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  1. Hello! I haven't been active on the board in a while, but some old-timers may still be around who remember me. We are finally taking the leap and moving back east. I'm taking leave for a year, putting our household goods in storage, and we are going to devote that time to searching for our "forever home" while staying with our parents--my folks in Arlington and Delaware (they split their time between two homes), and my inlaws in Williamsburg, VA. We aren't planning on finding a place of our own until next spring--we are seriously thinking about the Charlottesville area. We'll be alt
  2. I was one of those who started homeschooling when my first was 2 years old. We were lucky enough to find a "young homeschooler" group that included many families with a range of children, and a few like us with only one youngster (my second son was born during that time). I loved having a supportive community of homeschoolers, even though we weren't "official" yet. I'm sure some of those families have left the homeschooling fold... but we're still here. Of course, our group didn't have a cost, nor was it drop-off... I can see how that might attract bargain-hunters. But I think
  3. Hmmm... my dh would wear it, he lives in tshirts. But he only wears black tshirts, so I'll have to rework the design... hmmm... --Kay
  4. I would ask... though since I just ordered a bunch of stuff today for my family (Yeah! Amazon Prime!) it may still legitimately be on the way.
  5. Winnie The Pooh -- 2 or 3 years old Mr. Popper's Penguins -- 3 My Father's Dragon -- 4 Moomintrolls -- 4 Wind In The Willows -- 4 Alice in Wonderland -- 5 Treasure Island -- 5 A Christmas Carol -- 6 The Hobbit -- 7 Tom Sawyer -- 7 Both my husband and I have done read alouds since our boys were very young, these are the ones I can think of right now. They pay attention surprisingly well and love to hear more. I think good reading skills (on the part of the adult, that is) make a huge difference. We do voices and read dramatically. My kids will stop me occasionally for a definit
  6. I really need some input here. We are considering sending my 9 year old son to a weight loss camp. The reviews online for many camps range from glowing to absolute hatred. Has anyone done this before? What was your experience? How did your child like it? Did it help with exercise/eating issues? Please PM me with info... thanks!
  7. Hmmm... from us, we probably spend about $200 per child at Christmas time. My dh also buys gifts throughout the year and stashes them in our closet--so the number grows. I'd say we come out with about 20 or so gifts per child, a couple of big ones, lots of books and media, plus stocking stuffers. We don't do "practical" gifts--ie, no socks, underwear, things that would have to be purchased anyhow. Grandparents also send us gifts--with three sets (my parents are divorced), they end up giving far more than we do, expense wise. I would guess there are $500 of additional gifts for each of
  8. Play kitchen was a hit when my boys were little, too. We bought a wooden one designed for pre-schools from Lakeshore. It was in primary colors, and got a lot of use! I was never a "girly-girl" as a child--I preferred Legos and Hot Wheels cars myself. Never had dolls. I did once buy a Barbie because all my friends seemed to like them, but she quickly was forgotten. I loved Playmobile! As an adult I'm still not a "girly-girl", though I do love a day at the spa and have developed a fondness for pink--it helps me find my stuff in a house with all males. Honestly, I think cheap toys
  9. On the Library thread, Amira talked about having only 100 books on paper, the rest digital. Has anyone else moved so drastically to digital successfully? I'm curious, because we have so many books. Less than we used to, but still 4000 or so. I loved when we finally got all the hundreds of old CDs scanned onto iPods. But books... would each family member need an e-reader? Can kids be trusted with them? My boys have had iPod nanos since they were 4, but those things are pretty hardy. Pretty much we all go to bed reading, and carry around a book to read during the day. I usually
  10. We've had several major purges, usually associated with major moves. Still... right now we have about 20 bookshelves full, floor to ceiling (I counted 2 half-height shelves as one full). The good news is, I think that's down about 6 bays from several years ago. I finally got rid of lots of old paperbacks, even though I do reread books. All the years worth of mysteries, romance novels, whatever... it all has been given away. We have kept mostly non-fiction, reference, hardcover fiction, and fiction books that we love that are old and out of print. Plus school books. I like having
  11. Blink The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances The Girl in the Fireplace The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords The Beast Below Wow! That was really hard to answer. I keep thinking there are so many good ones I left off.
  12. We bought a couple of sets on sale as the mandatory "toy" gifts. Glad to know they were a good choice!
  13. I do want to have a dialog about security and privacy... I think privacy has been thrown out the window. I do believe that a pat-down that uses the flat of the hand to feel someone's genitals and between the buttocks is indeed agressively sexual in nature. That doesn't mean that the TSA agent is enjoying it. In fact, I would guess most of them find it intrinsically distasteful. But I stand by the accuracy of "grope". I don't think this debate is necessarily polarizing, or all smoke and mirrors. I think most people *who fly frequently* believe that the security is both invasive and probab
  14. :iagree: 10, 9, 11 definately I've seen a few of the older shows, but not enough to have opinions about the doctors... though I kind of like the weird brown curly-haired guy. Now, who are your favorite companions? And I'd like to get a shout-out for Captain Jack Harkness...
  15. Not all airports have them in place yet, or have them for every lane yet... some still use just metal detectors for some lanes. There is a thread at the link of where they have the scanners: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/travel-safety-security/1138014-complete-list-airports-whole-body-imaging-advanced-imaging-technology-scanner.html
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