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  1. I teach GED, and I actually do professional development for adult education (ABE, GED, ESL) teachers at the state and national level. Can I ask what state you're in? The GED is changing drastically in January 2014, and therefore so is the entire curriculum. It's being built around the Common Core Standards and going completely online. Not all states are/have opted to go with the GED (which is a trade name) however, so that's why I wondered what state you're in. Do you know if he'll have access to a computer lab with his students? I could send you TONS of resources if you'd like. astrid
  2. I came here to ask about PANDAS but did a search first and found this thread. In looking back, Molly's anxiety came out of nowhere last winter following her bout of mycpolastic pneumonia. It's kind of ebbed and flowed since then, hitting with a vengeance last spring after a sinus infection. Her handwriting has deteriorated in the past year, and has several other symptoms: Acute sudden onset of OCD Challenges with eating, and at the extreme end, anorexia Sensory issues such as sensitivity to clothes, sound, and light Handwriting noticeably deteriorates Small motor skills deteriorate - a craft project from yesterday is now impossible to complete (see images below) Tics Inattentive, distractible, unable to focus and has difficulties with memory Overnight onset of anxiety or panic attacks over things that were no big deal a few days ago, such as thunderstorms or bugs Suddenly unable to separate from their caregiver, or to sleep alone Fear of germs and other more traditional-looking OCD symptoms I have to wonder......... But is she too old for it? (15?) astrid
  3. I asked about this last fall right here on this board. I ended up taking dd (15) to the pediatrician who was wonderful-- didn't dismiss us at all, and said her acne was due to bacteria on her skin. He prescribed a month-long course of an oral antibiotic, plus a prescription cream that contained an antibiotic. I have to say, she was markedly improved in a week. Two weeks and her skin was amazingly clear. After the month-long course, her acne was a distant memory. Amazingly, she has not had so much as a whitehead since. Even through all this stress lately, not even stress acne. I really, REALLY encourage you to talk to your pediatrician. Ours is very conservative with antibiotics but said for acne, it's really the only thing. Break the cycle and it'll be an amazing transformation. Good luck to you-- I've so been there! astrid
  4. Or one of my favorites.... Linnea! astrid
  5. YIKES!! Yeah, definitely the right decision! Good luck with your sweet kitty! astrid
  6. Julie-- you're in my thoughts every day. I'm hearing the voice of a stronger person in your post, and I want to say I'm in awe of your strength of character and resolve. Sending hugs! astrid
  7. Absolutely! Keep us posted---- sending all good thoughts! astrid
  8. "adores children, especially newborns?" That's weird....... How old are your kids? Are you an experienced dog owner? Do you have other dogs now? I might take her on a trial, but to me it sounds like she's not had clear boundaries and has picked on pack member to whom she was too bonded. Maybe that one person performed all her care, but still, it's odd to have such mixed messages in the adoption ad. Tough to really say without seeing her, or knowing the policies of this shelter. If they don't screen particularly well, it's conceivable that she's been placed in homes that were not a good fit for her. But then again, it's entirely possible that she's problematic. Tough to say without knowing more. astrid
  9. Wow--- I continue to just be so humbled by the prayers, good thoughts, love and light in which we are being held by so many. Update-- we are doing well. Dd continues to amaze us with her maturity and her ability to keep it all together. She goes to school, enjoys her friends, and just today auditioned for the female lead in the school production of "The Music Man," singing "Goodnight, My Someone" a capella. She was called back and read for the part as well as two others. (She can't dance a lick though, so THAT could be problematic! :-) She's keeping herself busy and getting on with life, and we're letting her do that, though I do worry that she's just filing it away and pretending things are normal, repressing her feelings. She said she worries about US, so I don't want her to put on an act to make us THINK she's doing okay but really isn't. We touch base with her all the time, and I feel like I"m walking a fine line between smothering (which I WANT TO DO!!!) and just sweeping it under the rug, which I know I'm not doing but I don't want her to think we are and start doing it herself. Yikes that's a lot of psychobabble! I hope it makes some kind of sense! Anyway, she's sleeping better, and her anxiety (which was an issue before the whole incident) has been okay. Not much hair pulling, so that's a good thing. I'm sleeping better too. I'm reminded every hour how blessed I am to have such a kind, gentle, compassionate husband, because his shoulders have been bearing so much of this burden for all of us. I think I was operating in crisis mode for the first couple of days, and just yesterday I started to fall apart bit by bit at odd times-- driving home from work, sorting laundry, etc. The worry is exhausting, and just when I'm at work and having a "moment" I'll get a sweet text from dh, so that's helping. A wise Hive-er told me the other day that it's ok to fall apart, because what comes back together is stronger and more beautiful than before. Great advice, and I'm trying to let myself cry on dh's shoulder at night. It's got to come out-- the anger, the worry, the grief. Dh and I are finding it's very much a process of grief. So that's a long, rambling reply to say that we're doing okay-- really. Thanks for your continued prayers and good thoughts-- they help more than you know, and more than I could ever express. Hugs, astrid and family
  10. Hello all, First, we cannot adequately express how much your kind words, thoughts, prayers, advice, love and support means to our family. We feel so wrapped in your love, and are forever grateful. School was actually okay today, and swim practice was a nice diversion and return to normalcy for her. DH, mom and I talked at home and we have an appointment tomorrow at 8:30 am with a counselor at a local r@pe crisis center. From there, we'll know more about what our options are. It's important to us that our dd remain in control of the situation and have control over what course of action we take. Again, we are so overwhelmed by your love and support---- truly, we are blessed. The light you're all shining in our darkest time is just so comforting and inspirational. Much Love to you all Astrid and family
  11. OH! OHMYWORD!!! I've only been refreshing that one thread--- never looked at the whole board and am only seeing this now....... OH I am SO touched! I just....wow...... seriously?? I'm floored. We are so loved, blessed and supported. Gosh. I came here in 2002 looking for homeschooling resources when we decided to pull Molly out of second grade. What I have gained is a treasure beyond all imaginging. I love you all.........and we can feel your support and love, and are forever grateful. astrid and family
  12. Ahhh...for some reason I was thinking you broke her and sold her. Wow-- sounds like she's always been a firecracker! I don't blame you-- not worth the risk, and to me it sounds like she needs lots of miles on her. Wait-- maybe a good endurance mount? astrid
  13. I"m sorry she was such a rebel because I know how aggravating it is to see an animal you put hard work into and then handed it over to someone else act like a fool. On the other hand, it made your decision easier. Too bad-- she's a lovely mover. astrid
  14. We researched soapstone when we gutted and remodeled our kitchen because it's a natural look for our old Victorian home, which we are remodeling but keeping true to the period as much as possible. We decided to go with quartz, and I love it. I do love the look of soapstone, though! astrid
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