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  1. My husband has had perps tell him they had to steal/sell drugs to support their wives and children (which they turned out not to have), that they had to beat their wives/girlfriends because the women were crazy or cheating whores (the police records usually show a long history of DV calls), that they didn't rape that girl and it was consensual and she changed her mind later (yeah, consensual with all those bruises on her and that busted lip, right?). Moral of this story is that only a fool would listen to a perp's justifications for his crimes.
  2. I'm not really back. Patchfire links me to posts every once in a while and I may or may not comment. I can't stand the woman-hating, gay-bashing, non-Xtian bashing that certain members of this board dish out on a regular basis. I will, however, pipe up to say that my husband has put in an extensive study on this topic, because getting on to the Crimes Against Persons (ie. sexual assault) or Crimes Against Children unit is one of his professional goals. We have shelves full of books on rape psychology, each with different ideas as to the underlying problem with rapists and what can be done
  3. And women wearing burquas are still sexually assaulted at a high rate, because they're in a culture where women are less-than full humans. NOT ABOUT THE CLOTHES, ABOUT THE CRIMINAL. Stop telling your daughters to dress modestly to avoid rape. Start teaching your sons not to rape.
  4. What you're saying completely goes against all the available statistics and psychological profiling. Read any of the data out there. Read any of the hundreds of books on the psychology of rapists. It's not even remotely accurate. It's also insulting. Women don't get raped because they're wearing short skirts. Women get raped because someone rapes them. Rapists aren't triggered by what a woman wears. Rapists don't single you out by what you wear. Rapists look for opportunity, which can happen with any one. Your husband is putting stock in "she asked for it" claims by criminals and you
  5. There's something disgusting here, all right. It's the homophobia, bigotry, and paranoia I see in this thread.
  6. If I'm teaching my children the scientific definition of "theory," it's really not a problem.
  7. Some people just don't wake up well. She's obviously one of those people. You know she has a window of grumpiness, so just give her a snack and a little snuggle, followed by a wide berth.
  8. I'd recommend adding vocabulary, a writing program, a more extensive literature study, and a foreign language.
  9. My rule is that if a name doesn't look good with "Senator" or "Doctor" in front of it, I won't use it. ;)
  10. We get a half-cow, too. We put it in our large chest freezer, but it doesn't come close to filling it up. It's assigned by wait; we don't look at the live cows and say "I want that one!" It's butchered into all the cuts, wrapped, labeled, and hard frozen before we pick it up. The price we pay per pounds comes out to roughly $2.45 -- and that's everything from ground beef to steaks!
  11. :iagree: Italian Ren loves a voluptuous woman. So does Elizabethan, btw. I did 14th century Bohemian when I had the complete lack of boobs for it. ;)
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