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  1. We have just started using a secular middle school curriculum called Plethora. Its pretty new and based on the CK-12 textbooks (which are free).It's $50 for the year which gives you online access to a schedule, printables/worksheets, quizzes, experiment suggestions, book recs, video links, etc. So, it really expands on what are essentially just the basics in the CK12 book. We have found it straightforward and easy to use. My kids are really enjoying it. Finally. I can't even tell you how long I have been searching for a good, secular science program. They are going to be releasing a few more c

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    I have the following spiral bound books for Biblioplan Ancients year one. These were purchased last year and are in great condition. Prices include shipping....am willing to combine to save on shipping! Thanks:) Biblioplan Ancients Companion: 28 ppd SOLD Biblioplan Ancients Family Guide: 21 ppd SOLD Biblioplan Ancients Cool history for Littles: 10 ppd


  3. So, my kids went to check on her an hour ago and there were 2 more! Both Calico:) So, SIX from a tiny cat! Crazy! I'm trying to load pics, but it says file is too big:/
  4. We have kittens!!! 4 adorable, white kittens:) they were born without issue and she is happily nursing them all as I type. Whew....I've been a nervous wreck all week:)
  5. I can't say I haven't tried that! I did dream about the kittens last night. Dreamt she had 6, but then 4 turned into croissants so I only got to keep 2. I don't even want to attempt to explain that one.
  6. Nope.....the only thing she's given us is fleas:/ And, I tried talking to her. She's apparently not receptive to bribery.
  7. Honestly, she is too cute and sweet not to!! We will definitely be keeping (and spaying!!) her and maybe one kitten...if they ever decide to come out:/
  8. Still no kitties!!!! I walked in yesterday and there were a few puddles of liquid. Enough to make me think her water broke. But, alas, nothing:( She seems to be acting completely normal and I can still feel the kitties moving around.
  9. Thanks again! I've read every article on cat labor out there...lol! I feel prepared, but still no babies:( And no sign of that sac again either:/
  10. Thank you both! I have made her up a box in our mud room and she's been there for 2 days. I'll keep an eye out for the signs you mentioned. I just think the sac hanging out for so long and then disappearing is so weird! I really hope this turns out ok!
  11. Hi all! My kids and I came across a sweet, white, odd eyed stray at the gas station last week. They said she had been there a while do we brought her home. We have 2 other (fixed!) cats and were just going to add her to the bunch. Well, 2 days ago she wandered up with a sac hanging out. I had no idea she was pregnant.... She is tiny and looks young. So, the sac was out for about 12 hours. I checked on her and it was gone. Took her to vet a few hours later and he said it didn't break, but went back in?! And that she is not dialated. I'm totally inexperienced here....he didn't seem concerned, bu

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    Historical fiction/ fiction novels: shipping not included The Twenty-One Balloons: former library copy, good cond.: $1.00 The Horse and His Boy: great, $1.50 Carry on, Mr. Bowditch: like new $1.50 Run Away Home: great $1.50 Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt: shelf wear and name written on cover and inside cover: $1 The Golden Goblet: shelf wear, $1 Bud, not Buddy: exc. $1.50



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    Famous Men of Rome Famous Men of Rome student workbook By Memoria Press; both in excellent condition...no writing or markings. $18 ppd



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    Horizons math K teacher's guide: minor shelf wear, no writing or missing pages $10 ppd



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    Learning Language Arts Through Literature The Tan Book (6th grade) teacher guide. New. $12 ppd.


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