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  1. Hi. I just finished reading a book called "Make it Stick". It was about how to make learning stick in a kid's brain. We have an issue with that. Anyway I thought the book was very interesting, but the focus was more on learning in college and for adults. It didn't have a lot of ideas, but the ideas that it did have were well presented and supported. Anyway for anyone who seems to have a kid who forgets things as soon as they learn them, they might be interested in the book (it is new so only in hardback, but check for it at the library). (just fyi I haven't been around because my mother has developed dementia and so my time is very limited). That's all. Carry on. Ann
  2. Camping takes a lot of gear. Are you driving to your location? If you are in Virginia, there are lots of places that aren't too far away in the Mountains. We used to camp a lot in the desert in Nevada when I was a kid. Where we camped you had to bring your own water and dig your own toilet pit. Beautiful sunset. Now live in midwest and we only go camping within about a 2 hour radius from home (too much gear to haul across country). There are also places that have cabins you can rent. It is not tent camping, but still fairly rugged. Also think about what you want to do during the day - hiking, fishing, etc. State/National parks are usually interesting.
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think of around Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, Southwest Desert and the Great Smokey Mountains all as areas with natural beauty, but very different. I would ask if you can tolerate some wet or want dry. Do you want trees/mountains or sunsets? I would suggest you and your DH write down your top 3 ideas and see if you have any matches.
  4. I would have the kids visit all the facilities you can find and then narrow them down to the ones you think would work. Only take your parent to see at most 3 choices. You don't want to confuse them with choices. If possible, just have one picked out. If possible immediately move them in. Once you get them moved in, then make sure you all visit them a lot. Send them lots of cards. Make their rooms comfortable. Take old and new pictures of family. These are usually very hard transitions, because most people don't want to give up their independence. Make sure all the kids agree. If one doesn't agree, then let them talk about why and what they would do. Make sure you have 1) financial power of attorney in place and 2) healthcare power of attorney. (or whatever it is called). This is a very difficult time.
  5. Wow popping balloons is really spiteful.
  6. Don't you need different grass for shady areas? I know some people even grow moss as a ground cover in shady damp areas. Maybe she could do some shady planting around the trees so that there wouldn't be such a need for grass.
  7. HGTV used to have shows on frugal decorating Design on a Dime, etc. For a while they only did house flipping shows even when the housing market had gone bust. I think they have some of those old shows or ideas on their website.
  8. Have you asked her optometrist? Or maybe she has an eye infection?
  9. oh if only it was a Star Trek special mythbusters.
  10. We always get carry out from Olive Garden. The wait time is usually over 30 minutes even at 5:00. Last time we tried to go there they gave us a 'call ahead' card. Basically you can call and get your name on the waiting list even without being there. It isn't a reservation and if you aren't there when they get to your name, then you are out of luck.
  11. Are you putting in about that he has been there within the last few months and list the dates? Is there anyone that he does work with that can vouch for him as a good worker?
  12. We will add garlic, onions, mushrooms, oregano depending on the sauce. I've also seen some add grated Parmesan cheese into the sauce to make it richer. We usually don't add meat as it is one of our meatless meals, but Italian sausage would kick it up a notch.
  13. My DD when she was around 2 or 3 would answer a "would you like an apple?" type question with "yes, eventually". Unfortunately at that age she didn't speak clearly. My aunt or someone kept asking "what is she saying?" When I translated it as 'eventually' she totally cracked up. She said she had never heard of a little kids saying eventually.
  14. It doesn't matter whether they want ie to see the kids. You put your family first. If it is upsetting and unhealthy for your kids, then they shouldn't be going there or should only be going for short visits.
  15. You can split up the responsibilities. If one person is great with kids, but would be a nightmare with handling the finances and another one would be very responsible with the money, but knows nothing about kids... then you can split things up that way. I would not wait to figure that out. Get a will as soon as possible. You can always add/change it later.
  16. If you are going to eat a carb, then beans are a pretty good carb. They have lots of fiber and amino acids. Having all amino acids makes a 'complete protein', beans alone do not have all amino acids that is why people say rice and beans make a complete protein. You don't have to eat them together. You can have beans one day and rice the next. But if you are just trying to save money and also be low carb, then you might find things like canned tuna are a better choice.
  17. Put your own family first. Don't go very often. Send your DH as often as he wants.
  18. I know it is difficult, but I would try to limit contact rather than cut off contact. I've seen both and the ones who cut off contact often regretted not going to relatives weddings, funerals etc because the person they were cutting contact with would be there. Also in my DH family they have a tendency to cut contact and I've seen it go down generations. My MIL who cut contact with her MIL, now has a daughter and son who have cut contact with her. Where as in my family we tried to establish healthy boundaries and seem to manage better. I would also be honest with your kids, but try not to bring your baggage too. Kids don't want to hear about every petty little slight you may have experienced over the years. I think most people get tired of hearing the same complaints year after year.
  19. Glad you are on the right track and things are getting better.
  20. For vegetables I would recommend trying a new one every few months. Get them fresh (not canned or frozen) and if possible in season. Usually you get the best sense of what a vegetable tastes like if you boil or steam them and add a little butter and salt (and sometimes pepper). Obviously vegetables vary widely so this preparation may not apply to all. I would buy/make a small amount and ask everyone to try a bite - including yourself. You may be surprised to find that you like beets, leeks or brussel sprouts. I think your DH's diet is limited but healthy. I would want some cheese or potatoes/rice with those meals, but I'm not a fan of low carb.
  21. I feel your pain. I had a similar situation a while ago. My younger sister always put friends before family and so would ditch me without a thought if her friends were doing some trivial thing. I decided that that it was okay. She needed to do that, but that I was going to ignore it. I was going to have a fun time with just my family and that people would gradually realize that they were missing out if they weren't with us. Sort of like saying 'the best revenge is living well". It did happen. She puts much more priority on getting together with me and my family. When there is a conflict there are still times when she might choose to be with friends, but that's okay. Some people take family for granted. They don't think that they have to make an effort.
  22. It sounds like she is assigning worksheets as homework so that they will stay busy while she gets her work done. 2 hours is a long time to expect a kid to stay busy. Even if you include 1/2 hour of reading, that is still a long time. I've have told her to get some educational videos or access some on the internet. Or turn on a SoTW CD. That will keep my kid busy for a hour or 2. I think most parents that send their kids to school would expect to help/answer questions on homework assignments if asked.
  23. Thanks! I am both comforted that there are others addressing this issue and yet nothing quite gives me an ah ha moment yet.
  24. Okay I'm trying to get organized. I'm going through my tangle of yarn. What would be the best way to keep it? When I'm actively working on a project, I have it in a work bag. But I have lots of left over yarn, some yarn purchased on sale and yes a few abandoned projects that I'm sure I'll get back to one day (or not). Should I put them in bins or plastic bags or what. I think it helps if I can see the yarn. Some yarn I have a lot of and others a little and so one size solutions won't work. If I put it in a bin, it is likely to be piled on top with other stuff. I have a craft closet, but that is what I'm in the process of cleaning out and re-organizing. Does anyone have a creative way that they keep their yarn stash that is neat and organized?
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