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  1. Every single day! 3 times. I just don't understand who came up with this whole 3 meals a day thing. My crew just asked, "What's for dinner?" And I responded, "fasting and prayer." It's all I could come up with and no way is anyone actually hungry!! Now I'm reluctantly making taco salad.
  2. My husband finished a round two weeks ago and swears he will never be the same human being again. There really is no description for the misery which started about 36 hours from when he started. We are hoping for improvement.
  3. Just got it!!!! Thank you so much. I am just now hopping back online after a crazy week. I am going to print out all of the ideas and suggestions and come up with a plan of attack for this guy. I appreciate the information and support.
  4. They just did the quiz on Chapter 7.1-7.3. Next will be the chapter 7 test. Heaven help us all!!! Lol.
  5. I cannot TELL you guys how much I appreciate the thoughts on this issue. I have come to a few conclusions. He thinks it is test anxiety and the fact that math is the last class of the day makes the "fear" more intense. He does seem to be struggling with quickly and efficiently dealing with some of the fractions, even though he is fine with the algebraic concepts. He pulled the latest quiz out of his backpack and I am seeing a combination of things. Out of 7 problems 1 was significantly harder than the homework but he tried and 1 was not covered in the section being quizzed, but he should have tacked it and figured it out. The other points off were for things that I can easily address. We will come up with a plan of attack, but I am trying to figure out if now is a time I should pull back and let him figure some things out, or keep on plugging because he has potential to make some good progress with more help. I may have him repeat the class over the summer. I know he will be sooooo excited about that. Lol!!
  6. It's 0-395-93776-0 Thank you all for the insight. I think it's a combination of factors coming together. It's the last of 7 classes in the day and I think his stamina has not built up yet. I really hate to make him do more problems when he is clearly understanding but that might be necessary. Maybe that will help him with speed and confidence. He will definitely be reminded to write down every single thing that comes out of the teacher's mouth.
  7. I need to get the tests back so I can give some examples, but the best way to describe it is that the homework problems work out neatly. This gives a kind of a reassurance along the way that you are on the right track. But, the test questions aren't like that. One of the exams was so tedious that it took me 2 hours to complete. Lol!!! But, he needs to be able to tackle it, if this is the expectation. It's just such a bummer to see his grade in the red, when I know I sent him in with the skills to do what had been assigned.
  8. Thank you so much! This is very helpful--I will look into it.
  9. I wish I knew the grade distribution, but the teacher did send out an email today offering tutoring for those who made below a 60 on the last test. She mentioned that students were seeing this topic for the first time that and some had struggled with it. They are solving linear systems using graphing, substitution, and combining.
  10. He leaves home thinking he's ready and then comes back crushed. It's so hard to see. I would get a tutor, but I feel comfortable doing it myself. And if it's something like testing anxiety, I don't think tutoring would help. We can't figure out how to move forward.
  11. I brought the tests home and redid every single question with him and some of them he should have gotten but many of them were significantly more difficult than those assigned as homework. I think he may look at the first few that don't work out as he anticipated and then he just kind of gives up on the ones that he could have done. Being the independent spirit that I am, I just want to pull him out and take him home, happily doing math togetherness for a few more years, but I'm thinking since I work there that might not be the best idea. Lol!!! Sorry--meant to add by homemade I mean, either she made them herself or another teacher made them. And I'm on my phone so maybe lots of typos. Lol!! Thanks
  12. My kiddos have always homeschooled, but this year I took a position teaching in a great classical school in our area. I love teaching my sweet little fourth grade class, but my own children have had a huge adjustment!!! The main issues have been math and Latin. I will spare you all of the Latin drama, but I am hoping to get some insight on the math issue. My 8th grader placed into Algebra 1. As a homeschooler he did Singapore 1-6A. Then a year of AOPS pre-A. He has mathematical reasoning abilities and of course has the mental math down. The school uses holt mcdougal (Larson) Algebra 1. I love working with him in the evenings because we have done math together for over a decade. Every evening I do the homework with him. He gets it. He knows exactly what to do and can tell me what I did wrong when we get different answers. We race. Sometimes he beats me. (I have a pretty strong math background). I have no concerns whatsoever when we are doing the homework assignments. He demonstrates mastery of the concepts that are assigned. And gets 100s on homework. Then he makes a "D" on almost every single test. I requested a look at the previous tests and they are homemade. He does better on the quizzes which appear to be from the publisher. We have got to get a handle on this as he certainly can't move forward with a "D" in Algebra. Last semester he pulled off a C because of his homework grade but his test grades were abysmal. Any thoughts or ideas??? Thx
  13. Aww! Thanks for checking. He went to school for 3 hours this morning and needed to head home. I spoke with the school and they said no worries at all. We could do whatever we need to in order to get him feeling better. I was offered a leave of absence if necessary. So we are going to get him back in to see the surgeon, who only sees patients on Thursday and then make some decisions. Im hoping his is just one of those little bodies that takes a little more time to heal.
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