a video showing showing, in my opinion, some poor conflict resolution. I just wish there was a way people could diffuse conflict. I wish adults didn't feel the need to "teach" other adults. I wish people could just be polite if they feel irritated or work to diffuse situations. Video found in this story: It already has millions of views. (Can I ask you refrain from comments about this news site? It had a fairly information about the story as well as the video.) Basically, a woman had a service dog and a young mom asked if her two year old could pet the dog. Apparently young mom was curtly told "no" (mother said an accompanying friend also cursed at them) and young mom wanted to instruct the dog owner to be more courteous. Her feedback was not taken well. Also, this trend of filming people and putting it on the internet for all to see...Wow. We all need to behave in public!!
  13. Attending practice at the varsity level even when hurt sounds typical. I ageee with the coach, too My kids had heavy course loads and played sports in high school. It was good experience for them to budget their time accordingly.
  14. Where we are, students are only eligible to play for high school for 4 years. So, if a child played in 9th grade and was then held back to repeat 9th grade, they could not play their senior year--as that would be their 5th year in high school. So, I would check the rules where you are. If there is a 4 year maximum to play in high school, the decision definitely needs to be made while your daughter is still in 8th grade. Here, once you're started playing in high school, that would be counted as the first year. Hope that makes sense.
  15. Bid Pal is very good. It might cost too much for something small; I don’t know. Years ago I used Charity Auction Organizer and really liked it. It was inexpensive, easy to use and had great customer support.
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