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  1. ChocolateReignRemix

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    It's common in large parts of the country. Even national orgs like AAU recognize grade indirectly. For example players are eligible for 16U in basketball if they meet the age requirement or are in the 10th grade (grade exception). In the younger age groups they used to limit the number of grade exceptions per team but I *think* that may have been dropped. I have lived in 4 states and in all the local rec basketball leagues all went by grade, which makes sense as the players move up to school basketball as a cohort.
  2. ChocolateReignRemix

    Jayme Closs found alive

    It doesn't really matter. The prosecution has a living victim, forensic evidence and a confession on multiple capital crimes. The only defense strategy is likely some claim of insanity, which won't go anywhere. Wisconsin is not a death penalty state so I would not be surprised to see this end without a trial.
  3. ChocolateReignRemix

    Workers Comp Questions

    It can vary by state, but in general a burn that is blistering would be considered emergency care and she would be able to seek treatment at the nearest emergency/urgent care facility. They usually can require follow up care through their provider.
  4. ChocolateReignRemix

    Jayme Closs found alive

    Why even bring this up? The police seem to believe she wasn't involved, and they actually have access to all of the evidence.
  5. Terrible analogies as they are not remotely comparable. Again you are treating DNA as if it is completely individual and it is not.
  6. One of the best legal examples is a shared living space. If you and I are on a lease together, you are able to give the police permission to search any common areas or areas under your personal control. You generally do not have the right to give the police permission to search a personal space of mine (ex. my bedroom in a shared apartment). There are some exceptions and if one of us is the owner of the space then the other has no right to grant permission for a search. However, if you provide legal access to the shared living area and the police find something that give them additional probable cause (say they smell marijuana smoke coming from my bedroom or or I left a bedroom door open and they can see something illegal in plain view), that can give the police the right to either search or probable cause for a search warrant, depending upon the exact circumstances. Shared DNA is similar to a shared legal space, and if it provides evidence for further investigation, the police must then proceed using the normal legal procedures with probable cause.
  7. Regarding the first bolded, there are no laws restricting posting someone's address online. You cannot target someone for harassment but an address is public information. The same applies to any other public records (ex. arrest records). Various websites and social media platforms do have their own terms of service that may differ. To the second bolded, while a relative's DNA is related to yours, legally it is not your DNA. There is no valid legal reason for not allowing others to share their DNA for their own purposes. It would be legally viable to restrict who may access that information or what they may use it for to some extent (ex. insurance companies as they already fall under federal and state privacy laws and regulations). New laws would have to be passed re: law enforcement as information voluntarily provided has no expectation of privacy (and again, they cannot access your personal DNA without a court order). I personally have no issue with law enforcement using a voluntarily provided DNA database to cross check DNA samples left at crime scenes.
  8. ChocolateReignRemix

    Oh dear, would you spend $1200 on a baseball tournament?

    Based on what the OP has said this isn't something being done by the coaches. As someone said above these "stay to play" tournaments are not uncommon and they most definitely are a way to generate revenue from a captive audience.
  9. ChocolateReignRemix

    Male Teacher Punished for Refusing to Watch

    They have a long history of sharing stories that are taken out of context or have not been verified. They are not in any way a valid news source. An example: Another: In both cases they take something that is true and take it out of context to generate reactions from its readers. In the first they used a 2 year old story and exaggerated what actually happened, and in the second they leave out some important facts (namely that Harvard still had a main graduation and the "black graduation" was a separate event organized by individuals). What they do goes well beyond a slant or bias in reporting.
  10. ChocolateReignRemix

    Male Teacher Punished for Refusing to Watch

    Except there are actual "fake" news sites that intentionally report false and misleading information. They are not mainstream and neither is their target audience. There are also others (example: that are so obviously biased that there is no way to gather credible information from them without fact checking every part of a story. Those who support those sites are the ones pushing the narrative about "fake" news in the mainstream media, and blurring that line for consumers is intentional.
  11. ChocolateReignRemix

    Male Teacher Punished for Refusing to Watch

    Our schools around here have them, but I don't believe they are commonly used anymore. I know one school we used for basketball practice used their shower area for storage. From talking to other parents the only times there showers are usually used would be when the basketball teams have early morning practices and the kids don't want to smell bad all day.
  12. ChocolateReignRemix

    Male Teacher Punished for Refusing to Watch

    Our local middle schools (all relatively new construction) have a coaches office in the locker room with a window that can see into the changing area, which sounds similar to what you had but on the ground level.
  13. ChocolateReignRemix

    A non-political question on voter fraud

    Fingerprint data isn't need for most background checks. Even many federal positions do not require fingerprints for the FBI background check.
  14. ChocolateReignRemix

    A non-political question on voter fraud

    And what is collected from imprints would not be useful in a fingerprint DB.
  15. ChocolateReignRemix

    A non-political question on voter fraud

    1.) Since when do they take fingerprints at birth? And what database are these on? 2.) Only 4 states require fingerprints (most just a thumbprint) for a DL. 3.) Many background checks do not require fingerprints.
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