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  1. I had something similar happen to me a couple years ago- phone rang in the middle of the night, first they were silent and then just asked my name. I hung up and they called back accusing me of sleeping with her husband?!? Then ends up calling my husband's cell phone a few minutes later. Finally figure out it was the wife of an employee of ours who was drunk going through numbers on her husband's phone. He had called me with a work question a few days prior. And my DH had called him to schedule a job. I hope yours is as innocent and you figure it out quickly!
  2. My DS, who doesn't have a bad problem, but does get pimples, does best with charcoal. He can put it on spots and his t-zone about 10-15 minutes before he showers at night and then washes it off in the shower. It's working. Less pimples and prettier skin:) We use one from a friend who sells beautycounter. It's a direct sell safe skin care line without the nasty stuff added. But I'm sure other charcoal based products would work as well.
  3. At home would be great! I recorded her today to show her dr Wednesday so he can order a sleep study.
  4. She has a hospital bed at home, so we've tried her head elevated at about every degree possible. I've been watching her sleep the past 3 hours and she has to be miserable. This is not good sleep. We have a follow up appointment today, hopefully they can help.
  5. My mom broke her hip 2 weeks ago and it seems the biggest issue we are having is sleep. She was always a side sleeper and being forced to sleep on her back is proving difficult. She snores almost immediately and wakes herself up all night.,A sleep study seems kind of hard at this point in her rehab, but maybe not? Is there anything that will help in the mean time? She needs better sleep!
  6. FWIW, my DS is in 9th grade, public school. He took the ACT at the end of 8th grade and the PSAT 9/10 test at the beginning of 9th grade, and his PSAT scores were noticeably better due to time and the kind of questions. Several people here recommended we try both to see if he was more suited for one or the other and after taking the PSAT, we are sticking with SAT prep. He is a slow worker. His ACT results clearly showed it was speed that was bringing his scores down. It might be worth it to try a SAT practice test if your college accepts them.
  7. I read a book written written by a grieving mom and she was grateful when people sent her pictures, candids, one she hasn't seen before, ones at events with stories. There will never be any more pictures and she wanted to have all the ones she could. Food, cleaning, those both sound great and will be appreciated ok sure.
  8. I appreciate all your stories and insight. It is a complicated time no matter what. We knew it would eventually come. She is very stubborn, private, modest and independent. She doesn't currently really understand her physical limitations or restrictions. It's a tough combination. I admit I don't have a lot of patience - her personality, other than the memory loss, is pretty much the same as it's been for the last 20 years. She is never wrong, and is very hard to persuade about anything, and she is not used to not getting her way. This set back is a real challenge for her. I am nice and cari
  9. SHe's been showing some cognitive issues for awhile, and there is a possibility they are thyroid related and might improve with treatment. She and my dad lived alone and she worked full time with admin help, so she was getting along. Her issue now is she doesn't seem to be able to understand the physical limitations of her injury and we are afraid she is going to hurt herself. We are very hopeful that in a couple months when she is fully healed and the meds kick in we might see some improvement. I ordered the book for my Kindle! Will read tonight - that is exactly what I need. I will care
  10. Don't quote (no that it is that exciting :lol: ) My mom is recovering from a broken hip and we've discovered that her memory issues are a lot worse than we thought. Basically she's been deflecting and changing the subject to cover it, but it's now evident her cognitive abilities aren't going to allow her to be alone anymore. There is a profound thyroid problem and a probable b-12 deficiency that might help some, but, in reality, we've entered that stage with our parents that we all get to. I am very good at hospital advocating, dr visits, understanding and researching medical issues.
  11. This is good news - I'm happy to see so many of you with success stories. She is 80, but she and my dad are both independent, live alone, and even still work, so we haven't been super involved in their health care until my dad's surgery last summer. She has been anti medicine - natural health - for a good 20 years, and thyroid medicine is included according to her, even though I have explained the hormone thing mentioned above. I really hope she feels the benefits and will stick with taking the medicine voluntarily. She has so many classic symptoms that she does not think are related.
  12. We knew my mom had thyroid problems, and she refused to go to the dr. My dad said she was taking her pills "sometimes." Well when she was in the hospital with her broken hip, we took the advantage and had her bloodwork done. Her TSH level was 36! We'll never be able to optimize it, but improving it has to help, right?!?
  13. That's a good point about hiring someone. We are getting good care, but we had to request the compression cuffs for her legs, ask several times for additional pain meds, and make sure they were dosing timely, she tried to get out of bed twice just forgetting where she was when she woke up. I'm grateful we are able to stay as needed and have some medical knowledge and friends in the medical world who lovingly give us advice. It's really made a big difference in these two hospitalizations.
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