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Play along! List 5 random things....

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That you can see right now, from where you are sitting.


Here are mine:


1. A small "Smurf" figurine collection. I had a BIG Smurf collection when I was a kid until my brothers decided to sell them at my mother's yard sale when I wasn't home one day. I was heartbroken. After hearing this story, my husband decided to buy me some Smurfs online. :D


2. A "covered wagon" that my husband and my daughter made last year out of a shoebox, strips of cardboard, and an old teeshirt for a social studies project. It lives on top of one of my bookcases.


3. An empty cereal bowl with a spoon in it sitting on my computer desk. 'Cause I just ate a bowl of Apple Jacks for dessert. :D


4. A blue "sticky lizard" toy. That's on my desk. For some reason. Why do people think they should just put random things down on my desk, anyway?!


5. A large, saltwater fish and coral reef aquarium tank that is my husband's pride and joy. He really needs to clean the algae off the glass, by the way. It's looking kinda icky right now.

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1. my soda and the boxes of Hot Tamales the kids picked out of their Halloween candy for me

2. the TARDiS cookie jar that my sister game me for my birthday

3. a chart of first and second declension nouns

4. the nail polish I just used on my toes

5. the wii I need to send off to be fixed (seems to be an issue with the laser)

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Guest mrsjamiesouth

1. Bits of clay stuck on the school table from our project today

2. My dog sprawled behind me ( 100lb. fluffy one)

3. My bra hanging on the door knob

4. My dd2 lined up nerf darts in a straight row by the art supplies

5. My bible is on the computer desk in front of me

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Just 5? Not 50 million?!


Ok -

1) a sheet of brown wrapping paper that DD11 painted with footprints - only she used the "heel" of her hand and then printed the toes with her fingertips

2) the piano with our Praise the Lord songbook on it

3) a row of books that I've got listed on Amazon to sell

4) a pack of bun-nets for DD11 and DD9's hair when they do ballet

5) my dog :001_smile:

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I agree - only five?! :lol:


Ok, I'm in bed sick, so here are the random things decorating the bedroom:


1. My poodle; he doesn't leave my side no matter where I am :)


2. A weighted baseball for strength training


3. Four yellow, hexagon pattern blocks


4. Dh's knee brace, which he wore at least 3 weeks ago, but never put back in the closet


5. A leg lamp/wooden crate Christmas ornament from A Christmas Story that my mom bought me in Cleveland


That, of course, only skims the surface. I need to clean the top of our dresser. But, I tried to pick as random items as possible. ;)

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1. A fire dying in the fireplace.


2. A "Happy Birthday" banner hanging on the mantle.


3. My dh and ds6 playing Wii Golf.


4. My girls playing a word scramble game together on my iTouch.


5. My ds10 sitting and watching dh and ds6 while wearing the camouflage knit cap that my mil made him last Christmas.

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1. My kids eating bagel bites and arguing whether ther song "Imma Be" says bumblebee or not

2. A cardboard box that my ds 7 is turning into a lemonade stand so he can save money to buy a dog when he is 20:)

3. craft sticks all over the floor....ds us also creating wooden alpacas. He's our crafty child.

4. A pile of laundry waiting to be folded

5. 3 of dd 13's jackets on the couch. Apparently she was very cold today.

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1. two handsets for our phone (b/c they like to hang out together)

2. a gold-colored plastic headband for dd's Cleopatra costume

3. a stack of paper cups (don't know why they are on the computer desk)

4. ds's research paper on a paleontological "new find" (it's seitaad ruessi)

5. DS! in camouflage footy pajamas holding his math book and complaining about a half-page long division problem that "must be a mistake"

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Ok, just five?


1) My toothbrush (I often brush my teeth while sitting at my computer. I am compulsive about oral hygeine, I know.).


2) A tangle toy. Something to keep my hands busy when I am thinking.


3) My foot cream. (Which I used after bathing earlier).


4) My dogs. (Which seem to need to be in my presense at all times.)


5) A Rapid Response System ID that my child brought home from school. In the bottom is a small qualifier that says the child's picture could not be used unless permission is granted by the parent. It wasn't. :glare:

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1. My greyhound sitting on the hard floor beside his soft blankets.


2. Dd7's laptop that she never put away.


3. My colored glass decoration area that I *LOVE*


4. A very large, half burnt candle that has uneven sides and looks very pretty.


5. The dirty sock someone left on the couch. It's right next to me and I didn't notice it until I read/responded to your thread.:glare::D

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1. A tulip basket I hand-wove in 1996.

2. My husband's motocross trophies (3 of them).

3. My binder for organizing our homeschool co-op, with a calculator sitting on top of it.

4. Some of my son's most recent artistic creations

5. A 9-foot cactus.

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1. A cat, lying on the sofa.


2. A dog, lying on the floor by the sofa.


3. A lamp on the end table next to me, I'm on the loveseat.


4. A naked little boy who just got out of the shower and is telling me about the tree he climbed earlier.


5. My vitamins on the counter in the kitchen. Open living room/kitchen.

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1. A poster of the digestive track


2. A pillow on top of my dd5's desk.


3. An empty glass of chocolate milk because I am pregnant and have horrible heartburn. I am changing it up a bit with the chocolate instead of regular milk.


4. A pile of read and to be returned to the library books.


5. A poster for the movie the Labyrinth


and much, much more...........:eek:

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(1) An old credit card that I've never used and applied for solely because it has could be personalized with a photo of my daughter (Dave Ramsey would love me!)... it has long since been canceled but I can't cut it up b/c it is the cutest pic.

(2) A bottle of Nasal Spray

(3) A DVD on Fractals that I couldn't get to play on my computer

(4) My cellphone

(5) A mini pocket bible

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1. The packaging from my son's new hamster cage - everywhere.


2. School book that were not put away - everywhere.


3. Two pictures of platypuses that my daughter printed.


4. The basket of sunscreen and bug spray that we leave out all summer. Guess it's time to put it away.:glare:


5. My ds18 watching something on Youtube, giggling like a kid!:)

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1. A picture of my youngest son at 4 months old


2. A picture of my 2 sisters and me


3. Our china hutch that used to belong to dh's grandparents in Texas


4. Clutter on my breakfast bar in the kitchen area


5. A pile of holiday toy catalogs that I was browsing for ideas - Brilliant Sky Toys is on top

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I am sitting at my desk in the corner of the family room.


1. The WTM board on the computer screen ;)

2. Pictures of my kids, and a picture of my husband and I on our wedding day

3. Three dogs jockeying for the best spot in front of the wood stove

4. The stack of bills that I just paid, and now need to file

5. My dh relaxing on the couch with his glass of wine



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I'm sitting in the living room. Dh is watching TV in the dark. So...


1. laptop screen

2. glow from the fire in the fireplace

3. some bad guys on TV, robbing something, somewhere with hi tech equipment

4. The silhouette of a kitchen chair lit up from the light on over the stove

5. the outline of my cat curled up on the couch

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I'm on dh's desktop in his office.


A life size fully accurate Storm Trooper with a Darth Vader head...long story.


A twelve inch replica of Sharpe from Sharpe's Rifles.


A 1\16th scale of a WWII German tank...can't remember the name...Tiger tank maybe?


The out of ink light blinking on my printer.:glare:


A world globe.

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1. My Wizard of Oz lunchbox, book not movie, art by Eric Shanower. Holds my bedside stuff.Wizard-of-Oz-Dome-Lunch-Box-lunch-boxes-2371743-118-120.gif


2. My Levenger triangular reading pillow. Mine is purple.



3. My wonderful "Good Morning Madam" alarm clock. It has a different funny wake up each morning by Stephen Fry as Jeeves. http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/lights/aef3/


4. A copy of the Pathfinder role-playing game core rulebook, sitting on the bed between my husband and I. I think he is prepping a game for next week.


5. My iPhone.


Wow. My bedroom is truly geeky.

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I'm going to glance around and try to pick 5 interesting things...


1. Empty box of junior mints


2. Our sun conure parrot


3. A bolt of lavender fabric to finish the drapes in my windows


4. An empty hanger from Target


5. Map of the 13 colonies

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