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  1. We will soon be wrapping up our study of history, and my kids are wanting to put on some kind of history party/ball. I'm awful at putting stuff like this together, so I am hoping that you guys could give me ideas. They want to pick a character from our studies this past year & dress up as that person. They'd like to open this up to our homeschooling friends and make a big party out of it. So... Should there be time allotted for each character to give a little speech about themselves? That could take forever, so how else could they present themselves? Games? Food theme? Contest for best costume? (We did MOH vol III, by the way, which covers the Renaissance, Reformation and up to the 1700's.) Thank you for any input!
  2. Yes, we usually have a heavy snack beforehand, and a crockpot meal when we get home. This often means eating dinner at 8:30pm, but eating together is important to me. The thing that has helped me most with this is planning the menu 2 weeks ahead, based on practices and games. If I know exactly what I need to prepare each morning, it takes a lot of the mental stress & wondering what will be for dinner that night. For me, that's harder than the actual cooking.
  3. I love lighthouses... Can anyone recommend any books about them? Fiction and non-fiction... and if non-fiction, I'd like ones that contain great photographs and histories. Thanks! :)
  4. I'm looking for something to break up our trip other than McD's. :) It needs to be a stop that is inexpensive (or better yet, free!), close to the interstate, takes less than 1 1/2 hours, and will be somewhat interesting to our crew of varied ages. Any parks or scenic places to picnic? Thanks!
  5. There's the Dismal Swamp Stomp in Chesapeake, VA in April. I hear it's flat. (I haven't run it. I did sign up and train for it a couple of years ago, but couldn't go b/c dh had surgery the week before.)
  6. Update: Thank you all so much for your input! I think it is, in fact, the homemade detergent. I've heard so much about soap buildup on the diapers, that I was afraid to try anything stronger on them. Yesterday, though, I washed them (twice) in All (the only detergent I had on hand), and they DON'T smell! This is huge! I was about to give up on cloth diapering. Thanks again! Why do my twins' cloth diapers smell so bad?? Here are the facts: I use mostly pocket diapers that were new when I got them. I use a homemade detergent of: 1c Borax 1/2c Washing Soda 1/2c Baking soda 1/2c Oxy I always rinse first in cold water. Then wash in hot water with 2 Tbs of the detergent. A couple of times I have tried doing another rinse with a little vinegar added to see if that would help. I always hang them outside (or inside if it's raining) to dry. They smell clean when they come off the line, but as soon as they get a little pee in them, they smell AWFUL, and very much like a skunk that just swam in a dirty fish tank. Help??
  7. I have never heard of tipping the pastor.
  8. Glad it's turning out to be a decent season for your guys. We just finished a horrible one that left my baseball -loving 9 year old now disgusted with the sport. Awful, awful coaching and bratty, bratty kids being pandered to... ugh, it was a long season. :(
  9. Lol! As we were leaving our house yesterday, I noticed one of our cats sprawled flat on her back on the porch, sound asleep. I said "haha! Look at Mimi! " And one of my kids said "yeah, I know - I just gave her catnip." Powerful stuff! :)
  10. She's having us come in for extra weight checks and seems concerned, but hasn't suggested doing anything yet. Their next check up is next week.
  11. They're not identical. One is slightly heavier than the other. I helped the schedule along in the beginning, but they pretty much adhere to it themselves now. If they wake up earlier than usual during the day, I feed them. So it's not a strict schedule at all. They seem content & not too interested in nursing much between "meals". They were born at 35 weeks, so I think on the adjusted schedule, they are at about the 4th percentile for weight. They were big for being so early (6lbs 6oz each), but have been slow to gain. One of them was set back by jaundice in the first few weeks.
  12. My twins are not growing nearly as fast as my other children did. Right now they're both in the 25th percentile for height and 0 for weight. They *have* gained continuously, just not very fast. They are nursed exclusively and will be 4 months old soon. They've been sleeping through the night for about two weeks now and nurse every 3 hours during the day. Should I wake them at night for another feeding? Any btdt thoughts? My babies are usually rolly-pollies by now.
  13. Congratulations! Your family is beautiful!! I had twins 3 months ago. It has been quite an adjustment but we are all so in love with them!
  14. (((Hugs))) those pregnancy hormones are tough. I've had 9 and 10 pound babies, then a 7lb 15oz baby (all vaginally) , and then 35 week 6 pound twins by c/s. Unless the baby was looking to be 12 or 13 pounds I would NOT elect to do a c/s. Too risky, painful, awful recovery, etc... A 10 pound baby is not that bad and I'm not a big person. I would press the doctor for a vaginal delivery.
  15. I'm sitting here having asparagus & ham quiche for breakfast! I found a high rated quiche recipe on allrecipes.com and added the asparagus to it. So good!
  16. Sloppy joes, steak fries, and asparagus.
  17. I'm sorry. I hate it too. My 14 year old dd was diagnosed when she was 9. The pump was a definite improvement, though. ((Hugs)))
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