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  1. Anyone have info on groups/charters/activities for that region? I know Jenn W, but she's my only homeschool friend down there. I'm pretty nervous about leaving my Los Angeles home... help talk me down!
  2. Kay, the situation with your grandparents is beyond my own experience at this point. It sounds like you are are trying your best. Please have a {{HUG}} from me.

  3. Hi Kay! Thanks for the friends request. Nice avatar laugh2.gif

  4. I am LMAO at your avvie. 18.gif



    So funny. :)

  5. Like your picture =)

  6. Your mohawk wearing (or otherwise) children are welcome any time in my church/home/homeschool group. People have way too much time on their hands to worry about stuff like that! Sheesh!

  7. Wow! Great comment... I love it when you name it so clearly!


    "Anyone who has the time of day to think for more than a second about someone else's hair style is definitely NOT working hard enough to contribute to the greater good."

  8. I will remember your birthday now because it's the same as my mom's!

    How is Miss Elizabeth today?

  9. I want to come to your house for Halloween, Kay!

  10. Very well! We're hoping to have the house mostly "together" by next week (church kids coming over for a party). Once it is looking good, I'll post a pic of our new school room!

  11. How are you enjoying your new space, Kay?

  12. Stopping in to say hi, Kay! How goes it in the new digs? :)

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