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  1. Thanks so much-this was so helpful! The only courses I had on the transcript for spring were things we thought she’d be continuing. We’ve since changed it to be a credit and a half less-she’s not finishing the Pre-Calc she started (half credit) because she’s well beyond the high school math she needed, and the Pre-Calc was mostly trig and doesn’t seem like anything she’ll need for nursing. She will need to take ONE math elective for nursing, but it’s basically a first year Algebra course. That seems more helpful for nursing than the Pre-Calc was! It would probably be easy for her
  2. How would we find out if acceptance is contingent? We wouldn’t want to ask the college and call attention to it. I do think most places ask for a final “official†transcript, right? So they’ll definitely see that she had a light semester :(
  3. She’s already accepted at the colleges she wants (Liberty, Cedarville, Houghton, Roberts Wesleyan). She’s been invited to their Honors programs, which she isn’t planning on doing (it’s for nursing so she doesn’t need the extra stress of Honors work). She had a 4.0 for high school and 1390 SAT, so she’s worked really hard. We don’t have financial packages from the colleges yet and we DO need financial aid and scholarships-as much as possible since we have nothing to put toward her college. She’s been suffering pretty serious anxiety and it would probably really help her
  4. Thanks so much, everyone! The scholarship would be nice but sounds like it isn’t worth it.
  5. Dd could be accepted into Cedarville, Liberty, and Roberts Wesleyan in their Honors programs for nursing (GPA 4.0 and 1390 SAT). Besides the scholarship money, it just seems crazy to apply for Honors and have her do all that extra work (senior thesis, more difficult classes, etc.) when she’ll get a good job anyway with her regular BSN. It’s not like a business or law degree where Honors would make a difference to job hunting. I should mention this is a girl who pushes herself to the point of anxiety and we’d rather have her have a more “relaxed†college experience (nursing deg
  6. I’m pretty active, so asking for Under Armour compression sleeves so far. Just got an iPad for my birthday and got a case and keyboard already. Trying to think of other ideas-I’d love to hear what everyone else is asking for! Cool kitchen gadgets? Favorite “toys� Very very grateful for all that I do have!
  7. Agreeing w/ the cpap suggestions. It took dh YEARS to finally hear me and do it but he finally do, so please do be (gently) persistent. Even w/ the cpap, i’m Such a light sleep every little noise wakes me up. Tried every ear plug known to man (the wax ones were ok, the best of what I tried) and what finally worked was using a white noise app on my phone with earbuds. Just a white noise MACHINE didn’t work. These earbuds are easy to sleep in and nice and soft compared to any others, and I’m a side sleeper so I sleep right on them: MAXROCK silicone sleeping earbuds, from Amazon. Go
  8. I am deer in the headlights, burying head in sand w/ college stuff for dd who is a senior in high school. She started filling out applications this week. I know I need to get on this stuff but I'm overwhelmed beyond belief about all this-too intimidated to even start. I need to start w/ FAFSA since dd is saying she needs it done to get an application in by this Sunday (!) Is it a big deal or something I can crank out in a couple hours? I keep hearing what a nightmare it is to fill out and I'm freaked out! (a side question: the FAFSA just came out Oct 1, right? Why do places need it
  9. Oh, Susan, I like the idea of a permanent larger "steeping" bottle to draw from and keep a smaller bottle in the baking cupboard for use. That would solve the good point that Danae brought up too.
  10. I've never made it before and want to try, since the pure vanilla is so $$ to buy anyway. Just read that there is a huge shortage of vanilla beans in Madagascar-grrrrr! We want it to be as cheap as we can-very tight budget. Do you find it's more economical in the long run to make it? Do you find it works just fine to "top off" your vanilla w/ more vodka instead of making a bunch of it all at once? I thought we'd make 8 ounces and then just "top off". (For reference-We use it for baking and went through 16 ounces of McCormick in about a year and a half or more.) Recipes say 3-5 bean
  11. Thank you, Lanny. I honestly did not realize this. For some reason, I thought people were generally switching to tablets. I figured it could be generally turned into a laptop type thing by adding a wireless keyboard, but I can see what you're saying. I need to look into it more.
  12. I'd love to have more options (imac, etc.) but price is a primary consideration! So it looks like I'm limited to ipad, ipad pro, etc.
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