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  1. My dog had a similar incident, though with a strange (to the dog) kid. We talked to the vet, who recommended a specific dog trainer. She came out and evaluated the dog. She felt he could be rehabilitated. We are doing in-home training sessions to deal with this dog's specific issues. They are more expensive than a class situation, but considering we get a 1hr private lesson, they are reasonable. I hesitate to give you all of the parameters that made her decide the dog could be saved, because there are probably some that she didn't verbalize. So, my advice is to get a profession
  2. The only thing I would ask is if the styles/colors are current or dated. I only asked because you said 15 years of stuff. :). Pristine condition won't count if it is out-of-style. Some things won't matter as much, but I have a relative who wouldn't put her dd in much of anything from me (her dd is 2 and 4 years younger than my 2 girls) because "The popular colors shifted.". I guess brown got popular after my kids. :)
  3. It took me a year to work up to running. My weight trainer believes C25K sets many people up for joint problems. That, from a true couch start, it needs more cross training and a slower build up. That muscle builds faster than ligaments and joints strengthen. People follow what the muscle can do and injure a joint, ligament, tendon, etc... I would say: -stretch after running, not before. You don't stretch cold muscles. -take rest days and/or do cross training. Swimming, weights, elliptical, yoga, etc.... Something low impact to work muscles and joints in a different way. -Reduce runni
  4. http://whatscookingwithkids.com/2011/05/27/forget-hard-boiling-eggs-steamed-eggs-are-easy-to-peel/ I follow this "recipe". I found it when someone here suggested steaming, after I posted a similar vent. It works great.
  5. The problem, as I see it, is that the term camisole is used more broadly than what it, traditionally, strictly means. For example, you can find "camisole dresses" that have very thin straps. That's the way I use camisole. It describes a top with thin straps. The below item is called a camisole. It is a tribal print "camisole top" from the juniors department at Target that I would consider outerwear. I would probably choose to wear a camisole UNDER it, but the model isn't wearing it layered and I wouldn't blink to see the shirt on someone at the store. The same search also pulled up v
  6. I voted other. I have a variety of camisoles and tank tops. The strap thickness varies enough that there isn't always a clear differentiation as to whether it is a cami or a tank. My general rule is that the bra strap should be covered. By either the tank/cami strap or by the shirt over the cami. But that's probably just me. I can't even tell you where I picked it up. I have huge issues (not really, but I won't do it) with the current trend of wearing racer back shirts and standard bras.
  7. My kids are at a similar age spread. I voted yes, but we would generally give the other child a turn at doing something different and fun by themselves. Either by splitting up for the night, one child per parent, or on another night.
  8. I think it would be too short, then. I just checked the requirements at their website. It must be pulled into a ponytail or braid and be 10 inches from tip to tip.
  9. Have you measured? My hair is bra length, now. If I make a ponytail at the base of my neck, I have more than a ruler-length of hair. Cutting it off right there would leave me with an angled bob (longer in front and shorter in back.) Isn't that how they do it? Make a pony and cut it off? That right there would be a less dramatic short cut. A little stacking in back gives you the feel of short, with a little length in front. Easy to grow out, because you can pull the front back. Going on to cut the sides and front (a LOT) is what gives you a pixie, but would be unnecessary (the way I
  10. I have had hair that ran the gamut. Down to my rear and up to a short and spiky back. BECAUSE she is young, and starting 10th grade, and awkward haircuts can be painful..... I would probably insist that she went short in stages (and I have had stylists say they recommend that method also.). Cut it and give it a week. Cut it and give it a week. I understand that a pixie cut may, ultimately, be more desirable(easier, attractive on that person, etc...) than shoulder length, but I have found a lot of emotion tied into my hair length. And once it is chin length, she can really get a better fee
  11. For our VBS, one dd missed a day for a dentist appointment and one missed a different day for an activity. I saw another child leaving early for a doctor appointment. It was no big deal. In our case, her teacher gave us the craft to do at home.
  12. How awesome. We live in a city/state without good public transportation and there really isn't public transportation between cities. Large cities might have very limited bus service between them. When we do travel, we try to point out the mechanics of using public transportation and talk about decisions we make. I think the car culture makes it harder to think of letting my kids do this (because one of the kids would have to be driving), but what a wonderful experience for Calvin and his friends.
  13. Weird, weird, weird, weird, weird, weird, weird. We pet sat for a friend and we went in (dd's and I), took care of pet, left. We didn't play with toys, search anything, or go anywhere besides straight to the pet area. Would you feel comfortable saying something to them? I'd certainly never hire them again.
  14. I googled. I didn't link, because it's an easy google with tons of replies. Even in professional instances, the answer was that flesh toned stocking are out-dated. The general talk was very anti-stocking, with some exceptions for tights and such. The hosiery area of the store sells "no-shows" which are very low slip-on stockings that the shoe hides.
  15. No. I just think most women are busy. I do get distracted. But, occasional distraction is different from an inability to focus. I have a bigger problem of getting so engrossed in an activity that I tune out everything. ETA: And maybe the "instant gratification"/"quick activity" is more of a result of the way our culture works? Everything is fast/instant/easy.
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