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  1. My husband passed away a few weeks ago, after a 3 month battle with cancer. We are beyond devastated. My mind is running a mile a minute thinking of how I do life alone, as a mother, and a homeschooling mother at that. I've been a homeschooling, stay at home mom for the past 14 years. Along with all of the other things going through my mind...one thing I keep thinking is we are here on the East Coast all alone. Though I am originally from the Midwest....I moved to the East Coast in my early 20's, and married my husband soon after. My husband is an only child, and all of my family is in th
  2. Thanks all! I am feeling much better today. We went to our credit union to see what help they could offer (we didn't expect much). As expected, they could not do anything about the payment since it had already cleared, though they did refund the overdraft fee as a courtesy. I called the credit card customer service again today. Today they could see the payment had posted. They advised me to fax in a letter showing proof the payment came from my bank, and requesting a refund. I did that immediately. I waited a few hours to give them time to process the fax. I called in and told
  3. My older son was a baseball player from age 4-16...on rec ball teams, all-star teams, and travel teams....we've done it all. Though I don't disagree with giving all the kids a chance to play all positions in Rec ball, at that age.......that was not the reality in the leagues we played in. Even at that age...the better players were obvious...because there ARE players who have been playing since they could play...age 4....so by age 8....they likely have a few years of experience...and let's face it...some parents are just more into baseball with their children than others...and that was obvio
  4. I'm sick to my stomach....I scheduled a payment for a credit card and apparently I chose the "pay full balance" option that was just below the "pay minimum amount due" option. I didn't realize it and it came out of my bank account today. Almost $1000...and it was ALL of our money :0! Problem is, DH is in school full time, and working part time...I also work part time...we watch every dime carefully, and squeeze our pennies until they bleed as we scrape by...so this REALLY hurts. Had I realize it before today I could have cancelled the payment..but we didn't realize until suddenly our
  5. We dropped my oldest son off at college for the first time last week and helped him move into his dorm. This son did attend public high school from 9th-12th. Although he has always been a bit of an introvert, he did find a nice solid group of good kids for friends (something he always lacked as a homeschooler due to his introvertness). His college roommate is a friend from school. The college is a large University just over an hour from home, so there are alot of people from our general area there. Another friend from school lives on the same floor. As we were there moving him in, a ha
  6. Boys! My husband and two sons were cleaning out the boy's bathroom. My husband asked my then six year old to "dump out the trash can"....intending it to be dumped into the big black garbage that was sitting, half-full from prior cleaning, on the bathroom floor. My six year old promptly turns the bathroom trash can and "dumps it out"...all over the floor. Shocking, yet hilarious! My son had no evil intent...he literally didn't know any different.
  7. Varied here. My son's high school graduation was on a Wednesday night at 7p. I wore a nice maxi dress with a denim jacket, my DH wore dark jeans and a nice casual button down shirt, 13DS and 10DS wore nice shorts and casual button down. I saw all types of clothes on other people in the audience though. Ratty looking jeans, and tshirts, all the way to suit and tie. I think we are at a point in society where it doesn't really matter so much. I mean, these days many churches welcome all kinds of casual dress and even mention that on their website "no need to dress up". Recent wed
  8. I'd look at the recommendations from some of the potential colleges he thinks he MAY want to apply for. Both CS and Engineering are high tech majors and the basic $400 laptop typically isn't going to cut it. My son starts in August for Engineering and they had to "preferred" for his major (and he is just general engineering for the first year)...one was a Dell and one was a Lenevo...both were $1400+ price range. A Mac was on the a "acceptable" list, but not the "preferred" list for his college.
  9. Have you looked to see what the college recommends? Every college we applied to, and the one my son will attend in the fall, has a list of recommend laptops. They even narrow it down to the "preferred" one for some majors.
  10. And that is perfectly fine...though you may find it difficult in the future as it's not just Apple that is moving away from the cd/dvd format. Many computer companies are moving that way. We have several PC's in the house (cheaper than a Mac for kids) and they don't have cd/dvd drives either. Also do note that if you purchase music, say from iTunes (which can be done on a PC as well as a Mac), it's not lost just because the device crashes. It's always yours. Just log into iTunes on your new computer, or any computer ,and there it's in your library, forever yours.
  11. I work for Apple. There is ONE MacBook Pro that offers the CD/DVD drive. It's the only one that is non-Retina, and it's in the 13inch size. If you are on the MacBook Pro page, it's way on the bottom and the cheapest MBPro you can get. But the real question is WHY do you want a CD/DVD drive? I mean, almost everything these days is a download. You can get most any software as a download. If it's a software that you already own on disc...unless it's made for Mac, it won't be compatible. If it's to watch movies on DVD....well, honestly spend $30 and get a cheap DVD player...or ge
  12. Our Whole Foods has a meat special every Tuesday. Chicken Breasts (big fat juicy ones) are $2.99 a pound. Ground Round is $2.99 a pound. Though not organic or grass-fed, it still meets WF's standards, which is no chemicals involved in the animal raising situation. I imagine they do this because we have a Fresh Market that does the same thing on Tuesdays.
  13. Welll..the thing is, I've been anti-vaccination long enough to know how these conversations go...those who are against versus those who aren't....and I've already seen it in this conversation to a mild degree (thankfully it stayed pretty civil!). My question was directed to those that had been in a similiar situation as I am in. Though all the responses from those that chimed in were helpful, even if many had not been in the same situation at all, and even if it did feel like some were REALLY pro-vaccination and wanted to push me that way. I won't be pushed blindly. I am sorry you are co
  14. Thanks all....all very interesting information that you've shared. We haven't done Flu shots ever (and this son has attended public school for 9th-12th with 1600 students in the building). Of course, that will eventually be his choice, but right now, he's happy to go along with whatever....he doesnt much care to put thought in to it...he's an 17 year old male. We haven't done the Chicken Pox vaccine ever....I've never met or heard of a person who died from Chicken Pox. Uncomfortable, yes, death, no. And I am aware the adult version can be worse, and cause shingles. Still a no f
  15. As we prepare for DS17 to head off to college (living in dorms) in August, one of the things we have to take care of is the medical forms and vaccination records. A bit of history...when he was a baby and toddler, we did all vaccinations by the Dr. recommended schedule (he was our first and we had no idea we had a choice, or should even MAKE a choice...very mainstream). By the time he was age 6, we were homeschooling and had met some "crunchy mama's" and we had our eyes opened up about vaccinations. We also were able to get a Pediatrician who was open-minded about whether families vacci
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