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  1. I hadn't planned on anything yet but an opportunity fell in my lap and I went back to work this past year. Oldest will graduate next year and we are considering public school for the youngest. I went back to what I did before. I'm a children's librarian but at a public library instead of a school library.
  2. I haven't tackled in awhile, well I did, but I didn't post about it. I'll be tackling even less as I have just accepted a children's librarian position at our public library. Lots of changes for our family! Best wishes to all of you! I always enjoyed reading and posting to this thread. I'm sure I'll check in from time to time.
  3. I gave gifts to my son's preschool teachers this year. I've always given teacher gifts. One year I did mail carrier gifts but then she left and we haven't had anyone reliable since then. This year one of the mail carriers drove up to the driveway and threw our packages out of her window... so yeah, no gift there.
  4. Santa didn't wrap this year. In previous years we have always been Santa's last stop and he left his bag here. Stockings are always last here.
  5. I have prime(several years now) and I love it but I wouldn't use a Christmas gift card to purchase it,
  6. Is there a restaurant they frequent? Movie tickets hand/dish towels bath towel set picture frames stationary set visa gift card amazon gift card
  7. Dh took over elf duties for a few days--apparently our elves were running moonshine, one elf ran over the over one with a dump truck, sheriff spiderman was on the lookout for him and formed a task force led by darth vader who eventually found the offending elf in the kitchen hiding behind the trash can. He was then brought before the judge(Santa Claus) and was sentenced to such awful things like defrosting the septic tank at the North Pole. It was hilarious. After that little storyline I have given over all future elf duty to dh. ETA: Our elves are just here for the fun antics of life outside the North Pole. I don't follow any 'rules' :)
  8. My oldest son and I went out last night. We love to people watch. This year we also picked up a case of legos for #2 son. Nothing crazy to report. Thankfully, our walmart must be one of the calmer ones--everyone we ran into was pleasant and friendly. Our Target was practically empty compared to last year--no lines and lots of big ticket items still on the shelves when we got there.
  9. I don't know what other people do but I am a cash only shopper.
  10. Definitely Whataburger in my part of Texas too.
  11. We have a screen that we only pull down when we want to watch movies on 'the big screen'. It's on a beam in the living room--it's out of the way and I never notice it. The projector is connected to a computer. You have to have a specific players downloaded to watch blu-ray movies. Other than we just put a dvd in or stream and watch movies. We bought the projector/screen several years ago and it's been a very good investment for our family.
  12. I sent my youngest to preschool this year. It was the absolute best and most wonderful decision for us! He loves it. He goes 3 days a week now and will probably start 5 days in January. He needed the social interaction. It's led me to think that he will probably attend public school as well. He needs to be around people and constant activity. Our town basically no longer has any homeschool group--I think there might be one very exclusive one but I'm not in the loop anymore. Preschool has been great for him and my oldest has quiet to get his school work done. I highly recommend it.
  13. I'd say cookies and a family snapshot...
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