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  1. Yes, the first time we went with Wild West was in mid-April. It was too cold but still fun. The kids were 5-6 years old at the time. It was just our group - my husband and I, plus my husband's best friend, and our four kids. The second time we went with them was two or three years later, and we went in late July. The weather was great and everyone had a blast. Again, it was just our group on the raft - my family of six, plus two family friends. The guides are really knowledgeable. You feel safe the whole time, but it's super fun.
  2. Also, if there is no affordable lodging available in the Park or in West Yellowstone, try in Gardiner, Montana (which is just outside the North entrance of the park).
  3. We live 90 miles from there, and go many times a year (between April and October). It's usually extremely busy in July/August, so we avoid those months. If you want to go white water rafting, we've used Wild West Rafting twice and it was a great experience https://wildwestrafting.com We've never used any other guides. Also, don't miss Teton National Park (which is next to Yellowstone to the South). It's absolutely beautiful.
  4. Homeschool Legacy has Christian unit studies. I know they have a Weather one. https://homeschoollegacy.com/
  5. "Colored" is an offensive term because it was used in history to separate Black people. ("Colored" signs on water fountains, "Colored-only" bathrooms, etc. or used in even more offensive ways.) "People of color" is a current phrase used to describe a group of people who aren't white. I don't generally use that phrase though. I'm a white mom with two Black kids (and two Hispanic kids). My kids sometimes refer to themselves as Black and sometimes as African American. They are both 11 and not really concerned with the terminology. As for "tribe," I've never heard anyone say that they were offended by that word. However, I don't use it personally. Not because I think someone might be offended, but probably because I don't have a tribe of friends 😄
  6. My husband and I both had our second Pfizer shot two weeks ago. No side effects at all (not even sore arm).
  7. My kids pick on their birthdays, too. Two of my kids always choose sushi. The other two pick things like pizza, fried chicken, or mac and cheese. Sometimes Chinese food. None of my kids love cake. So, they typically have donuts or brownies instead of birthday cake.
  8. Up until recently, he worked in marketing at a life insurance company. I don't think he's been working as a financial analyst any time in the recent past. I haven't read the whole thread but why do you think that he should be in legal trouble? On Reddit, he hasn't even been encouraging people to buy GME. He has just been posting screenshots of his GME buys and account balances since June 2019.
  9. I have a friend who got the vaccine the same day as I did, and had the same reaction. I asked the doctor about it and apparently it's not a common reaction, but not that uncommon either. I am hoping it won't be worse for the second dose.
  10. My husband and I both had our first dose (Pfizer) last Friday. Twenty minutes after getting the vaccine, the left side of my face was tingly ... sort of like how it feels when you get numbed at the dentist. It was the entire left side from by eye to my chin. It lasted for an hour, and came back periodically over the next several hours before disappearing altogether. I didn't have any other side effects (not even a sore arm). My husband had no effects.
  11. My daughter is doing CLE 4 Bible right now and loves it.
  12. I don't know if anyone posted this, but now there's a fourth case of unknown origin. An 18-year-old in Washington state. https://www.statnews.com/2020/02/28/california-oregon-coronavirus-case-community-spread/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8058237/Second-unknown-origin-case-coronavirus-confirmed-California.html
  13. Side note: Is there a link to where we can still buy Treasured Conversations? I know that it's not on Educents, since it doesn't exist anymore.
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