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  1. Excellent thoughts! My original plan was 2 classes ages 5-7, 7-9 so the 7s could choose.. but it got all grouped into one 5-9yr old block. The class meets 1 hr per week for 9 weeks. I have no idea how many kids I will have yet as sign-ups are not finished. I am uncertain about homework yet. I love your thoughts about not teaching that formal "who what.." because I haven't even done that with my kiddos! I love your book suggestions per age! THAT IS PERFECT! and it will help a bunch! I cannot completely plan until I get that roster of how many 5s,6s,7s,8s,and 9s.... but will totally use your suggestions in my planning. I will check out pinterest too for some ideas. Thank you for your thoughts!
  2. Hello, I will be teaching a class at our homeschool group called "Bringing Books to Life". The director chose ages 5-9 yrs. Here is the description "Forget the traditional boring book report! In this class we will bring books to life and explore how to present and explain what happens in a story. The plot and characters will be explored through : verbal or written re-telling of a story, acting out the story, making up a new ending, craft projects, illustrating parts of a story, creating a new book cover, make a list of questions to ask the author, etc. Depending on the age of the children we will explore 3-6 books/stories. For a younger group, the story will be read aloud so all children are working on the same book. For older children, we may also: find a particular part in the book that stays with us, ask do you think people 100 years from now will read, enjoy or understand this book, and make a tv commercial for a book." I need help thinking of a good first book to start with to make sure the kids know the terms: characters, plot, setting, problem, solution.. and thought it would be good to teach or review that first. So I am looking for a good story for ages 5-9 that has a simple problem that is solved. It might just be my sinus infection, but I cannot think of a good simple story to use to teach those elements. Thoughts? Thank you!
  3. I bought the Mindstorms Ev3 for my oldest son for his 8th birthday yesterday. He built the tracker robot no problem. .... BUT I have no idea how to program it. Are there any good books out there that teach how to program the robot? Right now he is having fun just using the remote. Maybe a step by step how to make a bunch of programs? I downloaded the software but it doesn't make sense to me. Thanks! (I guess I should have looked into this before I bought it... :confused1: )
  4. I agree! I heard her speak last April. Perfect description.
  5. I lean towards wanting to try Idea A because we could spend a full week on one subject and get more in depth. I like not rotating PE. that they do everyday! So maybe more of a rotation like this which would combine both ideas, sort of: Daily morning: Phonics, reading, math Outside Weekly: Spanish (2x), Library Skills, coop Lunch Outside Week 1: pm: Science, Fine Art Week 2: pm: Social Studies, Health Outside That might work. hmmmm... rhythm and routine and predictability should help my guys understand the flow of our weeks.
  6. We have just about completed first grade!! Next year I will have a 2nd grader and a K and Toddler/preschooler. I was reflecting on how we did things this year and I want to change some stuff. Everyday my first grader did math and phonics & reading. Then sometimes we did SOTW, sometimes science, sometimes art, but we had no real set schedule. Most of the time my boys just wanted to go outside and play!!! I was thinking, more to help myself plan each day, of trying a routine/schedule. These are my ideas: Idea A Daily: phonics & reading, math Weekly rotate between SS, Science, Fine Arts, Health & PE, & Library Skills (our state requirements) so that week 1 is SS, week 2 science etc so that we do a week of science then a week of social studies then a week of fine arts.... Etc. Also need to fit Spanish in there (DS requested to learn Spanish) Idea B Daily: phonics & reading, math Monday: social studies Tuesday: library day & Science Wed: coop Thurs: Fine Arts Fri: health PE Spanish? Thoughts? My boys are active outdoorsy guys and young (right now they are 7, 5 and 3 yrs old) and I need more structure and think having some sort of predictable rotation/ routine/ schedule would help.
  7. I don't even know... I was the same as you elementary then Jr High. So I think make 5th grade? so 10-12ish? I am bad at age/grade correlation!!!
  8. That is helpful. I wish there were more family restrooms around. Or at least restrooms with shorter sinks so kids can easily wash their hands. I remember in elementary school the bathrooms being child size toilets and lowered sinks. Why can't mens and ladies room have some lowered sinks? For the pool. My kids (boys 3, 5 and 7) take swim lessons at a local college. They don't have a family changing room.. so I take them into the women's locker room, make noise, speak loud get them changed showered QUICK and out! I use their names so that people know they are boys. If we encounter a woman in the locker room, I say "we will be out as fast as possible". I tell my boys to look at their flip flops. There are 2 locker areas that have doors so anyone who wants privacy can go into one of those and two areas that are open. After swimming, we get changed quick and shower at home. Same thing "we will be out as fast as possible". Our swim instructor said the boys can go into the women's locker room until middle school age. Then they would be expected to navigate the men's locker room on their own. We haven't had problems there. One woman said it is too important to learn how to swim to worry about boys in the women's locker room.
  9. Thanks for so much feedback. I just don't feel comfortable having a 5 and 7 yr old in a mens room alone. They are on the smaller side and I haven't taught them how to use a urinal because I can't teach them! hmm... lots to think about. Places with Family restrooms are fantastic.
  10. This weekend at an outdoor mall my middle guy needed to use the bathroom. I found the restrooms and went in the ladies room with my three boys (ages 3, 5, and 7). In the restroom was another mom with her two boys about ages 2 and 4. Another woman with no children with her said loudly but not looking at either of us "since when did the ladies room become the boys room" and left after washing her hands. When I am out with my boys, I look for family restrooms (Target has one, Lowes has one, indoor mall has one..) but if there are no family restrooms, then I take them into the ladies room with me. I try to move as quickly as possible, not to bother other women. And normally I have had no negative experiences in the bathroom. I don't feel comfortable allowing my 5 and 7 year old into a men's room alone and I don't know yet what age I would feel ok with that. So tell me, at what age do you allow your boys to enter the men's room alone? I don't want to make any women or girls uncomfortable by having boys in the bathroom, but I want to maintain safety as well. My 5 yr old still needs help reaching soap in some bathrooms and figuring out various faucets and hand dryers can be difficult. Thoughts?
  11. We bought LOE and Horizons 1st Grade, and have been doing Horizon's almost exclusively because by the time we finish Horizon's my 1st grader is DONE with phonics. But I want to just use one phonics program and that will be LOE. I have never seen Evan Moor 6 books.. I will check those out!
  12. For those who use the Logic of English, do you use it alone or supplement with another curriculum? I am beginning my second grade planning and will be attending a Homeschool Convention in April, so just getting thoughts together for what to look at in the vendor area. Thanks!
  13. I just got home! I cannot wait to read through all of these replies! THANK YOU!!!!
  14. If you had the ability to move somewhere and really look anywhere to move, and wanted to find a state or town that had a nice healthy homeschool population where would you move? We are contemplating a move and before hubby starts the job search I want to think about where would be a good place for a homeschooling family. We live in Maine now, and to be honest there are PLENTY of homeschooling families here and it is readily accepted. I would love to have that attitude of "homeschooling is normal" where ever we move. Thoughts? Or the other end... what states would you cross off of your list? Thanks Linda
  15. So do others here just make a binder of some work and lists too?
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